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    HGTV Accuracies That You Can Relate To

    Who doesn’t love literally every show on HGTV? I’ll bet nobody you actually know. Sorry for not appreciating you in my younger years, HGTV. Now I can’t get enough of you! Read on for some HGTV real talk that I bet you can relate to. Sorry, Brenda We know what’s best for you Brenda. You […]

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    Check Out These Terrible Yet Hysterical Celeb Photoshop Fails

    Photoshopping and celebrities go together like peanut butter and jelly. Celebrities have been photoshopped for as long as Photoshop has even been around! With the rise of social media and easy to use editing apps, celebrities don’t have to wait to debut on a magazine cover; they can now simply photoshop the heck out of […]