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    Why AMD’s GPU is Not Just for Gamers Anymore

    When it comes to shopping for a PC, the first thing that people consider for a system’s performance is the computer’s CPU, and then usually the system’s memory is the next component that they take into consideration. Unfortunately, the GPU is often neglected and not enough consideration is taken into getting a dedicated graphics card. […]

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    Lenovo ThinkCentre M75e Review

    Lenovo’s new ThinkCentre M75e Desktop PC  is aimed at businesses looking for an affordable, but reliable system that doesn’t sacrifice much in the performance department. One of the M75e’s key features is its support for a dual display set-up right out of the box. This system is also the first M series PC to be […]

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    Tour of AMD’s Green Austin Lone Star Campus

    Last week AMD took us on a tour of their Lone Star Campus in Austin, Texas. While they didn’t actually bring us into their labs, we did get to take a walk around their campus grounds. Built in 2008, their Austin based campus was designed to be green from the ground up. To that effect, […]

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    Behind Closed Doors: Sneak Peak at AMD’s Fusion APU

    Last week AMD invited us and some other members of the media to come down to their headquarters in Austin, Texas, to check out their facilities and learn about their current VISION Technology along with their upcoming Fusion APU. Not too long ago, when you thought of processors – you associated them with a race […]

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    Backstage at Austin City Limits Music Festival with AMD

    With an amazing line-up that includes the likes of Blues Traveler, Norah Jones, Muze, Deadmau5, and the Eagles – just to name a few, this weekend in Texas the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival has taken over. We were invited to ACL by AMD and had the opportunity to go backstage at the AMD […]

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    Intel and AMD Make Peace Not War, For Now

    Last week, Intel, the microprocessor manufacturer fell under fire for possibly violating monopoly laws and subsequently announced that it would settle with long-time rival AMD by paying them $1.25 billion dollars. The legal battle stems from Intel’s business practice of paying for consumer rebates on computer purchases in exchange for the computer company’s use of […]

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    Intel’s Legal Woes: Justice or Witch Hunt?

    It was announced mid last week that Microprocessor giant Intel was being sued by New York’s Attorney General Andrew Cuomo for violating United States antitrust laws. Intel is accused of coercing computer manufacturers such as Dell and HP into purchasing Intel microprocessor chips in exchange for payment. Rather than paying the companies directly, Intel offered […]

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    Sneak Preview at Cool Upcoming Tech from AMD

    AMD has some innovative new products and technologies coming out soon and we got a sneak preview at them. First up is the upcoming Maingear Axcess HD Media Center, which isn’t just your average home entertainment media center PC. The Maingear Axcess HD Media Center is not just made to fit in with your AV […]

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    TV Wonder HD 650 Combo for Mac Review

    My Plasma is my best friend, when I get home it’s the first thing I greet. But these days I haven’t been feeling so well and I wanted to watch TV in bed. I really didn’t want to have to pay for another cable box or get another small TV. I figured I would just […]

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    ATI TV Wonder Line Streams Free HD Television to Your PC

    Yesterday AMD to showed us the VERY impressive ATI TV Wonder Line by Diamond in person. There is big misconception with the fact that HD quality TV can only be attained through your local cable service provider. But the ATI TV Wonder line proves that over the air HD quality television is possible and available […]