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    It’s Now Possible to Order Shake Shack Ahead of Time Using an App

    Things are about to get dangerous. Shake Shack, the new fast food burger joint hotness sweeping the world, is dangerously easy to order thanks to a new mobile ordering app the chain just released yesterday for iOS (the Android version is still in development). After a successful beta test in Manhattan, Shake Shack has released […]

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    Nestle’s Kit Kat Can’t Get a Break, Loses Trademark In Europe

    Last time we were talking about Kit Kat and lawsuits in the same sentence, I’m pretty sure it was in regards to some combination of Google, Samsung, and Apple. No tech involved this time, although we are being treated to another fight over form factors. Yesterday, a 10-year fight over the four-finger shape of Kit […]

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    Doughnut Burgers are Coming to Burger King for Hanukkah in Israel

    The time-honored tradition of donuts on Hanukkah is getting a meaty twist in Israel this year. Burger King, whose reign spans nations, is gifting the nation with eight days of doughnut burgers, and yes, they are exactly what they sound like. The SufganiKing (sufganiyah is doughnut in Hebrew) is a sugary, jelly doughnut, except instead […]

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    Cheetos Now Has Its Own Makeup and Perfume Products

    You know when you are eating a bag of Cheetos and thinking, “Gosh I wish I could smear some of this orange dust on my eyelids and cheeks (it’s clearly already all over my mouth)!” Well you are in luck because now you can. That’s right. In sentences you never thought you would hear, Cheetos now has […]