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    25 Geeky Balloon Animals To Party With

    Remember how magical balloon animals were as a kid? Well, they have gotten way more advanced lately. We found 25 amazing creations from Instagram artists that will blow (or at least inflate) your mind! They truly do the characters justice, and quite a few even have video links showing how they were made. Most of these […]

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    25 Magical Ways to Disney Up Your Nails

    Summer is full of sunshine, and a perfect time to step up your manicure game! You will be turning heads and having everyone ask you what the occasion is when you ditch your usual nail art for one of these stunning Disney-inspired looks below! Read on for some inspiration on how to liven up your nails […]

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    Doctor Strange Will Be in Avengers: Infinity War, Just Like Every Other Marvel Character

    You, like us, probably assumed this was true a while ago, but for what it’s worth, it’s now been (all but) confirmed. Benedict Cumberbatch will likely appear as Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War, the 2018 ultimate ensemble superhero movie, per Empire magazine. Cumberbatch told Empire during a set visit about the trials and tribulations of making so many […]

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    Jon Favreau Will Direct a Remake of The Lion King

    The powers that be at Disney must figure they have a good thing going with all these modern updates. The recent live-action retelling of The Jungle Book was a huge success, and next year’s live-action Beauty and the Beast will almost certainly be a hit. Not only that, but we know that a sequel to The Jungle Book and a […]

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    Hello Kitty is Running for President

    Finally, in the eleventh hour, a candidate we can get behind. Not content to win just one election this year, Hello Kitty is announcing her candidacy for president (she’s old enough!) as the Friendship Party candidate — top that, Peace and Freedom Party! Sanrio is putting forth the cutest of all Manchurian candidates (day one abolition […]

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    The World’s Largest Bouncy Castle is More Like a Bouncy Dungeon

    It’s being called a bouncy castle by some, but the inflatable structure coming to London’s Hyde Park looks way more demanding than the average cool kid birthday party staple. The Beast is the largest inflatable structure of its kind, and it’s less funhouse and more grueling obstacle course. The winding track measures 893 feet in […]

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    The New Power Rangers Movie Posters Feature the Zords

    A new Power Rangers movie is just around the corner and now there are posters to go along with it. Lionsgate has released a group of posters featuring the film’s leading Rangers, as well as Zords, the giant assault weapons piloted by the Rangers. When the Zords are put together they form the even more gigantic […]

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    Henry Cavill’s Manager Confirms the Man of Steel Sequel

    And just when you thought you had had your fill of super hero movies, don’t worry there is another one in the works. Though there was some question of the timeline, Henry Cavill’s manager has just confirmed that a Man of Steel sequel is already in the works and Cavill is getting back into Superman […]

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    25 Geeky Baby Onesies to Say Awwwww To

    Parenting the geeky way means sharing all things nerdy with your little one right from the start. We found 25 adorable and geeky baby onesies for those of you who are about to add Player 3 to your family, or if you want to find the perfect baby shower gift for geeky expecting friends. Copy/Paste This parent/baby combo […]

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    New Star Trek: Discovery Television Series Delayed Until Late Spring

    No need to rush the bridge and hit the panic button yet, but it sounds like bringing Star Trek back to television is proving a little trickier than anticipated. Star Trek: Discovery was originally to premiere on CBS in January, with subsequent episodes appearing exclusively on CBS’ streaming service, CBS All Access. Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter reported […]

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    The Empire Demands Total Obedience With Star Wars Simon

    What better game to bear the visage of Darth Vader than one that brutally punishes failure to follow simple instructions? Fortunately, I don’t think Star Wars Simon will Force choke you out if you hit red instead of blue, but then again, you might want to err on the side of caution. Star Wars Simon, […]

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    Disney Princess iMessage Stickers Have Arrived on iOS 10

    The iPhone 7 is nice and all, but the real yearly prize is the annual update to iOS. Every iPhone gets marginally better, but the iOS update can add sweet new features that really change the way we use our phones. Case in point — thanks to yesterday’s iOS 10 update, iMessage just got way more […]