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    3-in-1 Smart Box Seems Pretty Handy

    There’s a lot going on in this tiny cube. The 3-in-1 Smart Box is a speaker, a remote shutter, and an anti-theft device for your smartphone, all thanks to a Bluetooth connection. The 3-in-1 Smart Box comes with a companion app that controls all of the functions. You can activate the box as a portable […]

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    Harman Kardon Esquire Mini Speaker Review

    Harman Kardon’s Esquire Mini speaker is the suavest portable Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever seen. It reeks of premium material and high quality design. The audio is as rich as the feature-set. This is a speaker you will want near you at all times. HK Esquire Mini is almost exactly the same size as iPhone 6, […]

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    Skrillex Gets His Own Speaker, a Limited Edition UE Boom

    When we reviewed the UE Boom from Ultimate Ears, we were impressed by the pure volume that such a small speaker was capable of. The cylindrical powerhouse is now getting remixed thanks to a new partnership with Skrillex, who has designed a limited edition of the portable Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, the new Skrillex design will […]

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    The Doggy Radio is High Art With a Big Heart

    Who listens to the radio these days, anyway? FM radios are a tough sell, but making a radio that looks like an adorable doggy doing his best Rudolph impression is a much, much easier sell, especially when it’s been hand-made by a world-renowned artist. The Doggy Radio was designed and made by artist Yoshitomo Nara […]

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    This Record Player Lets You Stream Vinyl Records

    The product name might look like a baby sound, but the PVTTBT8 is a grown-up piece of audio equipment. If you want to score some throwback audio in a brand new package with all the modern conveniences you’re used to, this new turntable from Pyle Audio is looking like a good deal. The Pyle Audio […]

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    Samsung Level Box Bluetooth Speaker Review

    Samsung has worked their way into yet another popular market: portable bluetooth speakers. The new Samsung Level Box is a beautiful looking portable Bluetooth speaker with a 15 hour battery, NFC pairing, and built-in speakerphone. Samsung knows how to market, but do they know how to build a portable speaker? Read on to see how […]

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    This Plant is Hiding a Very Noisy Secret

    If you’re going to spruce up the place with a few fake plants that you can’t kill, might as well make them useful while they’re just sitting around. PlanterTech has a whole set of fake plants and trees with Bluetooth speakers built into the planters, if you’re one who thinks speakers should be heard and […]

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    Sit on this Ottoman with a Speaker Inside

    First, there was the ottoman, and that was good. You could put your feet up on it, which was nice. Otherwise, it just kinda sat there, so someone made one that doubled as extra storage space, and that was even better. Well, forget all that, because Ion Audio just created the only ottoman you’ll ever […]

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    SOL Republic PUNK Wireless Speaker Review

    SOL Republic’s PUNK is their tiniest Bluetooth speaker yet, and the company’s first entry into the ultraportable Bluetooth speaker arena. This little speaker is small enough to hold in one hand and carry around in some pockets. But don’t let its petite size fool you, because it’s a lot more powerful then most other ultraportable […]

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    Bowers & Wilkins T7 is Their First Luxury Bluetooth Speaker

    Usually, when we think of portable Bluetooth speakers, we think of sub-$200 price tags. Not so with the Bowers & Wilkins T7, which at $350 aims to combine premium sound with the convenience of portability. So, what business does a portable Bluetooth speaker have being that expensive? The T7’s looks are—let’s go with polarizing—but that […]

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    iShower2 Brings Your Calls and Music Into the Shower

    iDevices, which is becoming adept at churning out connected home devices, is releasing a brand new shower gadget called the iShower2. It’s a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can even mount, if you want. The iShower2 is an incremental upgrade over the original, with improved battery life and sound quality. Also new is a built-in […]

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    Creative Sound Blaster Roar Bluetooth Speaker Review

    A portable speaker with FIVE drivers? Yep, that’s Creative’s Sound Blaster Roar, which is actually more than just a bluetooth speaker. Creative has been in the speaker game for a very long time, and Roar is a nice attempt at taking bluetooth speakers to the next level. In addition to five drivers, the speaker includes […]

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    Sol Republic’s Latest Speaker is for Punks

    Sol Republic is following up last year’s Deck wireless speaker with Punk, a tiny rugged portable speaker. The Sol Republic Punk is tiny but tough, with dust, water, and shock resistance. But what sets it apart from other portable wireless speakers is the 1/4″ threaded mount that lets you use the Punk with third party bike […]