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    Want to Make Your Own Light-Up Sneakers? Here’s How!

    A quick Google search will tell you there’s no shortage of LED light sneakers out there, but why pay the premium? The wonderful DIY advisers at Adafruit have released a new video telling you how to take a pair of sneakers and give them some LED shine on the cheap. Adafruit laid out the plans […]

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    Star Trek Booties Are Basically Uggs for Trekkies

    We don’t think we’re overstating our case here — these boots might not be made by Ugg, but fellow Australian company Burlee is clearly following in their footsteps. These guys are out to make big, shapeless boots cool like never before — Uggs might not have lived long and prospered, but we’ve got higher hopes […]

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    23 Disney-Inspired Engagement Rings for Your Future Prince or Princess

    What do Disney and weddings have in common? Both make you think of magical evenings and romantic stories. An engagement ring is a symbol of love, devotion, and faithfulness — the trifecta for any good Disney story! You might not be getting married in a castle, but you can still work that Disney magic into […]

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    Misfit BaubleBar is the Gaudiest Activity Tracker Ever

    As opposed to smartwatches, we don’t usually expect our fitness trackers to be this fashionable, but we’re not complaining. Misfit has partnered up with BaubleBar to create some jewelry-like lockets for bracelets and necklaces bearing the Misfit Flash, and the only thing we’re liking more than the looks is the name of the new line. […]

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    22 of the Geekiest Ugly Christmas Sweaters Money Can Buy

    The ugly Christmas sweater is a holiday tradition that transcends denominations — if we can’t all be unified in glorious tackiness, there really is no hope for us. And, because the holiday season is all about hope, we’re going to deliver enough ugly, geeky sweaters to last you almost the entire month of December up […]

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    These Jackets Take Cosplay to a New Level

    Ever wonder where you could get the jacket Bane wore in The Dark Knight Rises? Of course! Well, I don’t know about getting the one that Tom Hardy literally wore on set, but I know where you can find one that looks a lot like it — a site called Angel Jackets, which seems to […]

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    Couture Smart Jewelry Buzzes When You Get Notifications

    For us, the key to a good wearable has always been design. If it isn’t something we want to be seen wearing in public, it’s not something we’re likely to buy into, no matter how sophisticated it might be. Apple gets around this to an extent with their special luxury status — the Apple Watch […]

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    15 Ways to Dress Like a Disney-Loving Hipster

    What’s hipster? It seems like the definition gets updated as often as our smartphones — is it ironic love of unpopular things, post-ironic love of popular things, regular-ironic love of popular things, or pervasive ennui? Who knows? I’ll just leave it here — hip is cool, so hipsters like cool stuff. Is Disney cool? It […]

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    3D-Printed Bikini Might Offer Solution to Ocean Pollution

    The form factor might not be the most useful in repairing the damage done to the planet’s oceans, but hey, whatever helps get your point across! A team of engineers from UC Riverside have gotten together with designers Eray Carbajo to create the Spongesuit, a futuristic-looking 3D-printed bikini that could hold the key to cleaning […]

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    Misfit Shine 2 Is More Accurate, Smaller Than the Original

    The Misfit Shine, an early pioneer of the fashionable wearable, is getting a refresh this week. The Shine 2 is coming with improvements to both hardware and software, but still manages to shrink down the body — always a win when we’re talking about wearables. The Shine 2 won’t do much different, but will do […]

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    Lunatik Epik Aluminum Apple Watch Kit Review

    If Apple’s 42mm Watch isn’t big enough or fierce enough then you must check out Lunatik’s Epik Aluminum band and enclosure. Epik transforms your Apple Watch into an even more sophisticated device with even more protection and even more “wow”. The Epik features a machined Series 6000 aircraft grade aluminum enclosure that perfectly encapsulates the […]

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    Nookiee’s Ghostbusters Sneakers Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

    Stantz, Spengler, Venkman, and Zeddemore are about to tag out, with a new quartet ready to take over the ghostbusting business next summer. So, before it’s up to someone else to bravely cross the streams, Nookiee is paying homage with a huge series of limited edition Ghostbuster sneakers — they’re expensive, though, so try not […]

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    Connected Bracelet For Teens Has a Special Secret Handshake

    Apparently secret handshakes didn’t have enough layers of complexity for some. A new charm-type bracelet called Gemio is out to add a light show to those arcane series of fist bumps, slaps, facial gestures, and whatever else goes into the ritual these days. Gemio is a connected bracelet, but Apple Watch for teens (also known […]

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    Pebble Time Round is the Best Smartwatch Yet for Small Wrists

    Here at Chip Chick, we’re always on the lookout for smartwatches that fit wrists of all shapes and sizes — and we’ve found the slim-wristed to be the most underserved. That’s why we’re excited about the Pebble Time Round, the latest from the little wearable company that could. One of the best examples of a […]