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    The Museum of Ice Cream is Coming to Los Angeles in April

    Remember that Museum of Ice Cream that opened up in New York last year? Well, it was a pop up museum, and as those do, it’s since closed up shop. But, with warmer weather on the way, it’s high time for it to make its return. This time, the west coast will be getting the […]

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    OnePlus is Giving Away Free Energy Drinks, For Realz

    Usually you don’t jump the gun on April Fool’s Day, but I guess when your prank is actually real and useful, some heads up is due. OnePlus is using April 1 not to fool people, but to remind them that their phones charge really fast! Also, energy drinks. OnePlus uses Dash Charge, which charges up […]

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    Starbucks is Ringing in Spring with Cute Pastel Cups

    Ready for winter to be over? So is Starbucks. In the few days before spring starts, they’ll be using all-new pastel-colored cups at locations in the United States and Canada. And, prepare yourself — in a shocking twist, the mermaid logo is nowhere to be found. Because the world hasn’t totally gone mad, the change will […]

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    Starburst Gets to the Point, Will Release Pink-Only Packs of Candy

    So, remember when Gardetto’s started making bags of only rye chips, because that was all anyone ever wanted to eat out of their snack mix? Others are learning. Starburst has realized what most have known all along — that pink is the best flavor, and it’s not particularly close. This year, they’ll finally cut the nonsense out […]

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    The Hot New Wedding Dress Material? Taco Bell Wrappers

    Well, calling it hot might be selling it short. We might be all the way to spicy with one Diane Nguyen’s homemade wedding dress, beautifully crafted out of only Taco Bell wrappers. It’s like Lady Gaga’s meat dress, but non-perishable. Taco Bell got the burrito rolling by starting an entirely absurd contest, as all good […]

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    The Colorful Ombre Trend Has Come to Starbucks as a Secret Drink

    Ombré — it’s not just for hair! The two-tone look is now coming to your Starbucks drink, thanks to a secret update to the secret menu of Starbucks, which might be less of an official thing and more of a lot of people asking for the same kind of really elaborate drink combinations. SECRET MENU ITEM‼️ […]

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    Investigation Finds That Subway’s Chicken is Only About Half Chicken

    If you’ve ever gone to Subway and looked with some skepticism at what are purportedly chicken breasts, your raised eyebrows may have been justified. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) launched an investigation into the composition of fast food chicken, and released their findings last week. It was good (or at least decent) news for most […]

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    Peeps Oreos Are Just in Time for Easter

    If you love Peeps and Oreos, prepare for one of the best mouthgasms that you will ever experience! It has been announced that starting next week Oreo Peeps will be sold in U.S stores. Nabisco has come a long way with their infamous Oreos. They have created numerous flavors, such as Red Velvet, Swedish Fish, […]

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    Saladshots Packs an Entire Salad Bar Into a Snack Bar

    Saladshots got their start with a successful 2014 Kickstarter campaign to fund a line of fun, colorful (and tasty) salad dressing pouches, but now that they’re finally headed to store shelves, they’ve found a good excuse to add variety to their offerings. The company is adding a few more options to the full-to-bursting health and […]

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    These Tostitos Bags Can Tell if You’ve Been Drinking Alcohol

    Just in time for next Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, Tostitos has a special something for football fans. No, it’s not a commercial, although they might have one of those, too — it’s a chip bag that can detect the presence of alcohol on your breath. The bag […]

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    22 Ridiculous Yet Delicious Food Trends

    It’s a brand new year, which means the quietly cool foods of last year are about to become Instagram superstars. Some sound and look pretty ridiculous, but annoyingly enough, we have to admit they are quite delicious too. So what will be the avocado roses and rainbow bagels of 2017? Let’s find out! Unicorn Lattes It […]

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    Spilled Skittles on a Highway Were on Their Way to Becoming Cattle Feed

    What started as online rubbernecking over a bunch of red Skittles spilled all over a Wisconsin highway has become an unexpected lesson about raising livestock. After the spill late last week, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office put up a Facebook post about the incident, then followed up with an update that threw a lot of […]