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    Microsoft is Giving Away a Free Xbox One to Surface Buying Students

    In one way, I pity kids today — the specter of back-to-school shopping is hanging over them just about from the minute they step out of school for the summer. I don’t feel too bad, though, because back-to-school deals have gotten a lot better than the office supply store discounting pencils. Take Microsoft, which is taking […]

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    Amazon Prime Slashed to $67 for Today Only

    Amazon is angling for new Amazon Prime subscribers today with a massive 33 percent discount on the yearly cost of subscription. For today only, your first year of Amazon Prime will cost $67 instead of the regular $99. Unfortunately, existing subscribers won’t be able to get in on this deal — Amazon put a quick […]

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    Amazon Says July 15th Sales Will Be Better Than Black Friday

    Better cordon off a good-sized block of time on Wednesday, July 15, because Amazon is about to make it the biggest shopping day of the year. That’s what they’re saying about Prime Day, a celebration of Amazon’s 20th anniversary this month. Amazon is talking a big game, too, saying the deals will blow away what […]

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    AT&T Deal Cuts the Price of the iPad Mini 2 By $100

    Not too often do we see Apple products get good discounts, but when they happen, they get our attention. Late last week, AT&T launched a new limited time promotion that cuts $100 off the price of a new 16 GB iPad mini 2 when you buy an iPhone on an AT&T Next plan. There are […]