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    Here Are All the New Goodies Amazon Just Announced Today

    Amazon knows what time of year it is. With Apple, Samsung, and plenty others unleashing their holiday hopefuls, Amazon was by no means going to stand on the sidelines. At an event earlier today, they announced a ton of brand new hardware, including some major new updates to the Echo and Fire TV. Here’s everything […]

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    Here Are All the Price Cuts Amazon Brought to Whole Foods Today

    We weren’t surprised to hear that Amazon would be slashing prices at Whole Foods after their deal to acquire the grocery chain closed, but we weren’t sure how deep those cuts would be at the outset. Well, it’s day one of those price cuts, and while they aren’t store-wide, some items have gotten some pretty […]

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    The UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speaker Just Got Alexa

    The UE Boom 2 came out about two years ago, and it’s cruised along as one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers on the market since then. That doesn’t mean Ultimate Ears has just been sitting back and enjoying the success — they’ve been gradually adding features to the speaker over time, including Siri and Google […]

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    Amazon Has Revived Plans to Bring Back Galaxy Quest as a TV Show

    Galaxy Quest, the 1999 sci-fi spoof on shows like Star Trek, ended up being a surprising hit at the time with critics and Trek fans alike. In 2017, that’s more than good enough to warrant a revival! Plans to turn the movie into a TV show have persisted for a while, and after almost moving forward […]

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    Amazon Issues Refunds for Potentially Dangerous Solar Eclipse Glasses

    Next weekend’s solar eclipse is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and unfortunately, that’s exactly what makes it ripe for heinous get-rich-quick schemers. Dozens of companies have been selling glasses that are said to make it safe to get an eyeful of the solar eclipse, and over the weekend, Amazon revealed that a good number […]

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    Amazon Gets the Nokia 6 Android Phone as an Exclusive

    Want to get your hands on that new Nokia Android phone? The Nokia phone brand, revived by newcomer HMD, is entering the Android market with the Nokia 6. It’s now finally headed to the United States courtesy of the Amazon Prime Exclusives Phone program, which offers phones for a discount in exchange for putting ads […]

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    Amazon Will Let You Try on Clothes for Free

    Get ready to go nuts on your shopping cart. Amazon has come to dominate most of the retail world, but it’s still not quite there when it comes to clothing and food. They’re aggressively trying to fix that this year — first they bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, and now they’ve announced they’re preparing a […]

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    Amazon Announces 4 New Super Cheap Fire Tablets

    No one does cheap family tablets better than Amazon, and now that they’re little portable Alexa devices, they’re looking like even better values. Today, Amazon refreshed their Fire line of tablets with four options — regular and kid-friendly versions of their 7″ and 8″ Fire tablets. They’re still bare bones in terms of specs, but they’ll […]

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    Amazon Gives Alexa a Display With the Echo Show

    It was only a couple weeks ago that Amazon unveiled the Echo Look, an Alexa-enabled speaker with a camera and some fashion sense, so maybe you thought they would be done for a while. Far from it! Amazon is back at it this week with the Echo Show, the first Alexa speaker with a touchscreen. […]

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    Amazon Echo Look Turns Alexa Into Your Personal Stylist

    Well, we knew Alexa was always listening. Starting today, she’ll be watching, too — and judging. Amazon announced the Echo Look today, an Alexa speaker with a camera and four bright LED lights for flash to make sure you and your clothes look their best. In terms of hardware, the Amazon Echo Look isn’t that much […]

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    Amazon Just Made it Possible to Buy Stuff Without a Credit Card

    A popular term in finance tech circles is ‘the unbanked’ — those without a bank account, whether they be low-income people or younger people who seem to get by fine only using services like PayPal (which itself has become something of a bank). It’s been tabbed as a huge growth market for anyone in the financial […]

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    The Alcatel A30 is a $60 Smartphone, But There’s a Catch

    Since last year, Amazon has been running their Prime Exclusive Phones program, which knocks down the price of phones by placing ads on the lock screen. The phones generally range from budget to mid-tier, and the two newest additions are no different — the Alcatel A30 and the Moto G5 Plus were already solid budget options, […]

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    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is Your New Robot Overlord

    Stop us if you’ve heard this one before — a billionaire suits up in robot armor. We’re one step closer to the Avengers being real today, and it looks like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is going to be our Iron Man. Bezos hopped into a Korean-made robot suit at Amazon’s MARS conference over the weekend, and […]

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    Netflix and Hulu Could Come to the Nintendo Switch

    From the beginning, Nintendo has made it clear that the Switch was intended neither as a tablet nor as a direct competitor to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One. That makes sense — Nintendo is still a games company, and they’ve long been more concerned with making fun games than with having the most power […]

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    The Amazon Tap Can Now Be Used Without Touching the Device

    Showing a total disregard for naming, Amazon is pushing out an update that goes against the Amazon Tap’s name. Starting this week, instead of pushing the microphone button on a Tap to activate Alexa, you can simply say her name — same as most other Alexa-enabled speakers. The update basically turns the Amazon Tap into a […]