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    Google Boss Tables Seven-Year-Old’s Application With a Smiley Face

    Call it a dream deferred. Seven-year-old Chloe Bridgewater of Hereford, England sent off a handwritten letter straight to Google HQ (addressed to “Google Boss”) inquiring about job opportunities (and praising office amenities), and hey, she got a response! In other words, she’s probably already doing better than most applicants to Google. To be fair to […]

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    Snap Files for IPO With a Valuation Possibly as High as $25 Billion

    Sometimes, companies regret rejecting splashy acquisition offers (see: Pebble). This isn’t one of those times. Snap, maker of Snapchat and Spectacles, is said to have rejected a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook, and it looks like that decision is about to pay dividends. Snap filed for its IPO this week, and while valuation hasn’t […]

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    Qualcomm Under Legal Siege Over Alleged Anti-competitive Practices

    All of a sudden, things have turned ugly for the foremost producer of chipsets for Android smartphones. While Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets are their most visible products, the company makes chips and modems enabling network connectivity, too, and it’s that part of their business under attack. Who’s leading the charge? Apple. Qualcomm has supplied modems to Apple […]

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    Here’s How Intel Plans to Make Retail Stores Smarter

    Contrary to popular belief, retail stores aren’t dead. While online shopping has cut into stores’ bottom lines over the decades, there’s still value in making the trip — whether you want to try clothes on for fit or learn more about an item before purchasing it, there are still some things that can’t be done as […]

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    Amazon Go Will Be A Grocery Store That Eliminates Checkout Lines

    Back when self-checkout first arrived at retail and grocery stores nationwide, fears of millions of job losses for cashiers were stoked. That hasn’t happened, in large part because self-checkout is awful — too many terminals are out of order, the scales don’t always work properly, and some of them try to tell you to use a […]

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    Satellite Imagery Shows the Leaning Millennium Tower in San Francisco is Worse Than Previously Thought

    If San Francisco is trying to top Pisa, satellite imagery suggests they’re having success. Located downtown in the Financial District, the Millennium Tower has become a towering debacle this year, with revelations that the 58-story luxury condo skyscraper, which opened in 2009, has sunk into landfill far more and far faster than expected — enough to […]

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    Samsung Acquires Harman for $8 Billion

    In 2016, we’ve come a lot closer to reaching the corporate singularity. Before year’s end, we can add one more big acquisition to the list — earlier today, Samsung announced in a press release that it plans to acquire audio and car tech giant Harman for $8 billion. Usually when we talk about Harman, it’s in reference […]

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    AT&T Will Offer a $35 Streaming TV Package with 100 Channels

    One of the lovely bits of news that came out over the weekend was that AT&T will be purchasing Time Warner (not the cable company, but the media company that owns CNN and Netflix) for $85 billion. With Verizon buying Yahoo and AOL, media and entertainment is increasingly falling into the hands of service providers […]

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    Apple Keeps Logs of Phone Numbers Entered for Use With iMessage

    Apple’s sterling reputation on privacy has taken a small hit this week, with news getting out that the company keeps 30-day logs of phone numbers that users enter for use with iMessage. As reported by The Intercept, the logs show which phone numbers have been used with the messaging app, regardless of whether or not any messages […]

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    Some Samsung Top-Load Washing Machines Are at Risk of Coming Apart

    Per an investigative report by Good Morning America, some Samsung top-load washing machines produced between March 2011 and April 2016 are at risk of coming apart violently. Since early 2015, 21 machines have reportedly been affected during spin cycles while washing heavy loads, with top covers and small parts sent flying. Samsung is now working with […]

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    Qualcomm Introduces Two New Low-Power Chipsets for IoT Devices

    IoT devices are going to become a little friendlier on the wallet in more ways than one soon. Today, Qualcomm is announcing their Snapdragon 600E and 410E chipsets, low-power versions of the existing 600 and 410 chipsets. The E series will be a little less powerful, but will consume less energy and come with a 10-year […]

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    Disney is Considering Buying Twitter

    In the end, it seems, you either buy or get bought. Twitter, which has long struggled to turn a profit since going public, has recently been the subject of a lot of speculation about the company being in the latter camp. The usual suspects — Verizon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, among others — have all been floated […]