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    Crazy iPhone Lenzcase Hides Spring-loaded Reading Glasses

    We’re all about multi-purpose smartphone cases here, and if you think you’ve seen everything that can possibly by stuck to the back of one, you haven’t seen Lenzcase yet. You might want to grab one if you have problems seeing a lot of other things, too. Lenzcase is a smartphone case with a spring-loaded slot […]

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    6 Things You Need to Know from Apple WWDC 2015

    Apple’s biggest event of the year is happening this week, and while the Worldwide Developers Conference is far from over, the Tim Cook-led keynote went down today. While this year’s keynote lacked the punch of years past — in fairness, the biggest announcements were developer-oriented — there were plenty of announcements that regular Apple users […]

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    D-Eye Transforms the iPhone into a Mobile Optometrist

    Next time you take a trip to the optometrist, don’t start composing your formal complaint in your head when the examiner takes out their iPhone. D-Eye, a company born out of support from the University of Brescia before setting up offices in Padua, Italy, has developed a camera small enough to be attached to a […]

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    Bobine is a Gumby-Like iPhone Charging Cable

    Apple’s charging cables have a nasty habit of not aging gracefully. The stock cables you get with your iPhones and iPads tend to fray around the edges after even just months of use, depending on how tough you are on them. The Bobine charging cable from Fuse Chicken has no such problems — it’s clear […]

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    ColorWare’s iPhone 6 Black Widow is Deadly for Your Wallet

    Usually, ColorWare puts the creative power in your hands, letting you splash parts of new or used gadgets with paint from the palette they provide. Lately, they’ve been showing off their own design prowess, offering limited edition custom paint jobs—like this KitchenAid mixer! Seriously, these guys will put a fresh coat of paint on anything. […]

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    Dual Apple Watch Charging Dock Looks Like a Book

    DODOCase, our favorite bibliophilic accessory maker, is at it again with an organizer for the Apple Watch and iPhone that looks like it’ll fit right in on your bookshelf and make for a useful little travel companion in a pinch, too. The dock is a bound block of Baltic Birch wood with a groove on […]

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    Chromo 3-in-1 iPhone 6 Charging Case and Stand Review

    iPhone 6 has a better battery than all of its predecessors, but for a lot of us, it’s still not enough. The Chromo – Battery Case is a sleek solution to more than doubling your iPhone’s battery life. Other than an extra battery and extra protection, the Chromo case triples as a stand for your […]

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    Volo’s iPhone Case Might be Cleaner Than You Are

    Usually when we hear about sanitized cases, they’re working to keep the germs off your face. These Volo cases might not help much on that front, but if you’ve been having problems with your smartphone cases getting crusty and losing their integrity over time, you might want to give these cases a look anyway. M²T, […]

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    Popslate e-Ink iPhone 6 Case Review

    Popslate is officially the coolest iPhone case on the market. Spawned from an [optimistic] Indiegogo over two years ago, the Popslate case for iPhone 6 is finally here, and wow, did it deliver! Popslate ingeniously adds a second always-on, display to the back of your iPhone. Think of it like a Kindle e-reader on the […]

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    Annoying Duck Ringtone Actually Helps Save Ducks

    The first good use of a quacking duck ringtone has been recorded in Slidell, Louisiana, where a firefighter used it to rescue six ducklings from a storm drain, reuniting them with their mother. It wasn’t easy. According to a New York Post report, the six ducklings had the misfortune of getting separated from their mother […]

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    iPhone 6 Plus Keyboard Case Looks Sweet if You Miss Physical Keys

    I guess if there’s any phone that needs its own Bluetooth keyboard case, it’d be the iPhone 6 Plus—Apple’s touch keyboard is still weaker than we’d like in a world with Swype and Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard, and the 6 Plus is certainly big enough to be a productivity device if you need it to […]

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    Evernote’s Jot Script 2 Stylus is Optimized for Penultimate, Works Like an Actual Pen

    Back when Evernote launched their Evernote Market, we noticed that one of the first new products to show up was the Jot Script, a stylus made in partnership with Adonit. Today, they’re announcing the latest version of that stylus, with an improved battery and more faithful rendering of your scrawling—er, handwriting. The original Jot Script […]

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    iPhone Theft Leads to Death of 22-Year-Old Man

    As far as iPhone theft stories go, this one is probably one of the worst we’ve heard. In South Shields, a bit outside Newcastle, England, a 22-year-old man was robbed of his iPhone 4 by two other men while laying unconscious in the street. The unconscious man died later in the night of hypothermia. The […]