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    Someone Jammed Bluetooth Speakers into a Slap Bracelet

    We’ve seen a spirited revival of the slap bracelet in the last few years, with sound effect generators, styluses, and weird watches. Alright, it’s been a motley crew. But, there’s been one other company doing things a little differently in the slap bracelet space, and it’s made for something surprising — a Bluetooth speaker jammed […]

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    Recycled Tire Gets Transformed into a Speaker

    Despite all appearances, no, this isn’t a portable speaker. The Seal Recycled Tire Speaker sure looks like it’s ready to hit the road, though — it’s housed in a recycled and freshened up tire. It’s being billed as eco-friendly, which I’m guessing means this beats those tires being added to a tire fire somewhere. Japan […]

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    Beats Gets Luxurious with x MCM Collection

    Beats is a luxury electronics brand — if that wasn’t true before they got bought out by Apple, it certainly is now. Luxury recognizes luxury, with plenty of special edition Beats headphones and speakers coming out of high-profile collaborations, like one with Fendi. We’re adding another today with the new Beats x MCM collection, which […]

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    Tidal Cuts Pricing in Half for Students

    Tidal, the lossless streaming service infamously purchased and re-launched by Jay-Z earlier this year, is pushing out new updates to the service that will affect both mobile and desktop users. More importantly, it’ll offer discounts to the people always looking for them — students. Tidal’s new features and updates will all roll out over the […]

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    Monster SuperStar BackFloat Speaker Review

    The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and your skin is starting get a healthy looking glow again – it must mean summer is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited! After the doldrums of a long snowy winter, we are so ready to head to the beach and brush up on our […]

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    2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Gets 9-Speaker Bose Sound System

    The year of the marketable in-car stereo system continues apace. Joining the Bose Panaray system of the Cadillac CT6 and the Revel system in the Lincoln MKX is a powerful Bose system custom built and tuned for the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible—one built to excel when you’re cruising with the top down. Bose has […]

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    Here are Some Cleverly Hidden Outdoor Speakers for your Garden

    It’s almost time for going outside to be something you want to do instead of something you have to do. So, before you start dusting off the patio furniture and making sure the barbecue is in working order, make sure you’ve got something to provide the tunes. Acoustic Research has some new outdoor speakers cleverly […]

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    The Cassette Boombox is Back

    We love our boombox throwbacks, but unfortunately, a scant few we see these days actually have cassette tape decks. But, when we do see those, they’re usually being sold by Urban Outfitters, a pattern that continues today. The Radio + Cassette + MP3 Boombox is the latest ideal marriage between past and present. This boombox looks […]

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    Artist Craola Puts His Mark on the UE BOOM Speaker 

    No typo here—Ultimate Ears isn’t getting together with the crayon people (although we’d love to see that), but popular multimedia artist Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins. The result is the Safe Haven Edition UE BOOM, the latest in the artist edition line. And, like always, this is going to be a limited run, so better get in […]

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    Infinity One Speaker is Linkin Park Approved – Review

    When Linkin Park announced their partnership with Harman Kardon last year, you knew they were going to do something special. One of the first payoffs of that partnership, is the Infinity One wireless sound system. The Infinity One is similar in design to the JBL Pulse, sans the pulsating colors that light up a room. […]

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    Aiwa is Back From the Dead

    In what I can only assume is the culmination of a decade-long plot by Sony to milk Aiwa for brand nostalgia by killing it and resurrecting it nine years later, we have new Aiwa stuff! You might remember Aiwa as an electronics company big into audio equipment before business dried up and they were bought […]

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    Life-Like Dalek Speaker is Begging to Exterminate You

    We’ve seen Doctor Who Bluetooth wireless speakers before, but never anything on this level. Massive Audio has new officially licensed speakers, and they aren’t messing around with the details. We’re also pretty stoked that they remembered that the TARDIS isn’t the only thing from Doctor Who that can be made into merchandise. Of course, they […]

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    Braven LUX is One Classy Looking Speaker

    Last year was the year fashionable tech was just starting to become a Thing. Well, it’s a fully-fledged Thing here in 2015. You can bet we’ll be seeing tons of gadgets trying to look runway-ready, and we’re not just talking about wearables. Even though fashionable Bluetooth speakers aren’t exactly new, we’re expecting a lot more […]

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    Sol Republic Deck Ultra Review

    Sol Republic’s Deck Speaker was one of the standout speakers of 2014. Between its fun color choices, and the fact that it was jam packed with features, the Deck rocked. So how do you make a great portable speaker even greater? Sol Republic has redesigned the Deck so that its second generation speaker is more […]

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    Who Says Speakers Can’t Float on Air?

    Our winner for the ‘What the hell, why not?’ CES 2015 award has to be the Air2. This Bluetooth speaker doesn’t have the best audio quality, isn’t the best speakerphone, and doesn’t have the best battery life, but it does have one thing no one else seems to have—the power of levitation. The Air2 is […]

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    We Pick the Best of CES 2015

    CES 2015 has come and gone, and the tone has been set for the consumer electronics world for the rest of the year. But, only a select few had the goods to really impress us this year. We’ve been through the innumerable booths at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Strip to bring you […]