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    Spectacular Graphene Light-Up Dress Responds to Breathing

    Graphene is set to be the next big thing in not just tech, but life — the atom-thick carbon compound is stronger than diamond, flexible, transparent, and super-conductive. In theory, it could be used to power much, much more powerful computer processors, but could also be used in anything from bulletproof vests to medical procedures. As […]

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    Get Your Toes Toasty With Sanrio x Stance Hello Kitty Socks

    Socks — winter’s redemption. Getting warm at home with your favorite pair is pretty much the best, and Sanrio’s not unaware. They’ve gotten together with sock specialists Stance to create a new line featuring Sanrio characters, including the queen herself. The line has socks for all occasions. The casual collection includes two Hello Kitty socks — one […]

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    CMRA is the Camera your Apple Watch Doesn’t Need

    Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch came with a camera, and it was sort of useless. Now, CMRA is doubling up on cameras and delivering not one, but two, cameras to the Apple Watch. CMRA is a watch band for the Apple Watch that is compatible with any model and any size. It adds a 2MP […]

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    Fossil Adding Thinner Hybrid Q Smartwatches This Spring

    Last year, Fossil started adding hybrid smartwatches to their Q line of wearables. Being analog watches with simple, user-friendly smart features, we found them to be much more fashionable and non-intrusive than full-on smartwatches. As much as we liked them, we still found the hybrid smartwatches a bit thicker than we expected — that’s changing in […]

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    Misfit’s First Smartwatch is the Sleek, Sporty Vapor

    Up until now, Misfit has been known best for the Shine, their simple, fashionable fitness tracker. But, in 2015, Misfit was acquired by Fossil, a company that has always been interested in the smartwatch, in all its forms. At CES today, Fossil and Misfit made the most of both their areas of expertise with the […]

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    22 Star Wars Necklaces For Rebel Scum Everywhere

    Star Wars fans love to show off their fandom, and with a regular stream of Star Wars movies dropping, it has never been easier to find the merchandise to suit that geeky love. We found 22 unique and fun Star Wars necklaces that will make a great gift or an even better “treat-yo-self” gift. Many […]

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    25 Geeky Hoodies For a Gloriously Nerdy Winter

    Who doesn’t love a warm cozy hoodie? Wake up, throw it on and you are ready to face the day with warmth and comfort. Make that even better with a geeky touch! We found 25 awesomely geeky hoodies that will suit almost every kind of geeky fandom and then some. Boba Fett Zip Hoodie No […]

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    25 More Geeky But Magnificent High Heels

    Hot on the heels of our last Geeky High Heels story, pun intended, we’re bringing you more fabulous and outrageously geeky high heels to gawk at. Because true geeks are always looking for a way to include some geeky goodness in their attire! And there is almost no better way to do that than with a […]

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    18 Disney-Themed Sneakers That Are Absolutely Magical

    It’s time to get comfy in high Disney style. The Etsy store ChromaSouls has some unbelievable custom designs painted over some of the most popular sneakers in the land. They aren’t cheap, but once you see the how beautifully detailed some of these designs are, you’ll understand why. We’ve picked out 18 of our favorites, but be […]

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    25 Incredibly Geeky Winter Coats and Jackets

    Winter is coming and everyone needs two things to get through it: Netflix and a good winter coat. Geek up your winter wear game with these 25 coats that showcase all things sci-fi and nerdy. Who says geeks can’t look fashionable too? Claire’s Coat From Outlander Claire doesn’t let the bitter cold of the Scottish […]

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    19 of the Geekiest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

    If you are looking for an ugly Christmas sweater that both fulfills the annoying-to-look-at criteria and channels your inner geek, look no further — we’ve scoured the internet for the geekiest entries into the ugly sweater tradition, featuring everyone from Batman to R2-D2. If you get any of these we can assure you no one will be […]

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    Star Trek 50 Fashion Collection Includes Everything From Dresses to Bomber Jackets

    Where’s our replicator? Her Universe, one of the best sources of fangirl fashion, has gotten together with ThinkGeek for a Star Trek 50th anniversary fashion collection, because there’s still a month and a half before 2016 ends! The collection spans The Original Series and The Next Generation, giving us blazers, tees, skirts, dresses, and jackets that really […]

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    21 Classy Superhero Ties for Geeky Guys

    Is someone you know your real life superhero? If so, let him be a hero in the conference room with one of these geeky ties — we’re not much for hiding secret identities around here! We found 21 superhero ties that will delight the geek at heart and spice up the humdrum workday outfit. They also […]

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    Fossil Second Generation Hybrid Q Smartwatch Review

    With smartwatches not quite flying off shelves as expected, we’ve seen approaches to wearables diverge. Apple and Google have both gone down the mini-smartphone path with WatchOS and Android Wear, but more recently, we’ve seen a much more interesting concept — the hybrid smartwatch. Analog in both appearance and reality, hybrid smarwatches have hardware inside that […]