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    Air France is Launching a Separate Airline Just for Millennials

    So, when I see something about an airline for millennials, I assume we’re talking about a bare bones budget operation that makes pretty much everything but the seat an optional purchase. That’s what I assumed when I first saw that Air France was launching Joon, a self-described airline for millennials. I was extremely wrong. Not […]

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    Millions of Verizon Customers’ Personal Information Was Exposed, But They Weren’t Hacked

    Usually when we talk about millions of customer records getting exposed, we get to make wild gesticulations towards anonymous hackers. Not so with Verizon’s latest security gaffe — the information of 14 million customers, including some PINs, were made available online because an employee goofed up. ZDNet broke the story, revealing that the customer records were made […]

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    Microsoft Just Made Windows Available as a Subscription for Businesses

    They’ve been building up to it for a while, and now Microsoft is finally ready to make Windows as a whole into a subscription. Don’t worry if you’re a home user, though — Microsoft’s not going to be hounding you for monthly shakedowns. The new Microsoft 365 packages are made for businesses, combining Microsoft’s many enterprise […]

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    Tesla is Going to Build the World’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery in Australia By the End of the Year

    In 2015, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled his company’s plan to solve one of the biggest problems facing renewable energy — storage. Tesla Energy was created to produce large-scale lithium-ion batteries that can store energy generated by wind or solar for use during less windy and less sunny (or off-peak) times. It makes energy distribution more […]

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    Sony Returns to Making Vinyl Records After 28 Years

    What started as a niche retro movement has gained an unexpected amount of steam — interest in turntables and vinyl records has shot up so much that one of the major players in music is going to start producing them again. Sony has announced that they will produce and sell vinyl records again after a 28-year […]

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    Intel is Bringing VR and Drones to the Olympics

    Get ready to see a lot of Intel during the Olympics. The tech company has finished up a far-reaching agreement with the International Olympic Committee to infuse the games with tech that will change how the public watches the Olympics at home. Per the agreement, Intel will lend their tech to the 2018, 2020, 2022, […]

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    Best Buy Will Soon Let You Rent Gadgets Instead of Buying them

    Best Buy, like any big box retailer, sees a lot of returns. It’s not debilitating, but it does pose some problems — most immediately, what to do with items that have been opened and returned. Usually, Best Buy stores restock those items and sell them at lower prices, but thanks to a partnership with a rental […]

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    TV Consumption Has No Impact on the Happiness of a Nation

    Personally, we’d be pretty miserable without television, but that’s some of what market research company GfK had to share at the annual IFA GPC conference that took place in Lisbon, Portugal this past weekend. It was only a couple of days ago that Intel announced that they will no longer be having their annual IDF […]

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    McDonald’s and Mindy Kaling Respond to the Burger King Commercial in Their Own Sly Way

    Maybe the Hamburglar will show up Beetlejuice style if Mindy Kaling says ‘McDonald’s’ during those new commercials. Whatever the reason, saying the brand name is a no go — McDonald’s has decided to have some fun with Google searches instead. If there’s one thing that modern-day marketing departments love, it’s analytics. And apparently, analytics have supported […]

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    New Lawsuit Alleges Bose Has Been Spying on Users With Their Headphones

    Usually when we hear about companies collecting user data — anything from location to browsing history — it’s done by the companies whose business models are built around that data harvest. But, a new lawsuit doesn’t involve the likes of Google or Facebook — it’s Bose that’s been accused of gleaning and selling customer data, and if the […]

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    That Apple-Disney Acquisition Rumor is Probably Nonsense

    Here we go again. Every once in a while, some analyst gets bored I guess and decides to entertain themselves by tossing an Apple-Disney buyout rumor into the water and seeing how many bites they get. This week saw the latest fishing trip, and considering the numbers involved, it’s almost certainly just as off-base as […]

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    Windows Vista Has Finally Been Laid to Rest

    They say Microsoft always follows a good operating system with a bad one. Well, Windows XP was one of the best operating systems ever for its time, so it’s only fitting that its successor was an epic dud. Windows Vista was one of Microsoft’s many infamous operating system disasters, and while it lasted only a […]

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    Verizon is Merging Yahoo and AOL into One Company Called Oath

    After all these years, could Yahoo Mail finally be a thing of the past? Could the same be said for AOL mail, which we keep forgetting still exists? Maybe! Verizon has decided to get hands-on with their newly acquired media companies, fusing them into one new company called…Oath? It’s a strange name (maybe it’s the […]

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    Microsoft 5th Ave Store Now Has a Massive Digital Art Display

    Tech companies do love their artist collaborations, and the latest one might be the biggest yet. Like, just in terms of size — the flagship Fifth Avenue Microsoft retail store in New York just got a fresh new facade thanks to Brooklyn-based artist Tabor Robak. How big are we talking? Robak’s new digital piece, “Sundial,” covers […]

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    Apple is About to Make Their iPhone Chips in-House

    While Apple outsources the manufacturing of all of its hardware, they still design everything (from sensors to processors) for their mobile devices. Well, almost everything — the GPU cores on their A-series chips are still designed by PowerVR, which is part of UK firm Imagination Technologies. However, reports today indicate that Imagination Technologies might have to […]

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    U.S. Senate Passes Bill to Pull Back Consumer Privacy Rules

    Privacy rules that would’ve forced telecommunications companies like AT&T and Verizon to notify customers and ask for permission before selling personal information, including browsing history and app usage, are in danger of being scrapped. A bill to block the rules before they can take effect has passed the Senate 50-48 along party lines. The rules […]