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    This Innovative Startup Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Build Better Beauty Products & I Got To Test Them Out

    Artificial intelligence is being harnessed for a variety of beneficial purposes these days, but this innovative startup is using artificial intelligence to build better beauty products. As a woman, having healthy and vibrant skin is worth every penny, and it’s exciting to see technology being put to good beauty use like the way this startup […]

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    Nike’s Latest Acquisition Could Change How You Shop for Shoes

    We’ve seen a lot of stores realize that while the physical store isn’t dead, it does need to change with the help of technology. Makes sense that Nike would be on board! We’ve seen them use radical new robotics technology to change the way they make shoes, along with a successful partnership with Apple and […]

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    Check Into Aloft Hotels & Check Out These Innovative AI Experiences

    Aloft Hotels is known as Marriott International’s innovation incubator brand, and they are constantly working to bring the most current technology into the everyday experience for their guests! They employ AI in a variety of ways, including through the use of their ChatBotlr, Botlr, and voice-activated rooms features. First up is the Botlr, a robotic […]

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    15 Ways AI Is Already Becoming a Part of Everyday Life

    Artificial intelligence is real. In the past decade, AI has emerged from the pages of science fiction into reality, and it’s already become a part of your life — we’re not just talking about Siri and the Google Assistant, either! There are already a ton of uses for AI right now, despite the AI industry still […]

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    Esports and AI Pushed Computing to New Heights at Computex 2017

    With Moore’s Law changing and Intel taking longer to shrink their transistors, there’s been talk of silicon becoming a thing of the past in the semiconductor industry. If silicon’s days are indeed numbered, it looks like it’s going to go out with a bang — thanks to a couple brand new, lucrative, and very power hungry […]

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    The Qihan Sanbot Could Become Your Robot Butler

    Robots are getting a lot cheaper to make, and that means they’re becoming a lot cheaper to buy — cheap enough to start entering homes as the robot butlers science fiction has promised us for decades. So far, we’ve seen some pretty cute attempts, and we’ve seen some…other attempts. But, with research into chatbot software heating […]