Tiffani Buteau

Tiffani is a Californian who travels often and collects hobbies, among which are painting, surfing, learning languages, and touring Asia. Reviews for Chip Chick are a tasty diversion, less motivated by a need for incessant gadgetry, and more by a fascination with the organic nature of the human need to invent and love gadgets.

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    Braven’s BRV-Bank is a Portable Rugged but Smart Backup Battery

    This is the Navy Seals of backup batteries. It is IP68 water-resistant, MIL-STD 810G shockproof rated power bank with integrated Bluetooth technology that connects with a companion App to wirelessly monitor the battery levels and automatically begin or cease charging, as well as to locate where it is from your smartphone or tablet. The durability […]

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    Move over James Cameron, Poppy turns You into an iPhone 3D Filmmaker

    Many people are not aware that YouTube has a huge collection of 3D videos that it supports. Sure, some are movie trailers and whatnot, but a lot of it is user generated content  from products like Poppy. Poppy lets you capture 3D using pure optics, not additional electronic or batteries. Its design harkens back to […]

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    Basis, A Sleep and Fitness Tracker So Good it Counts Sheep For You

    Well it counts sheep metaphorically speaking. Basis covers more than the basics found in sleep and fitness trackers. There are 4 advanced sensors stored on the watch. Body IQ does the grunt work by detecting your daytime motion activity levels, sleep cycles, complete with a hypnogram, heart rate levels, and even perspiration, just in case […]

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    Experience 27″ of Touch Screen Goodness with HP’s Z1G2 Workstation

    At CES, HP revealed their shiny new HP Z1G2, an all-in-one workstation that has a 27″ touchscreen display, making it the one and only of its kind. It is powered by Intel’s Thunderbolt 2 and is available with Windows 8 Touch. This is a designers workhorse, ideal for drafters, graphic artists and education environments, as […]

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    Fitbit and Tory Burch to Partner on Wristbands, Necklaces, and Pendants

    While fitness trackers are cool, they tend to scream “Fitness Nerd!” Not anymore with the announcement of a pretty new line of Fitbit Flex wristbands, necklaces, and pendants. In partnership with Tory Burch, these new items will house the Fitbit Flex and look great doing it. Down with utilitarian fitness trackers, and in with sleek […]

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    Run! Casio’s STB-1000 Fitness Smartwatch Tethers to Fitness Apps

    Casio’s new STB-100 is a smartwatch fitness companion. It uses low energy wireless technology to access and send data to and from fitness apps on your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0, as well as to control music, and let you know when you have calls or emails. The 4 main compatible fitness Apps on the app […]

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    Element Partners with Ducati and Hogue for Two Lines of Tough as Nails iPhone Cases

    Element Case is out showcase their brand with two major partnerships with Ducati, manufacturer of high-end Italian motorcycles, and Hogue Inc., manufacturer of firearm accessories and tactical knives, to make at the very least to say, an intriguing line of iPhone and iPad Accessories. Both companies lent their expertise in their various field technologies to […]

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    CSR’s Bluetooth Necklace Pendants Match Your Outfit and Blink to Alert

    The CSR1012 is a necklace pendant with bluetooth connectivity. You can alter the light to match your outfit, and customize the alerts it can send you. Alerts appear to be a series of blinking lights. This prototype’s purpose seems to be more of a “Look at what we could do!” than an actual viable market […]

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    iMedipac is a Smart Pill Box That Knows Your Drugs Better Than You Do

    The Medissimo iMedipac could also affectionately be called Pill Nag, since its number one priority is to make sure you comply with your prescribed regimen of medications. The pack is a seven day pill dispenser with 28 pouches for pills. It can be prepared either by yourself, a caretaker, or a kindly pharmacist. Once this […]

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    Bikers can Navigate and Share with Bluetooth CycleNav

    Schwinn CycleNav is a bike handle bar mounted navigation unit that pairs with a mobile app to give riders turn by turn audio and visual navigation without distracting from the ride itself. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to give you visual light indicators and audio commands to get you where you […]

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    Withings Smart Sleep System Makes for a Blissful Night of Sleep

    While sleep monitoring devices abound, the Withings’ Aura really stands out as a unique Smart Sleep System. The sleep sensor slips underneath your mattress. This feeds into the table side device with multi-colored LED dimming lights that utilize a research and data driven use of lighting wavelengths that promote the secretion of Melatonin, that lovely […]

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    Seagate Backup Plus Fast and Slim Hard Drives Double Up on Speed and Capacity

    Seagate at CES announced The Backup Plus FAST and Slim, two hard drives with incredible features. The Backup Plus FAST drive is the world’s first portable 4TB storage device with twice as fast speed as current external portable drives. It hits transfer speeds of up to 220MB per second. While the Backup Plus Slim comes […]

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    The Job Rocker Bluetooth Speaker is Tougher than Nails

    iON’s Job Rocker is a wireless Bluetooth 50-Watt speaker with a hearty rechargeable battery that can handle up to 50 hours of play time and a tough as nails exterior that can handle the grit in a gritty working environment like a construction site. Even without access to outlets, this speaker can go and keep […]

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    Sound Lounge Ottoman Speakers Sit You in the Sound

    Do I listen to it or sit on it? Both! iON’s new Sound Lounge is an Ottoman with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. It makes smart use of space and sound. This makes a great addition to any living room. Kick up your feet, lay back, and listen. The Ottoman looks like your classic, run […]

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    Non-Slip Merchant Case and Square Reader is Ideal for the Business Environment

    The Merchant case for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, is a protective case designed just for Square Reader. The credit card reader accessory. The Merchant Case and Square Reader work beautifully together to protect both your device and the reader in the tough working environments it is so often used in. The square reader uses […]

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    Protect Your Ears with Tough Sounds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    Tough Sounds wireless bluetooth headphones are multi-use with swift deep sounds when on, and incredible noise reduction technology when off, making them a safe haven for your ears. Experience noise reduction of 22 decibels, perfect for loud city streets, subways, or just mowing the lawn. Turn them on an hop through the peaks and crests […]

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    Raise the Roof With Party Rocker 2, Block Party, and Party Starter

    ION wants to pump your parties up with three new all-in-one party sound systems. The Party Rocker 2 comes with a free app so you can control the color and bounce of the dance lights. The Block Party is perfect for outside bashes, with a long lasting rechargeable battery built-in, wheels, and a easy to […]

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    Cassette Bluetooth Adapter Makes Your DeLorean Bluetooth Compatible

    Some cars stick around like taffy in teeth. While some people love and nurture their old cars, others are stuck with them as grateful teenagers with their first hunk o’ junk.  But everybody loves music while driving, which is why this delightful little adapter is perfect for anyone in the dilemma of having an old […]

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    TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

    With iOS 7 distracting you all the time with parallax and whatnot, you have probably noticed that your battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. If you are a heavy user, you may find yourself sticking to a standard 4PM recharge to get through the evening. That is where battery cases become a […]