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Tiffani is a Californian who travels often and collects hobbies, among which are painting, surfing, learning languages, and touring Asia. Reviews for Chip Chick are a tasty diversion, less motivated by a need for incessant gadgetry, and more by a fascination with the organic nature of the human need to invent and love gadgets.

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    Freak Your Cat Out With the Petcube, Remote Interaction Camera with Laser Pointer

    In a disturbing statistic, Petcube claims that 20 percent of pet owners leave their TVs on to entertain their cats while away from home. With that in mind, Petcube is a more environmentally-friendly option in the form of a tiny cube camera that is equipped with a built-in microphone, speaker, and wait for it….a laser […]

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    Peri’s Duo iPhone Speaker Case is Battery Powered Sound On the Go

    Now you can John Cusack boombox love songs via your iPhone. The Peri Duo iPhone speaker case is a hi-def, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth set of speakers that run off of an integrated 2,500 mAh battery. On a fully charged battery, one will get about 12-17 hours of use depending on just how much use and how […]

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    Hexoskin Junior is a Smart Activity Tracking Shirt for Young Athletes

    Kids need to start young building healthy habits and the Hexoskin Junior smart shirt can help with that. Hexoskin has a tiny Bluetooth device connected to the fabric sensors in the shirt’s pocket where it tracks activity and sleep. Being able to see real time biometric data is a huge motivational factor for something that […]

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    JBL Harman Headphones World’s First Controlled by Hand Waves

    In an exciting development in headphones, JBL announced at CES the world’s first in-ear Bluetooth headphones with motion sensor control. Now that we are all used to people walking around and seemingly talking to themselves on their phones, why not add in some seemingly crazy hand waving too. We can handle it. The JBL Reflect Response […]

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    GasWatch, Monitors Propane Tank Gas Levels So You Never Run Out

    Ever run out of propane right before a big party? Not fun. GasWatch is a simple and easy-to-use level indicator that shows the percentage of gas left in the tank along with remaining cook time available, all derived from the weight of the tank. An alarm sounds letting you know when you hit lower levels […]

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    MeloMind Biofeedback Headset Mellows the Brain

    Biofeedback tech is a fascinating development in medical technology, so seeing it hit the consumer market in an accessible form like this is pretty cool. The MeloMind by MyBrain has electrodes on each of its four arms. It sits gently on your head reading your EEG, which is basically electrical brain activity data. This activity […]

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    No Cell Service? No Problem. goTenna Shares your Location Anyways

    goTenna is the natural evolution of our connected world. What is one to do out in the wilderness, without connection? Bring the Gotenna, which uses long-wave radio waves to let you send messages via their system. You phone can be completely devoid of cell service entirely and it will work. This is a great item […]

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    Star Wars Characters Headphones, These Are the Droids You Are Looking For

    In a CES booth, far, far away… a Star Wars Headphone collection was announced, featuring headphones designed around the R2-D2, a Tie Fighter, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca. These are just plain awesome. These high-end earphones join their predecessors from last year’s Rebel Alliance, Stormtrooper, Galactic Empire and Boba Fett headphone collection. They come armed with passive […]

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    SleepPhones, Stereo Headband for Ambient Noise While Sleeping

    AcousticSheep announced at CES this year upgraded SleepPhones, headband/headphones that provide soothing ambient noise while you sleep and now charge using induction plate technology. These headband/headphones are soft, thin and easy enough to wear while sleeping to block out unwanted sound. Other models exist with a built-in microphone for taking calls. The headband itself is […]

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    iSketchnote Records Doodles and Lets You Post Them in Real Time Video

    It is always mesmerizing to watch an artist in action, to see the piece come together in real time. The iSketchnote lets you do just that. Use whatever paper medium you like, overlay it on their iSketchnote pad, and begin drawing. These drawings are then recorded and can be uploaded, played back, and edited before […]

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    Helicopter Parents Rejoice! BabyGlgl Monitors Baby’s Bottle Habits

    Colic, the bane of existence to every parent of a newborn. BabyGlgl is working to counteract that and provide you lots of info about just how baby is getting that bottle down with their smart bottle. Yep, even baby bottles are smart now. The aim of this bottle is to prevent them from swallowing air […]

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    Mira, Beautiful Bracelet and Personalized Fitness Tracker

    The trend in wearable tech is definitely gravitating towards fashionable and away from only the functional. This is clearly evident in Mira’s take on a wearable fitness tracker. The form factor here feels like it was lifted straight out of Star Trek’s beloved Lieutenant Uhura’s wardrobe collection. It has a futuristic form with a feminine edge. […]

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    Polaroid Shakes it Up with the Retro-Inspired Socialmatic, Print and Share Camera

    Polaroid is capitalizing on their well-known name and paying homage to what brought them fame with the Polaroid Socialmatic, an instant digital camera that lets you print, but not shake, and post and share from the camera. The Socialmatic runs on Android and has a 14 megapixel front facing camera, a 2 megapixel rear camera […]

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    HP’s New Mini Desktops are Tiny But Pack an Energy Efficient Punch

    Standing at a tiny 2″ and weighing 1.6 pounds, the energy efficient HP Pavilion Mini Desktop and HP Stream Mini Desktop fit in the palm of the hand, all the while offering 1 TB of storage and an Intel Core i3 processor. The Pavilion is Energy Star certified and uses only 45 watts of power, which is […]

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    SeoJeon’s Smart Globe Interacts with App and Provides Gaming

    Globes have come a long way from being boring old spinny things to the SeoJeon Smart Globe. It syncs with an app and lets you play games on it. The first of its kind, it is a geopolitcial standing globe with a corresponding activity app that brings learning about geography alive. A variety of downloadable […]

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    Watch Samsung’s 105″ SUHD TV Bend at CES 2015

    Samsung announced three new series of brand new SUHD TVs at CES 2015—JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500—that use Samsung’s own nano-crystal technology along with a 4K resolution display. This new dazzling line is available in nine screen sizes from 48″ to 88″. Samsung’s nano-crystal technology is really quite interesting. It is a semiconductor that transmits various colors of […]

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    The Kube, Bluetooth Portable Speaker and a Party Cooler!

    Kube is a portable Bluetooth speaker that looks like the brainchild of Wall-E and Eve. It has an elegant aluminum and polymer-coated exterior that glistens and is sleek. The Bluetooth range of 50 feet is impressive and makes it a great option for social events, be it a sound system for music or public speaking. […]