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    Hex Focus Leather Case for iPhone 6 Review

    “Way cool,” as Hex describes their latest leather iPhone 6 case, the Focus. The Hex Focus case is wrapped in premium authentic leather and comes in a few fun color schemes, including camouflage green with a yellow accent. We have to hand it to Hex, way cool is right. The Hex Focus case isn’t the […]

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    Speck CandyShell and CandyShell Grip iPhone 6 Case Reviews

    iPhone 6 is out and in need of extra protection. It’s no surprise that Speck was able to deliver on an array of fab and protective cases just in time for iPhone’s release. We’ve been playing with their classic CandyShell and CandyShell Grip for over a week, and they’re just as good as ever. The […]

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    Incipio DualPro Shine iPhone 6 Case Review

    No one needs a bent iPhone 6; protect it with the stylish DualPro Shine. Incipio’s DualPro Shine is a dual layer case with a brushed metal aluminum finish. While it has the thickness and weight of your standard iPhone case, it’s actually two cases that interlock. It comes in six different aluminum finishes. DualPro Shine, […]

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    Seek Thermal Camera Brings Heat Vision to the iPhone 6

    For too long, thermal imaging has only been available to governments, big businesses, and the Predator. No longer—Seek Thermal is releasing the Seek thermal camera, a small smartphone accessory that will turn your display into a thermal scanner. The Seek thermal camera features a high-end thermal sensor behind a chalcogenide lens, both of which are […]

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    11 Awesome iPhone 6 Cases that You Can Buy Today

    Here in 2014, our favorite iPhone cottage industry has things down to a science. When a new iPhone pops up, our favorite case makers, along with a few intrepid newcomers, are now ready and waiting to burst out of the gate. So, it’s no surprise that mere days after the release of the iPhone 6, […]

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    Got Nude Pics? iStick Helps Ensure They Never Get Leaked From iCloud

    Apple doesn’t have the greatest reputation for security after unknown e-burglars sneaked into iCloud through the backdoor and took enough nude celebrity photos to warrant a Wikipedia page (see: August 2014 celebrity photo leaks). So, until Apple learns how to lock up the compound before they go to sleep at night, iCloud and cloud storage […]

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    iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Hands-on

    As expected, Apple announced the next generation of iPhone today at their event in Cupertino. And, the rumors largely proved true—the iPhone 6 will indeed come in two sizes, with the addition of the larger, 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus, which figures to be a Galaxy Note competitor. The hardware powering the two is much the […]

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    You Can Now Pre-order a Million Dollar Diamond iPhone 6

    Step up your luxury game, you guys. It’s iPhone 6 time, and that’s new. That means you need new luxury. Gold-plated, crystal-encrusted iPhones? C’mon. Those cost what, in the thousands? Don’t get cheap on us. Falcon is gearing up for the iPhone 6 launch, which they either know or assume will include a 5.5″ 128 […]

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    Woman Catches Thief Using Her Bank App!

    Thieves be warned—the days of snatching someone’s wallet and having yourself an anonymous, ill-gotten shopping spree are long, long gone. Corey White tried, but he was done in by modern technology and an impressively persistent woman that had no intentions of being a victim. According to a New York Post report, Kirsy Polanco of New […]

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    Hello Kitty iPhone 5s Case Feels Like Home

    Go in hard with the Hello Kitty with your next iPhone case. This bright case dispenses with Hello Kitty’s recent turn to fashion, opting for a classic, vintage Kitty look that longtime fans can appreciate. The Charmer case fits both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S, and features Hello Kitty pensively looking out of […]

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    iTunes Song Previews Get Cut from 90 to 30 Seconds

    Looks like Apple might be getting stingy with the song previews on iTunes. MacRumors has a report about a shocking cut to song preview length, taking away the 90 seconds that were promised for longer songs, and saddling us with the old 30 second limit. Or maybe they aren’t, it’s not really clear what’s going […]

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    Secret Apple eBay Store Sells Dirt Cheap iPhones

    Psst… Apple is selling cheap refurbished iPhones from a secret outlet on eBay. But whoa, keep it down—Apple wouldn’t want to be caught advertising low prices or anything. AppleInsider has discovered the store, going under the ultra-incognito ‘Factory Outlet eBay Store’ name. According to their report, AppleInsider is not certain that the store is from […]