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    Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Review: Masterful

    For several years now, Samsung’s been dominating the world of smartphones. Multi-billion dollar marketing campaigns have made the company wildly successful with the general public, but us tech journalists haven’t always been impressed with Samsung’s handsets. While we universally praised the Galaxy S II for raising the bar, we generally found the S III and […]

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    BlackBerry KeyOne Review

    We’d say that BlackBerry is back, but the truth is they never left. The one-time smartphone king has been on the ropes for years now, but it hasn’t been for lack of trying. The Z30 of 2014 featured compatibility with Android apps, the Priv of 2015 switched to Android and brought back the physical keyboard in […]

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    The 6″ ZTE Max XL is Coming Exclusively to Boost Mobile

    If you’re a big fan of cutting costs by using prepaid carriers, chances are you like not paying top dollar for a smartphone, either. That’s why prepaid has been a good fit for ZTE — their low-cost phones have been mainstays at prepaid retail locations for years now, and it’s allowed them to quietly become one […]

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    Comcast Has a New Wireless Phone Service That Costs $45

    The wireless industry has gotten very active and very crowded this year. While the major players have all released new unlimited data plans, a swarm of prepaid carriers have been falling over themselves trying to offer the lowest prices. Into the fray jumps Comcast, but the new wireless plan they’re unveiling this week isn’t meant […]

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    The Alcatel A30 is a $60 Smartphone, But There’s a Catch

    Since last year, Amazon has been running their Prime Exclusive Phones program, which knocks down the price of phones by placing ads on the lock screen. The phones generally range from budget to mid-tier, and the two newest additions are no different — the Alcatel A30 and the Moto G5 Plus were already solid budget options, […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S8 Launches April 21st for $720+ [Hands-on]

    The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 has landed, and it’s everything the leaks made us hope it would be. To that effect, Samsung has thrown out the Edge moniker, but they’ve brought over the Edge’s beautiful curved display to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. To that effect, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is sporting a […]

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    Samsung is Going to Resurrect the Note 7 by Selling Refurbished Units

    At Samsung’s January press conference revealing the cause of the Note 7 battery fires, some Greenpeace protesters sneaked in and shouted the company down for how they were disposing of the unused phones. Well, maybe they got into the heads of Samsung’s leadership — somewhat surprisingly, the company now plans to start selling refurbished Note 7 […]

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    LG G6 Review: Insanely Great

    LG has a problem. Despite some great products, it continues to play second fiddle to fellow Korean giant Samsung. This is particularly true with phones. Last year’s G5 wasn’t a bad flagship, but LG’s modular approach made too many compromises in areas that really mattered, like materials and build quality. The result was a gimmicky […]

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    The All-Black OnePlus 3T Will Get More Limited Releases

    Turns out you didn’t have to go all the way to France to get that all-black OnePlus 3T after all. The smartphone maker has announced that they’re planning a second production run that will be sold online in partnership with Hypebeast. If the demand for all-black phones continues to prove insatiable, they’ll keep right on […]

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    Here are Some of the Changes Coming in the Android O Update

    We won’t get a full rundown of the changes coming in this year’s Android O update (or the official candy name), until the Google I/O developer conference in May, but Google gave us all a sneak peek with a developer preview. Meant for app developers to begin work implementing the upcoming new toys, the preview […]

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    The iPhone 7 Looks Stunning in New Red Color

    Maybe they were inspired by Beauty and the Beast — today, Apple announced a gorgeous new red color for the iPhone 7. As usual, the bright red colorway comes courtesy of (PRODUCT) RED, an organization that raises money for the Global Fund for AIDS research. The red iPhone has captured our attention, but Apple had some iPad […]

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    AT&T Now Has an Unlimited (Kind of) Data Plan for Prepaid GoPhone Users

    With T-Mobile bringing their unlimited data plan to prepaid through MetroPCS not too long ago, it’s not too surprising that AT&T is now doing the same with their prepaid GoPhone plans. AT&T has announced new unlimited and 6 GB plans for their prepaid customers, although there are similar restrictions to their lower cost postpaid Unlimited Choice […]

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    ZTE Blade V8 Pro Review: Beyond Mid-Range

    ZTE’s best known in the US for making budget phones for budget carriers. But over the past couple years, the Chinese manufacturer’s built a solid reputation for making quality, affordable pseudo-flagships with its line of Axon unlocked handsets. With the Blade V8 Pro (a mouthful, indeed), ZTE is aiming squarely for the mid-range Android market, […]