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    18 Ways Amazon Alexa Can Make Your Holidays Brighter

    Amazon Alexa-enabled devices such as the Echo, Dot and Tap are quickly finding their way into our homes and some would say into our hearts. Those of us who already rely on her every day to turn on the lights, make the house comfortable and order dinner will surely be asking for new ways to […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

    The kids — it’s where the holidays are won or lost. We’re going to help make sure you don’t do the latter with a over a dozen gift suggestions that are sure to please the little ones. And yeah, we know, most of them have probably already submitted their wish lists in triplicate, but a little […]

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    10 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Summer 2016

    It’s August, so hopefully you’ve all been soaking up the sun or making vigorous attempts to avoid it (whatever floats your boat, including being on a boat). But, now it’s time to finish out summer by taking things to the next level. This year, we’ve seen loads of products and services designed to make the […]

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    Back to School Gift Guide + Win the TCL Roku 4K TV

    It’s August, and if you’re a student, that means it’s time for us to put a damper on your summertime fun. Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to you — as always, we’ve got a handy guide to the best back to school gadgets and goodies of the year. Midterms and finals and last minute papers […]

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    14 Hot Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

    Mother’s Day is coming up! It’s a challenging day, as gift giving goes — you could ask mom what she wants, but she’ll probably say nothing. It’s one of the few times out of the year when having a picky, demanding mom is pretty sweet! If mom won’t come out and say what she wants, […]

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    25 Gifts To Get Him For Valentines Day

    Here it is again, Valentine’s Day — the holiday most men believe was created by the greeting card and drugstore cartel. We dread this “holiday,” not because we don’t like to be romantic, but mainly because of the pressure we feel to purchase that perfect gift. We also know you’re expecting stale drugstore chocolates as […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

    OK, now the pressure’s really on. Your best friend is going to be giving you the literal puppy dog eyes, and you’ve got to be ready to deliver. No excuses, either — there are loads of awesome pet products, toys, and, yes, even gadgets that your pup will love playing with, at least for a […]

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    Sesame Street Takes on the Avengers in this Adorable Send-Up

    The Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on Friday, and everyone’s catching the fever. Even the Sesame Street crew is getting alter egos, with The Aveggies teaming up to take on Bon-Bon, a somewhat menacing sweet-toothed villain out to make vegetables moldy. He must have trained alongside my kitchen cabinet. Turns out, the Sesame Street […]

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    Picattoo Creates Temporary Instagram Tattoos

    First they came for our smartphone cases, and we spoke out. Then they came for our wall-hung paintings, and we spoke out. Now, the Instagram and Facebook photo customization crowd is coming for our bodies, and yeah, we’re speaking out again. With Picattoo, you can order a set of temporary tattoos. As you might have […]

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    11 Hot Last Minute Gifts

    Aw, it’s halfway through December already? Well, guess that means prime procrastination season is over. It’s over, like, today if you’re a fan of online shopping and you need that stuff delivered by Christmas. It’s that or go to the mall anywhere between December 20 and December 24, and you don’t want to do that. […]

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    9 Amazing Gifts for the Hearthstone Addict

    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is the best selling  freemium game from Blizzard, an addictive card game that lets you face-off against opponents with only your knowledge of strategy and your carefully built deck of cards to save you. . They recently released the Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion on December 8th and  so far, the reports […]

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    Gift Guide 2014: Must Buy Stocking Stuffers

    Stuffing stockings has quietly become the hardest part of the holiday season. In the age of digital, shareable wish lists, it’s not like you’re going to be surprising anyone with any presents under the tree, anyway. You can try to deviate from the almighty wishlist, but you’re really going to be rolling the dice. Stocking […]

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    Gift Guide 2014: Gifts For Her

    What’s the perfect gift for that special woman in your life? I don’t know, man, you’re supposed to know that. But, it happens. You get hard up for ideas, and then holiday dread takes over—the dread of giving a gift and getting an ‘Oh, thaaaaanks’ and that one face (you know the one, unless you’re […]