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    Anne Rice is Working on The Vampire Chronicles TV Series

    If you weren’t down with Jared Leto as Lestat, rejoice — that idea is staying in the coffin. Per a Facebook post from Anne Rice, author of The Vampire Chronicles, the planned movie reboot has fallen through. Rice and her son are now preparing a pilot script for a television series that would span the events of the […]

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    25 Incredibly Geeky Winter Coats and Jackets

    Winter is coming and everyone needs two things to get through it: Netflix and a good winter coat. Geek up your winter wear game with these 25 coats that showcase all things sci-fi and nerdy. Who says geeks can’t look fashionable too? Claire’s Coat From Outlander Claire doesn’t let the bitter cold of the Scottish […]

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    19 of the Geekiest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

    If you are looking for an ugly Christmas sweater that both fulfills the annoying-to-look-at criteria and channels your inner geek, look no further — we’ve scoured the internet for the geekiest entries into the ugly sweater tradition, featuring everyone from Batman to R2-D2. If you get any of these we can assure you no one will be […]

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    Disney and Pixar Release the First Teaser Trailer for Cars 3

    The next big Pixar release, Cars 3, is scheduled for June 16, 2017. That means it’s time for your regularly scheduled teaser trailer release! Uploaded yesterday, the 50-second teaser shows us Lightning entering the old mentor part of his Rocky-like character arc in what appears to be a pretty painful way. There’s not much to it besides Lightning […]

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    Captain Picard Garden Gnome Will Keep Solemn Watch Over Your Home

    If you want a fire stocking stuffer this year, look no further. Think Geek is stocking a whole set of Star Trek: The Next Generation garden gnomes, and you’d better believe the folks responsible gave this project their all. The collection includes Picard, Riker, Data, Worf, and the Borg. These aren’t just mini figurines, either. These are TNG characters faithfully […]

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    SodaStream Will Shame You With Their Latest Ad

    I live in California, and in recent years, we haven’t been kind to plastic. Plastic bags, once facing bans in some cities, have just been served a statewide eviction notice. Considering how many of those things end up in landfills or oceans, a lot of us feel pretty good about that. But, there’s another plastic […]

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    Watch the Enchanting First Full Trailer for Beauty and the Beast

    A couple weeks after Entertainment Weekly shared stills from the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, Disney has now released the first trailer for the movie since the teaser from May. The two-minute trailer gives us some action shots of just about everyone, and we’re liking what we’re seeing. The trailer hits all of the story beats — […]

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    Marvel Will Bring the Inhumans to TV After a Two-Episode IMAX Premiere

    A couple years ago, Marvel had The Inhumans planned for phase three of its cinematic universe, which kicked off this year with Captain America: Civil War and Doctor Strange. Marvel has been pretty good about sticking to that schedule so far, but The Inhumans has proven to be an exception. Originally scheduled for a November 2, 2018 release, the film […]

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    Star Trek 50 Fashion Collection Includes Everything From Dresses to Bomber Jackets

    Where’s our replicator? Her Universe, one of the best sources of fangirl fashion, has gotten together with ThinkGeek for a Star Trek 50th anniversary fashion collection, because there’s still a month and a half before 2016 ends! The collection spans The Original Series and The Next Generation, giving us blazers, tees, skirts, dresses, and jackets that really […]

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    Harley Quinn is Getting Her Own Movie Spin-Off Featuring the Birds of Prey

    The DC Cinematic Universe isn’t the finely-tuned machined that its Marvel counterpart has become, but it’s not for lack of trying. With Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman introducing enough DC characters for many, many more movies, DC and Warner Bros are now at work making those movies happen. We know that Wonder Woman and Justice League are coming next […]

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    The Trailer for Valerian Shows Off a Magical Sci-Fi Adventure

    If you’re finding yourself over cinematic universes, reboots, remakes, and sequels, you have something to look forward to next year. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was a hot topic at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, and now we’re seeing its first trailer ahead of its release next summer. It looks like the […]

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    McDonald’s Introducing Nutella Sandwiches at McCafés in Italy

    Earlier this year, we mistakenly suggested that McDonald’s was pursuing a more health-conscious strategy after their (ill-fated) attempt at including fitness trackers in Happy Meals and their decision to remove high-fructose corn syrup and artificial preservatives from their menu items. On second thought, it looks like McDonald’s is using the much more tried and questionably true […]

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    21 Classy Superhero Ties for Geeky Guys

    Is someone you know your real life superhero? If so, let him be a hero in the conference room with one of these geeky ties — we’re not much for hiding secret identities around here! We found 21 superhero ties that will delight the geek at heart and spice up the humdrum workday outfit. They also […]

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    The Entire Plot of Game of Thrones Season 7 May Have Been Leaked

    As we should all definitely know now, nothing is certain, but signs suggest that the recent leaks of the Game of Thrones season seven plot are for real. Things got started last month, when Reddit user awayforthelads put up a whole plot summary of season seven on the subreddit /r/FreeFolk, a fan forum. Usually, the story would end […]

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    Photos of Emma Watson in the New Beauty and the Beast Film Surface

    We already knew Emma Watson was stunning as Belle, but now we know what to expect from the rest of the cast, CGI and otherwise. March of next year is coming quick, and with it comes the next of many live-action remakes Disney is producing of their classic animated features. This week, Entertainment Weekly released nine exclusive shots […]