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    Beats Newest Pill+ Now Comes in 58 Colors

    When we first looked at the Beats Pill+, one thing that stood out to us was that it only came in two colors — black and white. We didn’t complain much about an otherwise spectacular speaker because we knew more colors were going to be coming very soon. Very soon just so happens to be […]

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    Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless Review

    With its unique shape and powerful sound, the Zeppelin Air from Bowers & Wilkins quickly became a best-selling iPod dock. Nearly eight years later, Bowers has retooled their popular Zeppelin speaker to be more in line with the connected home of 2015. The Zeppelin Wireless packs in not only AirPlay, like before, but Bluetooth and even […]

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    JBL Extreme Review – Sure To Be The Life Of The Party

    JBL’s Extreme Speaker is not just another portable Bluetooth speaker, instead it’s a mid-size speaker whose goal is to become the life of your party. To that effect, turn the Extreme on and its passive radiators not only pump out crazy strong bass, but they also create a neat vibration effect that is sure to […]

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    Bose SoundTouch 10 is a Spotify Speaker That Costs Just $199

    On the heels of Sonos’ new Play:5 speakers comes a complete refresh of Bose’s wireless home speakers, headlined by the new SoundTouch 10 that is set to retail for just $199. The new Bose speakers add Bluetooth connectivity while improving audio output. Before, the SoundTouch line of speakers (like Sonos) only had Wi-Fi connectivity, which […]

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    Sonos Latest Play:5 Speaker Tunes Itself For The Room Around It

    For the first time in what seems like ages, Sonos is refreshing their line of connected home speakers, starting with the flagship Play:5. The new, more powerful model sees upgrades to the speakers and touch controls, but the big prize will be a new software feature that will work even with older Sonos speakers — […]

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    Ultimate Ears Turns Up the Volume on the UE Boom 2

    When it came out a couple years ago, we loved the UE Boom, a portable Bluetooth speaker that packed boombox sound into a 7″ cylindrical speaker with 360° sound output. This week, Ultimate Ears is giving their speaker a refresh with the UE Boom 2, a speaker that looks similar but is much louder and […]

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    JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Portable Speaker Review

    The JBL Charge 2+ is quite possibly the best portable bluetooth speaker on the market right now. We felt the same way about the predecessor, the JBL Charge, when it came out two years ago. The JBL Charge 2+ is a Bluetooth speaker with a large battery that not only powers your tunes, but will […]

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    Someone Jammed Bluetooth Speakers into a Slap Bracelet

    We’ve seen a spirited revival of the slap bracelet in the last few years, with sound effect generators, styluses, and weird watches. Alright, it’s been a motley crew. But, there’s been one other company doing things a little differently in the slap bracelet space, and it’s made for something surprising — a Bluetooth speaker jammed […]

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    Recycled Tire Gets Transformed into a Speaker

    Despite all appearances, no, this isn’t a portable speaker. The Seal Recycled Tire Speaker sure looks like it’s ready to hit the road, though — it’s housed in a recycled and freshened up tire. It’s being billed as eco-friendly, which I’m guessing means this beats those tires being added to a tire fire somewhere. Japan […]

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    Beats Gets Luxurious with x MCM Collection

    Beats is a luxury electronics brand — if that wasn’t true before they got bought out by Apple, it certainly is now. Luxury recognizes luxury, with plenty of special edition Beats headphones and speakers coming out of high-profile collaborations, like one with Fendi. We’re adding another today with the new Beats x MCM collection, which […]

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    Tidal Cuts Pricing in Half for Students

    Tidal, the lossless streaming service infamously purchased and re-launched by Jay-Z earlier this year, is pushing out new updates to the service that will affect both mobile and desktop users. More importantly, it’ll offer discounts to the people always looking for them — students. Tidal’s new features and updates will all roll out over the […]

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    Monster SuperStar BackFloat Speaker Review

    The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and your skin is starting get a healthy looking glow again – it must mean summer is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited! After the doldrums of a long snowy winter, we are so ready to head to the beach and brush up on our […]

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    2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Gets 9-Speaker Bose Sound System

    The year of the marketable in-car stereo system continues apace. Joining the Bose Panaray system of the Cadillac CT6 and the Revel system in the Lincoln MKX is a powerful Bose system custom built and tuned for the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible—one built to excel when you’re cruising with the top down. Bose has […]

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    Here are Some Cleverly Hidden Outdoor Speakers for your Garden

    It’s almost time for going outside to be something you want to do instead of something you have to do. So, before you start dusting off the patio furniture and making sure the barbecue is in working order, make sure you’ve got something to provide the tunes. Acoustic Research has some new outdoor speakers cleverly […]