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    Verizon Wants You To Drop Their Droid Turbo 2 Phone

    Challenge accepted? Verizon and Motorola are introducing two new Droids today including the Droid Turbo 2, a phone that makes the bold promise of having a shatter-proof screen, no matter how many times it gets face time with pavement. I can hear all the hands rubbing together in eager anticipation of trying that claim out. […]

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    The Absolute Best International Data and Roaming Options for Travelers: A Guide

    Leaving the country shouldn’t be a punishment. Yet, it’s 2015 and so many U.S. wireless carriers still want to gouge their customers when it comes to pricing for international roaming — everyone except T-Mobile, anyway. Even worse, if you’re on a prepaid plan in the U.S., chances are you don’t have an option to roam internationally […]

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    HTC One A9 is an iPhone Look-Alike Running Android 6.0

    After disappointing sales of their flagship One M9 and a spate of bad news, HTC has been in need of a drastic shift in strategy to keep itself competitive in the smartphone market. We’re not sure if the One A9 they announced today qualifies, but it seems like a step in the right direction — […]

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    ZTE Makes Like Apple With Their Own Installment Payment Program

    ZTE, following the tried-and-true business philosophy of ‘well, Apple is doing it,’ is coming out with their own lease-to-own program today. Unlike Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, ZTE will make it possible to pay for several of their devices with monthly payments, including their projectors. While the lease-to-own program will be available for a number of […]

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    Philips Wants Your Gadgets to Smell Good

    I feel shade being thrown in our directions, the same sort one feels when offered a Tic-Tac unexpectedly. Philips is suggesting that maybe our computers are super gross and need some freshening up with their Scented Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaner. And you know what? I’m grateful, because computers are super gross. Everyone’s hands get all over […]

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    5 Things From Google’s Press Conference We’re Excited About

    Google had one of their many days in the sun today, announcing new devices and software updates that should keep us busy in the year to come. And, while there’s nothing earth-shattering here, there are a lot of little tweaks and improvements (and some disappointments) worth checking out if you’re locked in to the Android […]

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    Huawei Mate S Doubles as a Kitchen Scale [Hands-on]

    At IFA, Huawei unveiled their flagship phone for 2015. And it just so happens that their new flagship device is a total iPhone 6 Plus knock-off, but that’s ok. To that effect, the Mate S is made of a full metal shell, that packs in a 5.5 inch AMOLED FHD screen with 2.5D Gorilla Glass, […]

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    Lenovo PHAB Plus is a Crazy Affordable 7″ Phablet

    The upper bound of smartphone size is in 5″ territory, while the lower bound for tablets seems to be entrenched in the 7″ range. Few dare to enter the no-man’s land that is the 6″ range, but Lenovo does things their own way. At IFA this week, they’re giving us a look at their upcoming […]

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    Intel Plans to Put RealSense 3D in Everything from Smartphones to Robots

    This year’s Intel Developer Forum is all about its RealSense 3D camera and sensor technology, which aims to make our interaction with Internet-of-Things devices more seamless and intuitive. Rather than rely on a mouse and keyboard to log onto a computer, for example, a computer equipped with a RealSense camera can authenticate the user using […]

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    Siri Saves the Life of Teen Trapped Under a Truck

    “Siri saves lives” should be the new slogan for Apple iPhone’s advertising campaign, after a Tennessee teenager managed to use the voice controlled assistant on his iPhone to call 911 for help while he was under a 5,000-pound truck. Thanks to a combination of luck and modern technology, 18-year old Tennessee resident Sam Ray was […]

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    Leaks Indicate that Microsoft is Producing a Surface Mobile Phone Afterall

    Microsoft has made it clear with its launch of Windows 10 that it is interested in unifying its operating system across multiple screens: from your television through your Xbox One, your various computers, to mobile devices that include its line of Windows Phone smartphones and Surface tablets. Yet, despite having bought Nokia and rebranding its line […]

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    Samsung Pay Ready to Go Live on September 28

    When Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in March, they also announced they were developing their own payments app to rival Apple Pay and Android Pay. After about six months of waiting, Samsung Pay is almost ready to go, and it still looks like it could be more convenient than anything their rivals […]

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    TextNow Wireless Starts Accepting Cash Payments

    TextNow, provider of one of our ten best prepaid phone plans under $30, is getting a little more intriguing. The Sprint MVNO, which relies heavily on Wi-Fi calling to keep prices down for everyone, is making itself more accessible to those with bad or no credit, allowing customers to pay their monthly bill in cash […]

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    Is HTC About To Go Bust?

    That things have been bad financially for HTC hasn’t been news for some time. Things are getting downright dire this week, though — a Wall Street milestone of the very worst kind along with a security flaw of the very worst kind. The setup jab came from the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas, […]