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    Sheesh! Apple Has Already Sold 13 Million iPhone 6S Units

    We’re going to save that headline and dust it off this time next year, because it’ll no doubt still be true — like clockwork, Apple’s latest iPhone release has resulted in another opening weekend sales record, eclipsing the record set last year by about 3 million units. Today, Apple announced that combined sales of the […]

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    Here’s the Cheapest Way to Rent a 64 GB iPhone 6S for One Year

    UPDATE 09/23/15: Pricing for Apple, T-Mobile, and Sprint were given for the 16 GB iPhone 6S, and have been updated to reflect the 64 GB model. The final comparison between all five plans remains the same, with AT&T and Verizon becoming marginally more competitive. When Apple announced their iPhone Upgrade Program alongside the 6S and […]

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    Moschino Goes Looney Tunes for Fall/Winter Collection

    Designer Jeremy Scott, the spiritual and literal successor of Franco Moschino, has created a fall/winter line that is the perfect mashup between his own zaniness and the zaniness of the Moschino name — sleek, high-priced garments plastered with enormous Looney Tunes characters donning urban gear and bling. It is, undoubtedly, the most expensive (and maybe […]

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    iPhone 6s Arrives September 18th

    If you’re looking to upgrade to the rumored iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you should be saving up for September as new leaked information seem to suggest the new phones will drop on September 18. German tech site Mackeropf has apparently spoken with two out of three carriers in that country who revealed they […]

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    Pink-like Rose Gold iPhone 6s May Be Incoming

    Anyone want a pink iPhone 6s? Photos of the rumored rose-hue iPhone 6s have been circulating on Chinese social networks earlier this week, and they are making fans impossibly excited for a pink variant of the next iPhone. Based on the details and photos obtained by, the purported shade of pink on this iPhone […]

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    Brando Now Has 4-in-1 Lens Cases for the iPhone 6

    Olloclip was the first company we saw really popularize 4-in-1 lens cases, attachments that let you pretend your smartphone camera is an interchangeable lens camera. The extra lenses can help you do a lot more with your humble smartphone camera, but the Olloclip case was a bit on the expensive side at $80. Budget tech […]

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    Speck Finally Puts a Wrapper on Their Delicious CandyShell Cases

    Speck’s long-running CandyShell line of smartphone cases is finally getting a wrapper – the company’s first cover case. The CandyShell Wrap is debuting for the iPhone 6, and it looks like it’ll provide all the great protection we expect from Speck, now on both sides of the phone. The back of the case is still […]

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    Monk Magnet Wallet iPhone 6 Plus Case Review

    There are two things that you need to carry with you — your wallet and your phone. Wouldn’t it be great to have a phone case that is also a wallet? Over the last few years several examples of the concept have been attempted with varying degrees of success. It has been a personal quest of […]

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    Laut Un1form iPhone 6 Case Review

    The Laut Un1form case is the nicest leather case we’ve seen or reviewed for iPhone 6, and it’s not even made of real leather! Good luck discerning the difference between Un1form’s faux (“vegan”) leather and the real deal. It looks just as rich and premium. The Un1form case is a lightweight case that’s protective and […]

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    Monster Selfie Case is the Spider-Man of iPhone Cases

    What’s it made of? We don’t know, and Monster isn’t saying. Whatever it is, it makes their Selfie Case do whatever a spider can — like stick to walls. The back of the case is like one huge suction cup, without the downside of having an actual unsightly, pocket-unfriendly suction cup. Monster says the case will […]

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    Cover-Up WoodBack iPhone 6 Case Review

    The Cover-Up WoodBack case for iPhone 6 is a classic case, but with a beautiful, and au naturale, wood backing. There’s a variety of WoodBacks with different designs, wood, and (since they’re real wood) grain patterns. The case feels as good as it looks, and offers iPhone a nice amount of protection in a lightweight […]

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    SwitchEasy Helix iPhone 6 Case Review

    SwitchEasy has a knack for designing extremely unique, yet practical iPhone cases. Their latest addition, the Helix has 3-dimensional panache. It’s a very durable case with a 3D honeycomb design. There’s a few extra features that makes SwitchEasy’s Helix iPhone 6 case a great buy. And oh yeah, it’s military certified shock proof and still […]

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    Keep Your iPhone 6 Display Private with 3M’s Privacy Filter

    This post brought to you by 3M Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Chip Chick. Late last year, we took a look at 3M’s ePrivacy solutions for PCs. Their software and physical filters helped to keep your laptop safe from prying eyes while working on the go. Problem is, if you’re […]