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    Sonoro Thinks They Can Bring Back the CD Player

    Sonoro, a company based out of Germany, has had some success in Europe with Cubo, a well-designed bedside alarm clock radio. They’re now going to take a crack at releasing it stateside, at they’re turning to Kickstarter to make it happen. Alarm clock radios are a rare enough sight these days, much less one that […]

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    Philips Wake-Up Light Review

    The Phlilps Wake-Up light is designed to enhance your physical well being when its time for you to get up in the morning. When we got a hands on demo a few weeks ago, we witnessed for ourselves the overall charm of this unusual device. The Wake-Up Light features a soft light that gently glows […]

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    Sam Hecht’s Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock, Manuals Not Included

    For those who just want a simple alarm clock, then you may like Sam Hecht’s newest innovative design for Idea International in Japan. Sam Hecht; famous for his LaCie Little Disk hard drive has now designed something even better, the Jetlag Travel Alarm Clock. The clock was created because of Hecht’s frustration of setting an […]