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    Samsung’s 65″ C8000 is the World’s Biggest 3D LED TV

    Samsung has unveiled the C800 series which currently takes the title as the world’s largest 3D LED TV. Despite its mammoth screen real estate, this TV is super thin and features Samsung’s new precision dimming feature, Samsung Real 240mhz, it is Energy Star 4.0 certified, and comes with Samsung Apps. It will retail for $5999.99. […]

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    T-Virus Vials are Just in time for Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

    What can we say, we’ve always had a soft spot for movies with leading female characters who know who to kick a$$ while saving the world. The upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D starring Milla Jovovich is one such movie. For fans of the franchise, Hollywood Collectibles is selling officially licensed T-Virus and Anti-Virus vials. These […]

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    3DBottles Use Augmented Reality

    Looking for new ways to show off your creative videos? Well 3DBottles from Greensender puts Augmented Reality onto an average water bottle. Upload a video and then give someone one of these bottles with a marker and have them go oooh and ahh over it when they stick it in front of their webcam. The […]

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    7 Cool Intel Projects You May or May Not Know About

    Last month Intel brought together a group of bloggers from around the U.S. for their annual Upgrade Your Life Event where Intel offers several Bloggers the opportunity to see what the micro-processing giant is working on – but we’re not talking necessarily just about their work on their latest Core processors. This is the second […]

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    Time Out New York Mag Publishes Latest Issue in 3D

    We’ve just barely gotten used to all the hype surrounding 3D movies, TVs, an video games, and now Time Out New York comes along and releases a special 3D issue. Their most recent magazine comes with a pair of 3D glasses, is sporting a 3D cover, and a total of over twenty 3D ads and […]

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    Panasonic Launches 3DTV Play and 15 City 3D Road Trip

    Panasonic is the next to jump on the 3D bandwagon, and their announcement today keeps this new technology moving forward but at an affordable price. Their 3DTV Play, lets you connect your compatible GeForce-based desktop or notebook PC to a full HD 3D TV. 3DTV Play has been designed so that you use the active-shutter […]

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    Hands on With the Xpand X102 3D Glasses

    A few days ago we got a hands on with the Durable XpanD X102 Series active glasses. We had been trying out different 3D glasses for the last few months now – from the simple paper ones too humongous black ones. So it was nice to try on a pair of 3D glasses that weren’t […]

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    Tron Comes to Life with Vuzix CamAR and PhasAR

    If Vuzix alone didn’t make you think we are in the dawn of Bladerunner than certainly these new attachments to it will only make it more certain. The CamAR™, is a new clip-on USB camera that mounts to the Vuzix which allows you to see the real world but also track objects and your position […]

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    Comic-Con ’09 – Great Costumes, Cool Software, No Gadgets

    We headed over to this weekend’s Comic-Con ’09 at the Javitz Center in New York, in search of some gadgetry. Unfortunately we were rather disappointed by the gadget turn out, granted it is a convention centered on Comics, Manga and other geeky stuff – But we figured we’d find something tech-worthy. Regardless, we can’t help […]

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    iFrogz Custom Headphones Review

    The market has been flooded recently with an abundance of headphones and earphones. So what can a company do to make them stand out from the rest and be desirable to the consumer? iFrogz came up with an ingenious idea to offer customization for your headphones as well as a reasonable price. Design: In the […]

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    Sanyo Unleashes Affordable Xacti Feature Rich HD Camcorders

    Today Sanyo unveiled a whole slew of new Xacti HD camcorders, all of which are priced very competitively and are sporting a well rounded feature set. Some of the new Xacti cameras are surprisingly sporting a more traditional horizontal camcorder form factor, which is a deviation from the Xacti’s previous vertical models. However some of […]

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    Z Corp Brings your Rock Band Characters to Life with 3D Printers

    I’m not one to get excited about printers unless they are super sleek and actually do something different than the scads of other printers out there. Well Z Corp is making printers that don’t do the same old thing as its counterparts but instead they actually print 3D models of images that are scanned into […]

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    SoulCalibur IV X-Box 360 Review

    After a very Disappointing SoulCalibur III, I was under the assumption that the new installment, SoulCalibur IV wasn’t going to be much better. Then one day after flipping though a gaming magazine oh about 6 months ago, there it was, Yoda on the cover. That is all SoulCalibur needed to get my attention once again. […]

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    Sneak Preview at Cool Upcoming Tech from AMD

    AMD has some innovative new products and technologies coming out soon and we got a sneak preview at them. First up is the upcoming Maingear Axcess HD Media Center, which isn’t just your average home entertainment media center PC. The Maingear Axcess HD Media Center is not just made to fit in with your AV […]

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    Samsung YP-S2 Pebble MP3 Player Review

    In April we had the chance to go to the Samsung Spring Fever event and check out  some new products being released soon from Samsung. One of the items that struck us as especially unique was the YP-S2 MP3 Player aka the “Pebble.” It was tiny and adorable and definitely female friendly. It would certainly […]

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    SpaceNavigator for Notebooks Review

    It is a pretty well known fact that the typical optical mouse can be a trying to work with in 3D environments. You just don’t have that much flexibility to rotate items or pan smoothly. Especially when it comes to being on the road and you only have your dedicated laptop trackpad, it can be […]