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    Dancing Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll Teaches Kids How to Code

    In the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast (you may have heard of it), one major change is that Belle is the inventor in the family instead of her father. Hasbro must have taken some inspiration from that, because their new Belle doll is pretty into hard sciences herself. The company is introducing the Dance Code […]

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    The Thimble is No Longer a Monopoly Token

    As much as I’d like to brag about calling the demise of the thimble last month, it was just too easy of a call to make. When Monopoly started their Token Madness vote, they lumped in their eight existing tokens with dozens of potential new ones, giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorites […]

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    Vnyl Has a Whole Selection of Records from Classic Disney Movies

    Vnyl got its start in 2015 on Kickstarter by curating monthly subscription boxes of vinyl records, but surprises aren’t the only things they have in stock. Vnyl sells records, too, and they’ve recently added a new section to their store — one full of songs from Disney movies, including Beauty and the Beast. We’re not talking about […]

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    Kevin Smith is Bringing Jay and Silent Bob Back

    Kevin Smith is working on getting himself back up on the big screen. Smith, creator and director of a series of interconnected movies including Clerks and Mallrats, is working on a second Jay and Silent Bob movie with the support of Miramax. Smith announced the news late last week in an Instagram post — a screenshot of his […]

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    23 Incredibly Geeky Scented Candles

    Scented candles have a way of transforming a space into something more than the sum of its parts. Scent triggers powerful memories, conjures feelings and moods that enhance a space. We found 24 scented candles that playfully imagine the scents of some of our most beloved geeky stories. We recommend pairing these candles with the […]

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    The Walking Dead Returns Tonight, But Will the Ratings?

    This Sunday, The Walking Dead returns, following up a particularly brutal first half of season 7. Yet, a lot of the talk around the mid-season premiere isn’t focused on storylines — it’s focused on ratings. The first half of season 7 saw an 11% ratings decline in its key demographic, young adults. As a result, […]

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    Fox is Willing to Bring Firefly Back if Joss Whedon Is, Too

    In the early 2000s, a bunch of people figured it would be cool to make a science-fiction western show. They were right, and even though it was canceled after only a single season, Firefly remains one of the most adored science-fiction television shows. It’s been 15 years since Firefly was on (12 years since the movie, Serenity), […]

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    Adam Nimoy Needs Your Help Crowdfunding a Star Trek Deep Space 9 Documentary

    Ask any given Star Trek fan what their favorite series is, and chances are you won’t hear Deep Space 9 as the answer very often (well, probably more than Enterprise, but still). Opting for an ongoing story in contrast to the adventure-of-the-week approach of The Original Series and The Next Generation, DS9 was the first to take liberties with Gene Roddenberry’s utopian […]

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    Man Makes Self-Lacing Sneakers Out of Lego Bricks

    In the run up to Back to the Future day in 2015, Nike went all-in on the promise of self-lacing sneakers. They started off with a faithful recreation of the Nikes from Back to the Future II, but only Michael J. Fox got hooked up. After that, Nike had the tech and figured hey, why not make a […]

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    Propel Star Wars Quadcopter Drone Review

    Propel really knocked it out of the park last holiday season with not one, but three Star Wars battle drones. And make no mistake, these aren’t simply scaled down starfighters from the movies — they nailed the entire fantasy. The flying and maneuvering, the music, the lighting, the voices, the gameplay, the wear and tear on the […]

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    Sharknado 5 Begins Filming Worldwide

    Syfy’s Sharknado series, the correct answer to the question “What’s Gary Busey doing these days?,” has, as quietly as a sharknado can be, become an annual summertime tradition. Installments one through four have dropped every July for the last four years, and from the sounds of it, the fifth one will come swirling in right on […]

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    Sabrina the Teenage Witch Might Come to Riverdale

    When we checked out Riverdale, the CW’s more dramatic take on the characters of Archie Comics, we briefly wondered whether or not we could see Sabrina the Teenage Witch on the show in the future. With Josie and the Pussycats characters already in play, it’s conceivable we could see other Archie Comics characters find their way in (especially […]