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    25 Incredibly Geeky Winter Coats and Jackets

    Winter is coming and everyone needs two things to get through it: Netflix and a good winter coat. Geek up your winter wear game with these 25 coats that showcase all things sci-fi and nerdy. Who says geeks can’t look fashionable too? Claire’s Coat From Outlander Claire doesn’t let the bitter cold of the Scottish […]

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    19 of the Geekiest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

    If you are looking for an ugly Christmas sweater that both fulfills the annoying-to-look-at criteria and channels your inner geek, look no further — we’ve scoured the internet for the geekiest entries into the ugly sweater tradition, featuring everyone from Batman to R2-D2. If you get any of these we can assure you no one will be […]

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    Star Trek 50 Fashion Collection Includes Everything From Dresses to Bomber Jackets

    Where’s our replicator? Her Universe, one of the best sources of fangirl fashion, has gotten together with ThinkGeek for a Star Trek 50th anniversary fashion collection, because there’s still a month and a half before 2016 ends! The collection spans The Original Series and The Next Generation, giving us blazers, tees, skirts, dresses, and jackets that really […]

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    21 Classy Superhero Ties for Geeky Guys

    Is someone you know your real life superhero? If so, let him be a hero in the conference room with one of these geeky ties — we’re not much for hiding secret identities around here! We found 21 superhero ties that will delight the geek at heart and spice up the humdrum workday outfit. They also […]

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    Fossil Second Generation Hybrid Q Smartwatch Review

    With smartwatches not quite flying off shelves as expected, we’ve seen approaches to wearables diverge. Apple and Google have both gone down the mini-smartphone path with WatchOS and Android Wear, but more recently, we’ve seen a much more interesting concept — the hybrid smartwatch. Analog in both appearance and reality, hybrid smarwatches have hardware inside that […]

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    Converse and Missoni Colloebrate on New Hiking Boots

    Could hiking get any trendier? This is what the good people at Missoni and Converse asked themselves (or one asked the other, we’re not sure), and we’re getting these new hiking boots as a result. They’re funky, they’re ’90s, and they’re climbing up that mountain. The Converse x Missoni All Star Chuck ’70 Hiker High […]

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    23 Geeky Scarves for a Fashionable Fall

    Scarves are like the duct tape of fashion — they can make any outfit work. They can elevate the most ordinary jeans and a t-shirt with a pop of color and a hint of personality that doesn’t overwhelm your look. Plus, they keep you super warm. We found 25 beautiful scarves that shout geek in […]

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    Love the Sound of Your Own Voice? Now You Can Wear it as a Ring

    It’s tough to come up with original ideas these days, but Encode is proof positive that it’s still very much possible. The Japanese startup is making custom rings based on files you send over — audio files. So, how does sound become a ring? The Encode Ring is a metal representation of your voice — based on […]

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    21 Disney-Inspired Rings Fit For Your Favorite Princess

    Disney movies of old are all about finding love and having the handsome prince swoop in to sweep the princess off her feet. Fortunately, Disney has branched out a little over the years, but hey, we’re still suckers for a good love story, too. Whether you are looking to propose or just looking for a […]

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    27 Out-of-this-World Superhero Rings

    We’ve brought you some awesome geeky rings before, but most of them have required a little more commitment than a lot of us are willing to make. That’s why we brought you some affordable geeky rings, but as it turns out, this market is more specialized than we thought! There are loads of rings out […]

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    Gird Your Loins: Teva and Crocs Have Collaborated on a Shoe

    It really is amazing when a shoe develops its own persona. We associate Christian Louboutins with a certain type of person, Uggs with another (definitely the people that love Pumpkin Spice Lattes), but nothing really beats Crocs. With one wearing of Crocs you tell the world, ‘I don’t care how ugly my shoes are. I […]

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    25 Geeky Baby Onesies to Say Awwwww To

    Parenting the geeky way means sharing all things nerdy with your little one right from the start. We found 25 adorable and geeky baby onesies for those of you who are about to add Player 3 to your family, or if you want to find the perfect baby shower gift for geeky expecting friends. Copy/Paste This parent/baby combo […]