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  • Vyoocam


    Vyoocam Clip-On Camera Picks Up Where Google Glass Left Off

    Vyoocam is a live streaming camera that clips onto any set of glasses. As long as you have Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot, you can live stream with these. Hey, at least it’s not Google Glass, ahem, Project Aura. These are a tad more focused on the singular function of recording POV video. Say you […]

  • Mountain panorama at sunset with path - Low Tatras ini Slovakia


    Lytro Immerge Could Completely Change VR Video

    While virtual reality games are built from the ground up to provide freedom of movement — they wouldn’t be very fun otherwise — the same can’t be said of VR video. There’s always a level of disappointment when viewing VR video because you’re just viewing it — you can turn your head around to look […]

  • Leef iAccess_iAccess_not plug in

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    MicroSD Card Reader for the iPhone is Perfect for GoPro Users

    An enduring complaint about the iPhone (and, increasingly, its high-end Android competitors) is its lack of a Micro SD card slot — with action cams like GoPro and digital photography in general getting into the hands of millions, those millions would like to have an easy way to share media straight from their phone while […]

  • 20151013_thumbL_psg9x_silver_3qflash


    Canon’s Tiny Highend G5 X and G9 X Cameras Scream Fashionista

    There’s a camera for everyone these days — including high-end point-and-shoot cameras. Even the simplest cameras have an expensive tier for the people who just want to push a button and make high-quality pictures come out. That’s what Canon is going for with the newest releases in their PowerShot G series, the G5 X and […]

  • screenshot_323


    Sony a7S II Can Handle 4k Recording at Night

    Last year, the Sony a7S II arrived as a solid semi-professional interchangeable lens mirrorless camera that fell short only because it tried to pack in 4k recording too early. Whereas the previous model required an external recorder to take 4k video, the new model announced today features internal 4k recording, along with some great features […]

  • PolaroidSnap_01


    Can Polaroid Snap Make the Instant Camera Cool Again?

    Back during the heady days of the Lady Gaga/Polaroid creative partnership, Polaroid (or Lady Gaga?) figured out how to bring instant photography back from the grave with the introduction of Zero Ink printing, using special paper with embedded color crystals that are activated by heat during the ‘printing’ process. Apparently, Polaroid has had enough success […]

  • screenshot_307


    Tiny Wearable Spy Camera Packs in Wi-Fi and GPS

    When it was introduced last year, the Narrative Clip set out to solve a big problem for devoted lifeloggers — how to take loads of pictures without living life behind a lens. Their solution was a tiny wearable wide-angle camera that automatically took pictures at 30-second intervals, storing them and making them easy to share […]

  • beardrone


    Scientists Realize Bears Can’t Bare Drones

    In an effort to learn more about animals in their natural habitats, scientists have been turning to drones and other gadgets to unobtrusively gather more data about their daily lives. Drones allow scientists to make their observations from a safe distance, and to potentially cover more distance than they could on foot. But it’s hard […]

  • 203951-z1


    This is the Smallest Selfie Stick We’ve Ever Seen

    Hey, it’s stick-shaped — good enough for me. This ballpoint pen hides a remote shutter for your phone, and despite being a pen, is far less likely to put someone’s eye out than an actual selfie stick, which are and will remain a global public menace. The Bluetooth Selfie Pen works using a Bluetooth connection […]

  • IMG_0553

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    Simplicam Review

    Are you looking for a home security camera to check up on your kids at home or even keep tabs on your pet while you’re at the office? Arcsoft’s Simplicam looks to be the perfect solution. Out of the box, I had the camera up and running in less than five minutes! Yes, I had a fully […]

  • IMG_4541


    Z Camera is an Impossibly Small 4K Interchangeable Lens Camera

    We’ll start with a caveat — bad things often happen when you combine ambitious ideas with Kickstarter. It’s why we usually steer clear of the crowdfunding lands, but what Z Camera is promising has gotten our attention. How can we not take notice when someone designs a 4K interchangeable lens camera body that you can […]

  • CHDHS-101_main2


    GoPro Launches Very Tiny Hero4 Session Camera

    GoPro has long been the first name in action cams, but they’ve never been big on being small. That changes this week, with GoPro announcing that they will sell the Hero4 Session, easily their smallest action cam yet, starting next week. The Hero4 Session measures 1.4″ cubed and weighs 2.3 ounces, making it a very […]

  • disney


    Disney Bans Selfie Sticks in All Their Amusement Parks

    To be fair, Disney did give the selfie stick a fair shake, unlike the growing number of parks, museums, and tourist attractions that wasted no time banning the things. It doesn’t matter today, though, because Disney has finally come to the conclusion that the rest of the tourism industry has — that the selfie stick […]

  • polaroid_cube_familly


    Polaroid Announces the Cube+, an Update to Its Tiny Action Cam

    Last summer, Polaroid released the Cube, a less-than-palm sized action cam with its own range of mounts and straps. It wasn’t a technical powerhouse, but if you needed something that wasn’t going to get in the way or get knocked around during some of the more extreme of sports, it was a worthy choice. At […]

  • guardzilla

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    Guardzilla is a Budget Friendly Home Monitoring System – Review

    Smart home monitors—if you’re jumping into the market now, you’re getting to the party pretty late. To contend with more entrenched products like Dropcam, you need something that packs a lot of functionality into a simple package and for a low price. That’s what Guardzilla is hoping to bring to the table. Guardzilla, unfortunately, is […]

  • Angle


    ZTE Spro 2 Gives A Fresh Look to Boring Pocket Projectors

    ZTE is following up their combination pico projector/Wi-Fi hotspot/Android device from last year with the Spro 2 (the previous product wasn’t actually called the Spro, but history is malleable in the information age, yeah?), which they debuted at CES earlier this year. It’s an improvement in most ways from last year’s model, and you’ll be […]

  • HX90V


    Sony Announces Two Cyber-shot Cameras that Resemble the RX Series

    This week, Sony is releasing two new point-and-shoot cameras in its Cyber-shot line. While the entry-level fixed-lens cameras are nowhere near as capable as a DSLR or one of Sony’s mirrorless cameras, a lot of the tech from those higher-end models is trickling down into the cheaps, making the new HX90V and WX500 worth a […]

  • projector

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    Lenovo Pocket Projector is Tiny but Mighty

    Lenovo is entering the world of pico projectors with the tiny Pocket Projector. It might not be the best pico projector out there, but it does have two very nice things going for it—it’s super small and super cheap. The Pocket Projector has a 50 lumen LED light engine and a native resolution of 854 […]