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    Now You Can Use Siri to Control Your Shades

    In 2014, Lutron introduced their Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge, a smart home device that could be used with their range of on/off and dimmer switches to give people control over any kind of light bulb from an app. Last year, they brought Siri into the fold with HomeKit integration, support that is being expanded at CES […]

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    Smart Shower Head Hydrao Changes Colors to Help Conserve Water

    Hydrao is your ally in the war against water waste. With several states experiencing severe droughts along with heavily tightened water control and the skyrocketing bills that come with that, being informed and in control of your water usage really makes a difference. The Hydrao shower head tracks water usage and informs you when the three-gallon mark […]

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    Sensorwake Wakes You Up With Delightful Aromas

    An alarm clock that wakes you up with the smell of coffee? According to the research presented by Sensorwake, this olfactory alarm clock woke users as fast as traditional sound-based alarm clocks. This is no surprise, because if someone is cooking bacon, no one stays in bed long. But, the inner workings of Sensorwake resembles […]

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    Parrot Pot is a Smart Pot for Smart Gardeners

    Parrot Pot is coming to the rescue of those of us without a green thumb. After showing off a prototype at CES 2015, Parrot has the finished version of their smart pot at this year’s show. The Pot measures the health of your plant and acts accordingly, holding roughly a week’s worth of water at […]

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    Thermo Is A Wi-Fi Connected Temporal Thermometer

    The days of temperature readings requiring a stick and an orifice are over. To the delight of kids everywhere and pretty much everyone, the future of taking temperature is on your temple, and Withings is at CES 2016 helping to make that future the present. Thermo is a new Wi-Fi thermometer capable of reliably taking […]

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    Brooklyn Bedding Review: My Bed Came in the Mail and I Liked It

    Brooklyn Bedding is one of an increasing number of direct-to-consumer online mattress companies (see: Casper, Endy, Leesa). Traditional mattress shopping is a mind-numbing and baffling task that combines the worst of garage sale haggling with the worst of used clothes shopping. You have to sit on countless mattresses that who knows how many others have […]

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    R2-D2 is Now a Haier Refrigerator

    I feel bad for C-3PO — ever since the original trilogy, he’s played second fiddle to R2-D2 in the imaginations of fans and in the merchandise game. C-3PO gets some action figures and keychains, sure, the standard stuff, but R2-D2 is everything. Like, everything. That now includes a mini-refrigerator. We think this is a new […]

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    Leesa Mattress Review

    The direct-to-consumer mattress wars are heating up — well, the mattresses themselves aren’t, that’s kind of the point. Competition is, though, with mattress manufacturers like Casper and Endy making it easier and cheaper to get not just a mattress, but a comfortable one that gets you the good night’s sleep of something at least twice […]

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    Dyson Humidifier Review

    Dyson’s new Humidifier takes design cues from their popular and iconic bladeless Hot + Cool. But, it’s not all about looks — under the hood, Dyson’s Humidifier offers “hygienic humidification with even room coverage” that claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria, which is really important. Did you know that many humidifiers actually breed bacteria? That’s a […]

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    Baymax Lamp Gets a Santa Makeover

    Remember that Baymax LED lamp from March? Well, Baymax is stepping up his scarf game for the holidays, and he’s bringing a pretty good deal to the table. For the same price, Baymax is now coming with a scarf and a Santa hat, proving that you can’t put a price on the holiday spirit. Well, […]

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    Intel Builds a Tiny 210 Square Foot Smart Home

    We know what the smart home of the present looks like — a lot of different products with a lot of different control apps, which may or may not work well together. Intel’s been looking forward to the future of the smart home, and they’re putting it on display in their Tiny Home. The Intel […]