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    Samsung Ups the Ante on SD Cards

    A new line of SD cards isn’t exactly light-the-world-on-fire news, but Samsung thinks they have offerings that will manage to impress nonetheless. The new SD and Micro SD cards are part of the company’s High Speed and Plus Extreme Speed Series, and range from 4 GB to 32 GB in storage space. You can also […]

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    Fashion and Tech Converge on Barbie’s Photo Fashion Doll

    Barbie’s leaving fashion in the hands of the people now. In the same vein as the Barbie Video Girl Doll, Barbie’s Photo Fashion Doll doubles as a digital camera, with Barbie’s t-shirt acting as the display. Kids can use Barbie to snap a picture to create a new T-shirt design, or pick one of the […]

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    La Sardina Belle Starr is the Six Shooter of Lomography Cameras

    I’ll skip the obvious anti-mainstream hipster jokes, and get to the point – this camera is for the old at heart who love the beautiful imperfections that arise from using low-tech gear. Lomography cameras are basically analog cameras that produce pictures rife with blurring, odd coloring, and light leaks. The result is an Instagram photo […]

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    Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera Review

    At CES last month, many manufacturers announced new affordable cameras that come with built-in Wi-Fi. Cameras with built-in Wi-Fi have been around for a while now, but until now they have been traditionally pricey. In the midst of all of these budget Wi-Fi camera announcements, Sony announced the MHS-TS55/S Bloggie Live HD Camera. The Bloggie […]

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    Barbie Fabulous Glam Video Camera Has Far From Fabulous Specs

    They say that thanks to the smartphone, the cheap camcorder is dead. But that doesn’t mean it has to be dead for your little ones – or anyone who just really likes Barbie. With that said, the Barbie Fabulous Glam Video Camera from Digiblue isn’t all that bad actually. The device is able to film […]

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    Tiny DLP Pico Projector for iPhone 4S in the Works

    A few years ago, talk about putting projectors into smartphones was all the rage. Back then, a few phones were trickling out with built-in projectors, and everyone expected that by now most phones would have them built-in. Alas, that fad has all but faded away. But that doesn’t mean that many people don’t want a […]

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    Polaroid Debuts Smart Camera, the First Dedicated Android Camera

    What happens when you ram an Android phone and a digital camera together, losing the calling plan in the process? You get the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera, a digital camera with a 3.2” widescreen touch display that runs Android. Announced this week at CES 2012, the Polaroid SC1630 combines low-end digital camera technology with smartphone […]

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    Liquid Image’s Ego is a Mini Mountable WiFi Sport Camera

    Liquid Image crashed into CES 2012 with a mountable mini camera called Ego. Its called Ego because it is meant to be used at an angle that make you look good while you are cutting up awesome moves in your playtime. There are plenty of goggles out there that give a Point of View camera […]

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    Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera Uploads Photos for You

    Despite rumors of Kodak planning on filing for bankruptcy, the company has announced two new innovative imaging products at CES, including the Kodak EASYSHARE M750. Everyone hates wires, and fortunately, the new Kodak EASYSHARE M750 Wireless Camera is all about cutting the chords. This wireless camera has built-in Wi-Fi sharing that makes it super easy to […]

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    Samsung DV300F is First DualView Camera with Wi-Fi

    Samsung loves its DualView display cameras, so much so that they have introduced the yet another Dual-View camera to the series – the DV300F. The DV300F sports a 1.5” front facing LCD screen along with the traditional rear-facing LCD. But what is especially unique for this new camera is that the DV300F is also a […]

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    GoPano Micro for iPhone Review

    GoPano Micro is the latest success story offspring of the Kickstarter community. It is a camera attachment to the iphone camera that allows you to capture video in 360 degrees. It is video only. It is not for Panoramic pictures. Having met its funding goal in May 2011, GoPano entered a market that was ready, […]

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    Sony NEX-7 Goes on Pre-order Again, Expected to Ship in April 2012

    The ever elusive Sony NEX-7 just became available for pre-order – AGAIN!. The highly anticipated camera has experienced delay after delay after flooding in Thailand halted production.  Sony even stopped offering pre-orders on their site for a while. To date, only a small number of lucky souls have managed to get their hands on one. Well […]

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    Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera is Ready to Marry the Night

    The Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera, crafted under the watchful eye of Polaroid Creative Director Lady Gaga, is finally ready to bring back instant photography. The Z340, originally conceived as the GL30, looks a little less retro than the original design. The original design had a more industrial, ’80s-style vibe, with metallic silver dominating. The […]

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    Olympus PEN E-PM1 Review

    Have you ever wanted to take really awesome photos but thought you just didn’t have the talent to do so? Well the Olympus PEN E-PM1 might just turn you into the next Annie Leibovitz after all. Recently we were asked to participle in the Pen Ready Project. Our challenge if we chose to accept it, […]