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    Man Buns Are Out, And Here’s What’s Replacing Them

    One of our picks for most questionable trends of 2015 was the man bun, which blew up the hipster spot with such force that it spawned clip-in man buns. Well, word is the man bun is fading, like we always knew it always would. But, lest you think even for a second that we live […]

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    HP and Titan Launch JUXT, a Fancy New Luxury Smartwatch, in India

    HP is introducing an intriguing new wearable this week in partnership with luxury watchmaker Titan. JUXT takes the minimalist approach to smartwatch functionality, using just a small rectangular OLED display over a traditional analog watch face to display notifications and reminders. The result is a luxury watch that keeps its smarts under wraps, making it […]

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    Huawei Watch Review

    The Huawei Watch was part of a huge push from Android smartphone manufacturers in 2015 to refine the Android-friendly smartwatch. Unlike many other watches from the past year, which were second generation efforts, the Huawei Watch is Huawei’s first smartwatch. Like similar devices from Asus, LG, and many others, the Huawei Watch runs on Android […]

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    Bozon is the Most Adorable Apple Watch Dock Ever

    We’re not even sure if this Apple Watch Dock was meant to be cute in the first place, but it’s seriously adorable. But, as it turns out, this little three-legged robot looking fella has more than just charm going for it. The ActionProof Bozon is made from silicone, and that three-legged design has purpose. It’s […]

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    Fossil’s Q Line of Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers Offer A Classic Look

    Fossil has expanded their brand with several smartwatches, without leaving behind what makes Fossil truly Fossil. A standout among them is the vintage aviation-inspired Q54 that keeps the analog look as a non-display smartwatch. Instead of an obtrusive and decidedly non-vintage looking display, the Q54 uses subtle filtered LED color coding and buzz notifications and is […]

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    Knomo’s Drop & Go Is an Ultra-Fast Battery Charging Pocket

    When we saw that Knomo would be at CES 2016 with new bags, we knew they wouldn’t disappoint. With a history of tech-friendly, fashion-forward handbags and backpacks, Knomo knows how to make the tech lifestyle more convenient and stylish, and that doesn’t change with the Drop & Go, a new pocket that will soon be […]

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    LVL UP+ November 2015 Review

    Level Up is a monthly mystery apparel subscription from the Loot Crate family. Lvl Up wearable items are unique each months as they are not repeated in the regular Loot Crates but they do tie into the same monthly themes. November shows the COMBAT collection: Wearable: Exclusive Scout Regiment Raglan T-Shirt – Join Captain Levi […]

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    These Netflix Socks Finally Get Wearable Tech Right

    Finally, someone nailed it. Instead of creating kitschy gadgets of questionable and certainly marginal value, Netflix of all companies has made wearable tech that really makes a difference in people’s lives. In the eleventh hour of 2015, we’ve been graced with the presence of wearable excellence — socks that automatically pause Netflix when you fall […]

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    Cluise App Helps You Figure Out What to Wear

    Tired of crippling indecision making you late in getting out the door? If apathy isn’t the solution you’re looking for, a new app called Cluise offers a third way. You can use Cluise to scan individual items in your wardrobe and let the app put together stylish outfits based on what you have. Cluise serves […]

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    Google Spruces Up Android Wear With New Designer Faces

    Style is everything when it comes to wearables, and while smartwatch manufacturers are still figuring out how to physically make them look great, a lot of top designers are nailing the watch face. This week, Google announced that nine brands and designers have completed their own sets of digital watch faces that can be download […]



    These BB-8 High Heel Shoes Are Modern Engineering Marvels

    I’d suggest that you make a pair of these DIY BB-8 heels in time for the premiere of The Force Awakens, but it seems like building these is going to take about the same amount of time Luke was stuck training with Yoda on Dagobah. That’s definitely not to say you shouldn’t, though — these […]

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    Health Band Wearable Wants to Put an End to Nausea

    A solution to nausea that doesn’t involve pills that have side effects that are usually just as unwelcome as the nausea itself? That’s the dream for anyone who’s ever known morning or motion sickness, and it’s one that might come true next year if ReliefBand Technologies can deliver on its promises. Fresh off a successful […]

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    Regenerate Your Closet With These 18 Doctor Who Dresses

    I don’t think we’re saying anything controversial here — Doctor Who has always been about fashion. Doctors one to twelve have all had their own style, and unsurprisingly, that’s provided a gold mine for the fashion-forward in the real world. We’ve seen loads of dresses inspired by Doctor Who fashion choices — even the questionable […]

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    25 Disney Princess Inspired High Heel Shoes

    Standard black heels are the go-to for party dress pairing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to switch it up a bit with some Disney Princess-inspired high heels? These party-ready heels are the only ones you will want to leave your house in. The only thing missing is your prince to whisk you away to a ball […]

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    Want to Make Your Own Light-Up Sneakers? Here’s How!

    A quick Google search will tell you there’s no shortage of LED light sneakers out there, but why pay the premium? The wonderful DIY advisers at Adafruit have released a new video telling you how to take a pair of sneakers and give them some LED shine on the cheap. Adafruit laid out the plans […]

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    Star Trek Booties Are Basically Uggs for Trekkies

    We don’t think we’re overstating our case here — these boots might not be made by Ugg, but fellow Australian company Burlee is clearly following in their footsteps. These guys are out to make big, shapeless boots cool like never before — Uggs might not have lived long and prospered, but we’ve got higher hopes […]