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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 WiFi Tablet Review

    Looking for a great tablet without breaking the bank? Of course! The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 WiFi tablet pretty much has it all (except for a name that is not confusing). While it falls into the mid-range category, you’ll be quite surprised what this thing’s packing. High resolution ultra-vibrant display? Check. Long battery life? […]

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    LeapPad 3 and Ultra XDi Kids Tablets are Better, Cheaper

    LeapFrog is rolling out their brand new kids tablets for the year. The LeapPad 3 and LeapPad Ultra XDi will both be hitting stores this year, and both feature a few technical upgrades from their predecessors. The LeapPad has made its name by being a closed-off system, using only LeapFrog’s approved suite of software, ebooks, […]

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    Finally! A Remote Desktop for iPhone that Makes Sense

    For anyone looking to access their desktop on the go, Parallels just opened up availability of their Access app to a few new platforms. The app is now available for Android phones and tablets and the iPhone – it was previously only available for the iPad. Parallels Access lets you access your desktop – PC […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S Tablet is Crazy Thin [Hands-on]

    Samsung doesn’t have quite as big of a slice of the United States tablet market as they do in smartphones, but they’re still in second. There’s a huge gap between them and Apple, and although market share is being mostly driven by low-cost tablets recently, it hasn’t helped that Samsung hasn’t really put anything out […]

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    Goodbye B&N Nook and Hello Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

    The Nook, as an e-Reader, is a tough sell – Barnes & Noble is trying to compete with Amazon, which probably doesn’t care at all about taking a loss on every piece of hardware sold. As a tablet, the Nook brand is lost in a veritable forest of competitors. What’s a struggling bookseller to do? […]

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    Intel Unveils Slate, a Fanless PC at Computex

    Computex is going down in Taipei, Taiwan this week. Computex is often overshadowed by bigger events like CES in January, but it does have one bit of significance – it’s usually when Intel trots out their new commercial processors for the year, and, more importantly for us, what Intel expects computers running on their processors […]

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    ASUS Padfone X Smartphone/Tablet Hybrid Lands at AT&T

    Back in January, we took a look at the ASUS PadFone X at CES, the latest in ASUS’ trademark smartphone-tablet hybrid line. The high-end 5” smartphone, which comes with a 9” tablet dock, was promised as an AT&T exclusive. Today AT&T announced pricing and availability for the PadFone X, and for a two-in-one device, the […]

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    Toshiba’s Encore is a Sweet $199 Windows Tablet

    There’s a nice little (well, maybe not so little anymore) market for mid-range tablets at budget prices that has developed over the last couple years. It’s a pretty crowded market now, but hey, choice is the friend of the consumer. So, Toshiba’s new 8” and 10.1” Encore 2 tablets might not have much to distinguish […]

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    ThinkPad 10 is a Serious Windows Tablet with Lots of Accessories

    The ThinkPad name is usually associated with business. That said, Lenovo’s previous ThinkPad tablet, an 8” offering, was probably a little too small for most people looking to get some serious work done. That changes with the new ThinkPad 10, a 10.1” tablet that should be dropping sometime next week. The ThinkPad 1o will have […]

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    Bing in the Classroom Brings Free Surface Tablets to Schools

    For all the talk of bringing technology into the classroom, there hasn’t been enough done to make that technology optimized for classroom use. One big area where that’s true is filtering and security – after all, allowing a bunch of preteens and teenagers unrestricted Internet access on school grounds might not always turn out well. […]

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    Lenovo Releases Budget Friendly TAB A Tablets

    Lenovo has announced a brand new set of A-series tablets. The TAB A tablets aren’t going to rock your world, but if you’re looking for a decent tablet at a decent price, you could do worse. And yes, I’ll bet that prospect does sound exciting to someone out there!

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    Microsoft Office Arrives on iPad

    Microsoft has made a lot of noise about their services over the past year, especially where Office is concerned. We’ve seen Office go into the cloud as a service, and we’ve seen Office apps on just about every platform imaginable. All except for one, that is. Well, that’s finally changed – Microsoft Office is now […]