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    Hands-on with the Sony Alpha a6000

    Sony is stepping up their camera game once again today, announcing the A6000, which is set to replace the very popular NEX-6. The Alpha A6000 is a compact, lightweight, interchangeable lens camera that features some serious improvements over its predecessor. Once again, it’s a compact camera that seriously rivals larger DSLRs in quality and capabilities. […]

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    39 Selfies from CES 2014 [Gallery]

    CES has come and gone, and as expected, the show had a heavy focus on wearables, fitness products, larger than life TVs, app driven devices and bluetooth speakers. You can check out our full coverage of the show here. But beyond our regular coverage of the show, this year we challenged ourselves with the CES […]

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    Polaroid Socialmatic is Very Familiar Looking

    Polaroid never fails to impress. Here at CES 2014 they’re showing off two of the cutest darned products we’ve seen in a while. There’s the instant digital camera (with printer), the Polaroid Socialmatic, and then there’s the C3 Action Sports Video Camera, a miniature dice-sized cube. The Polaroid Socialmatic looks strangely familiar to the instagram […]

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    Sony’s QX Lens-Style Cameras Get Much Needed Update

    Sony’s QX10 and QX100 cameras were pretty cool ideas – cameras jammed into a small lens form factor that can be used with smartphones – that didn’t quite have the best of executions. Fortunately, Sony isn’t giving up on them or releasing a couple of new models – they’re going back and improving the originals. […]

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    Samsung Unveils Galaxy Camera 2

    Samsung is coming to CES  2014 with two cameras in hand – a new compact interchangeable lens camera and a follow-up to the smart camera from last year, the Galaxy Camera. The Samsung NX30 is the interchangeable lens camera, and features a 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, with auto-focus made snappy by Samsung’s own NX […]

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    Sony Portable Wireless Server Backs Up and Charges Your Phone

    Sony is jumping into the portable media device game with their Personal Content Station and Portable Wireless Server, a couple of wireless, on-the-go storage devices that can handle streaming to tablets, smartphones, and the like. The Personal Content Station is made with cameras in mind, and is trying to be the ultimate destination for all […]

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    Sony A7 and A7r First Impressions + Sample Photos

    Sony’s recently announced A7 and A7r are the worlds smallest compact full frame cameras. To that effect, these cameras offer most of the comforts of a high-end DSLR, but in the lightweight body of a mirror-less interchangeable-lens camera. It’s because of this marriage between full frame and mirror-less that Sony Electronics’ president and COO, Phil […]

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    Lomography Lens Kit Transforms a Fours Thirds Camera into a Hipster

    It’s all the slapdash, color-skewed benefits of lomography, without having to deal with actual rolls of film. All right, maybe that’ll put a damper on your hipster street cred, but hey, now you can take hundreds and hundreds of lomography shots in one go. The serial photographer in you can’t say no to that. The […]

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    Sony RX10 and A7 Cameras Bring New Form Factors to Pros

    Sony has been all over the map when it comes to cameras in the last few years, but one area where they’ve definitely given specific attention is the bridge camera market, one that they’ve largely created by themselves. It’s an attempt to combine the portability of point-and-shoots with the cutting-edge tech found in DSLRs. Of […]

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    Brenthaven BX2 Holster DSLR Camera Bag Review

    What do you require from a DSLR camera bag? Comfort, weight and style are all key elements that we found with Brenthaven’s BX2 Holster DSLR camera bag. This bag offers full-on protection for your precious in all terrains, and the rugged design combines style with security. We really like the bag’s charcoal color, and the […]

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    Sony HDR-MV1 Video Recorder is For DIY Music Videos [Hands-on]

    Devices are getting really specific these days. Now, Sony is unveiling a brand new camcorder made just for people who want to make their own music videos and share them instantly. Better brush up on your guitar. What sets the Sony HDR-MV1 apart is its audio. Usually, audio on camcorders is the weak link, making […]

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    Cheesy Bite-Sized Chobi Cam

    Have everyone get their cheesiest smiles ready for the Chobi Cam Cheese Digital Camera. It’s not just the cheesiest camera around, but it’s also one of the smallest you’ll find anywhere.