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    Tesla Pumps the Brakes on Autopilot, Gears Up for Fully Autonomous Cars

    Tesla made a brief announcement about their current slate of electric vehicles last night, which seems to be something of a temporary step back from Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot feature. Elon Musk announced that starting now, every Tesla vehicle produced will be equipped with the hardware necessary for fully autonomous driving, with the stipulation that Autopilot […]

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    2017 GMC Acadia Denali First Drive

    Geared towards busy families, the redesigned 2017 GMC Acadia Denali has arrived. As opposed to being just a minivan replacement, this mid-sized SUV crossover vehicle takes cues from traditional trucks, and that’s a good thing. The result is a family-oriented SUV that can handle just about everything you throw at it. GMC describes the exterior […]

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    Cosmopolitan Made a Car Just For Women and It Is Ridiculous

    Good news ladies. Now there is a car made just for you. At FashFest in London Cosmopolitan unveiled a car it produced in collaboration with Spanish automaker Seat. And if you were worried that this was going to be highly offensive to women, you would be right. According to Jalopnik, the Seat Mii, as it is called, features […]

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    Taking the 2017 Kia Cadenza for a Test Drive

    Kia’s larger-sized sedan, the Cadenza, has been revamped for 2017. Kia’s luxury sedan is one of its lesser known vehicles, but like with most of Kia’s models, it’s on the upswing. Kia’s done great jobs with their Sorento, Sportage, Optima, and Sedona, and that general level of quality is reflected in the redesigned Cadenza. This […]

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    The Cadillac Escala Concept Has a Massive Curved OLED Display

    Cadillac came to Pebble Beach this week with a big surprise in tow — a brand new luxury concept car that Cadillac president Johan de Nysschen says will guide the interior and exterior design of production Cadillacs for the foreseeable future. That’s a long way of saying that the Escala probably will never be sold, but […]

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    Whether You Like It Or Not, Self-driving Ubers Are Coming This Year

    Sounds like autonomous cars are coming sooner than we thought. This week, Volvo and Uber announced that they have formed a multi-million dollar partnership that will see Uber start to amass a fleet of autonomous cars by purchasing them from Volvo. And, believe it or not, they’re going to be on the road as soon as […]

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    2016 Lexus IS 200t Review

    The 2016 Lexus IS 200t is a luxury sport sedan that is incredibly fun to drive. We recently got behind the wheel of a $44,205 trim, which came configured with standard equipment and a 2.0-liter engine with four drive modes (Eco, Normal, Sport and Snow). In addition to the standard equipment, our car came with a blind spot monitor, the […]

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    Logi ZeroTouch Hands-Free Car Mount and App Review

    Recently, I turned in a 2015 car lease which had all the infotainment bells and whistles one could ever want, short of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. I replaced this car with a 2013 model lacking all of those things, save for very basic Bluetooth connectivity. I spend a LOT of time in the car, so I am […]

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    This Sneaky Gadget Hides a Backup Camera Into a License Plate Frame

    Rear view cameras are becoming available in more and more new cars, and they’re going to become mandatory starting in May 2018. But, it still doesn’t come standard on a lot of cars sold today, and that’s saying nothing of the hundreds of millions of cars on the road now that predate the whole connected […]

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    Taking the 2017 Volvo S90 for a Test Drive

    Volvo Cars’ renewed push into luxury since their acquisition by Zhejiang Geely has been going very well — a nice cash infusion can do wonders for a team that still knows a thing or two about making great vehicles. The good times are still rolling this year — the 2017 Volvo S90, like the XC90 we tried […]

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    The 2017 GMC Acadia SUV Will Remind You To Check the Back Seat

    Whenever we hear about young children dying after being left in cars outside in the heat, we struggle to understand how such a thing could happen. But, life can be pretty hectic, and at our worst, we’re all prone to awful mistakes at awful times. GMC is now putting sensors to work in their cars […]

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    2017 Kia Sportage SX Turbo Review

    Kia has been making reliable, quality cars for a long time, but form always seemed to come second to function. When I think of a Kia of the ’00s, no-frills motoring and a great value come to mind. Fast forward a few years and what a difference a couple design cycles make! The 2017 Kia […]

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    This Woman’s GPS Led Her Car Straight Into a Lake

    It’s clear that we all rely on technology too much and sometimes it makes us a little lazy – like not using our eyes to look out the window and see what is ahead of us lazy. A prime example of this happened recently when a 23-year-old woman driving on a stormy, foggy night in Canada […]

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    Logi ZeroTouch Brings a Smart Car Interface to Older Cars

    Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are on the cusp of being available on every new car that hits the road, but a cursory glance around the highway will tell you most people aren’t driving vehicles made in the last few years. For all the non-smart cars out there, Logitech has created a physical smartphone mount […]

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    Is Ford Already Preparing for a World Without Drivers?

    Earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford had much more to talk about than just cars. They’re trying to brand themselves as a mobility company — that’s going to include dabbling in ride sharing, public transportation, autonomous cars, and even bicycles. That’s in preparation for the future Ford is anticipating — one in […]

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    Volvo Has Made the Most Luxurious Baby Car Seat Ever

    Ever since Volvo Cars was purchased by the China-owned Zhejiang Geely group from Ford, they’ve put a much heavier emphasis on luxury. That emphasis was on full display when they announced the XC90 Excellence luxury SUV last year, a vehicle built for chauffeurs. It was a treat for anyone in the backseat (which only has […]