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    Adidas 3D-Printed Sneaker Can Be Custom Made Just for You

    One of the most exciting aspects of 3D printing is that it makes it possible to produce large batches of slightly different products quickly. Whereas traditional mass production just pumps out thousands of identical units, 3D printing processes can introduce slight tweaks to suit individuals. One of the most obvious uses for that? Shoes! Thanks […]

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    Adidas is Bringing Wearable Tech to PE Class

    Students across the nation might be playing kickball with Adidas wristbands on soon — the company has teamed up with Interactive Health Technologies to bring analytics all the way down to the youngest of competitors. The Adidas Zone is a very simple fitness tracker, but the software and marketing behind it could have some significant […]

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    Adidas Originals Over-Ear Headphones by Monster Review

    Who said rappers were the only ones allowed to have their own headphone lineups? Monster’s latest partnership with Adidas brings a beautiful collection of headphones to the market that sport the essence of Adidas Originals. The over-ear headphones we’ve been reviewing pairs the simplistic and fresh appearance of Adidas and rocks Monster’s signature sound. Much […]