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    Bose SoundTrue Headphones Review: A Classic, Gets a Facelift

    Can you make a classic pair of headphones cool again? Well, Bose is certainly hoping so with their latest crop of colorful Bose SoundTrue on-ear headphones. With a fresh new look, the SoundTrue headphones have replaced the older and more conservative Bose OE2i and AE2i headphones. These headphones, on the other hand, are more vibrant than […]

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    Monster’s Noel Lee Finally Speaks About Beats / Apple Acquisition

    News of the impending Apple/Beats acquisition has been bubbling over these past couple of days, but have you ever stopped to wonder what Monster Products must be thinking about it? After all, Monster was instrumental in building the Beats by Dr. Dre brand, having only recently parted ways. Well, the company’s head Monster, Noel Lee, […]

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    Will Women Want Skullcandy’s Ladies Only Headphones?

    Ladies, have we got a pair of headphones for you. Skullcandy has really out done themselves this time around with a girls only pair of on-ear headphones. In fact, they have come out with a line engineered for women on-ear and in-ear headphones. Knockout is the poster child of this new line of headphones. It’s […]

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    Phiaton Fusion MS 430 M-Series Carbon Fiber Headphone Review

    Phiaton has been making a name for themselves in the headphone market with their high end audio quality and mechanical beauty. Their latest release is on-ear headphones: the MS 430-M series. Impressively, they feature a carbon fiber build that helps keep them tough and light. The MS 430s also feature 40mm drivers, a fold and […]

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    LSTN Troubadour Wooden Headphones are Just in Time for Earth Day

    About a year ago we reviewed headphones that were handcrafted from recycled wood, the LSTN Fillmore On-Ears. Now we’re reviewing their big brother, the LSTN Troubadours. The Trabadours are larger on-ear headphones with a more durable and premium look and feel. They, too, sport a fantastic finish crafted from rich recycled wood. As a great […]

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    Skullcandy Introduces Headphones for Women

    Skullcandy is following in the footsteps of many before them, and rolling out their very own line of headphones designed specifically for women. We’ve seen this idea brought to life in a variety of ways, from just slapping pink and purple onto a set of headphones to smart fashion accessories disguised as headbands. So, what’s […]

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    Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Sports Headphone Review

    It’s tough to find the right gym headphones, but this might be your lucky day. The Plantronics BackBeat Fits are wireless bluetooth headphones that feature a water resistant design, built-in audio controls, a microphone, an 8 hour battery, and a durable build with powerful audio. The BackBeat Fits are in-ear headphones with a thick rubber […]

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    JBL Synchros S400BT On-Ear Headphone Review

    The Synchros S400BT is JBL’s latest edition to their wireless bluetooth headphone lineup. The S400BTs are on-ear headphones made of a beautiful blend of metal, leather, plastic, and LEDs. In addition to high fidelity sound quality and great collapsibility, they rock a few really interesting features. JBL impressed us with the S400BT build. For large […]

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    Pear Mobile Fitness Training Review

    “Training Intelligence” — that’s what the Pear Mobile aims to provide. The product consists of a heart rate monitor, gym headphones, and an app that will train you, push you, and monitor your performance every step of the way. It’s your own personal trainer and it sounds like a dream come true. The Pear Sports […]

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    Beats Studio Wireless Review (2014)

    Whether it is Ellen dancing around in a fairy tale to the new Beats Music App, or Richard Sherman sporting Beats Studio headphones as he runs his mouth off – the Beats machine keeps trucking along as they continue to push out new models in their army of headphones. First was the Studio, so the next […]

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    Sol Republic Tracks Air Bluetooth Headphones Review

    The Sol Republic Tracks Air are wireless bluetooth headphones done right. Sol Republic essentially turned their popular Tracks On-Ears into bluetooth headphones that boast a 15-hour battery, an unmatched range, NFC/bluetooth connectivity, and dual-device connectivity. It’s also hard not to love them for their unique appearance, colors, and unparalleled durability. When it comes to design, […]

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    Cable Management Just Got Creepy with Scalers

    In-line microphones don’t have a monopoly on your headphone cable space anymore. Appropriately, the new competition are seasoned invaders – horror movie villains of the upper echelon. Scalers are tiny, 2” mini figurines with hands the grab onto your headphone cables. Unfortunately, that means it looks like they’re ascending up to your neck, and this […]

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    Sol Republic Relays In-Ear Sports Headphone Review

    Over just a few years Sol Republic has made a huge name for themselves in the headphone market, and rightfully so. The Sol Republics look great, sound great, and are well built, plus the company knows how to market (professor meowington, Michael Phelps). The latest Sol Republic Relays aren’t just the best new in-ear gym […]