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    Cleverly Designed Lip Gloss Can Be Used in The Dark

    We’re excited about lip gloss today, and it’s not because we’re easily amused. Well, we are easily amused, but that’s not the point — this new lip gloss from Kelly Teegarden Organics is genuinely pretty rad for anyone who has had to live through applying lip gloss blindly late at night. I’m not sure how […]

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    Lenovo B50 All-in-One Packs in a 3D Camera

    Sticking an Intel RealSense 3D camera on something seems to be all the rage at CES 2015. So it goes with the Lenovo B50, a 23.8″ all-in-one PC for the curious. The Intel RealSense camera, in this case, functions as a 3D scanner, which means a few different things in practice. Because the camera can […]

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    Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Now Coming in Windows 8.1 Model

    Earlier this month, Lenovo dropped the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro, a huge 13.3″ Android tablet made for home entertainment. Today, Lenovo is announcing that that same tablet will be coming in a Windows 8.1 model starting in November. The Tablet 2 Pro got our attention by adding a subwoofer and a projector to a tablet, […]

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    Smartphones Do the Harlem Shake Over the Horizon 2 [Video]

    The trailblazer of sorts for the table PC market, the Lenovo Horizon, is getting an upgrade this year. The Horizon 2 brings much of the same in terms of specs, but in a thinner, lighter frame with a few new bells and whistles tacked on. Inside, you can still expect 4th generation Intel core processors […]

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    Lenovo N308 is an Android Desktop Computer – Say What?

    For those of you who really, really like Android, Lenovo is about to give you a jumbo-sized Jelly Bean experience. The Lenovo N308 is a 19.5’’ all-in-one computer running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and it comes with a full-sized keyboard and mouse. We should probably preface this by saying that the Android AIO, while uncommon, […]

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    Adaptive All-in-One Desktops: A New Species of Computing

    There is a new hybrid of computers soon to be released into the wild: The Adaptive All-in-One Desktop. This concept basically takes the current all-in-one, like an iMac, and adds multi-touch capabilities and a more portable form factor. While some of the Adaptive AOIs differ in function, the one that caught our eye is the […]

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    Dell Revamps Their All-in-ones with XPS One 27

    There is a new all-in-one PC in town, and this time it’s the Dell XPS One 27 that is trying to nip at the iMac’s heels. The XPS One 27 sports a metallic silver color housing that is complimented by a 27″ WLED display with a quad high definition 2560 x 1440 resolution. The XPS […]

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    Lenovo’s IdeaCentre B540 All-in-One Thinks it’s a TV

    Lenovo has become a real strong player in the all-in-one PC market, as the company makes some of the sexiest AIO’s you can find. Their latest, the IdeaCentre B540, follows in those footsteps by sporting a 23″ full HD frameless display featuring both state-of-the-art multitouch and 3D technologies. The system is a OneKey TV that […]

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    HP TouchSmart 620 3D Edition PC Brings 3D to the All-in-one

    HP is showing its commitment to the PC market, and doing so in a bold way that manages to separate them from the pack. The HP TouchSmart line is a series of all-in-one desktop computers, meaning that the monitor and hard drive are all housed in the same place. The TouchSmart 620 3D Edition offers […]

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    HP Intros New All-in-One TouchSmart and Omni PCs

    Despite the rumors that HP is abandoning their consumer PC business, HP has gone ahead and revamped their All-in-one PC line-up. This includes updates to their Omni series PCs, their TouchSmart PCs, and their TouchSmart Elite PC – which is HP’s first TouchSmart PC designed for Small businesses. The new HP Omni series includes the […]

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    Sony Unveils 3D All-in-one VAIO L Desktop at E3

    It’s not just Nintendo and video game consoles that are making announcements at E3 today. Sony has upgraded their sleek VAIO L Series all-in-one desktop PC with 3D technology. The PC now sports a full HD 3D 24-inch LED display that you can use to watch 3D Blu-ray movies on. Plus, you can also connect […]

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    HP Redesigns the TouchSmart PC with the TouchSmart 610

    HP’s versatile TouchSmart series just got a whole lot more versatile. The new TouchSmart 610 offers a similarly powerful feature set and the same rich TouchSmart software interface to the table as its predecessors, but this model sports a new design that allows the AIO system to rest at all sorts of angles. That includes […]

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    Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z Multi Touch All-In-One Review

    A few months back we reviewed the Lenovo ThinkCentre A70z, a 19″ All-in-one PC. We discovered that the A70z is a capable, well made PC geared towards Small Businesses to large sized businesses. But despite the fact that the M90z is aimed at businesses, we still felt that that the A70z could have plenty of […]

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    Dell Drops Studio One 19 All-In-One to $399

    Dell has dropped the base price on their white Dell Studio One 19 All In One Desktop to just $399! This base config will get you a Pentium Dual-Core 2.6ghz E5300 processor, Windows 7, a DVD burner, a standard 18.5″ LCD with a 1366×768 resolution, 2GB of ram, and a 320GB hard drive. So now […]