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    Moto X Reaches Beyond the Droid Series [Review]

    Sporting a very different vibe than the Droid series, and being offered available across all 4 major carriers, the new Moto X is undoubtedly an attempt by Motorola to appeal to a more mainstream audience that reaches beyond their Verizon-only Droid series. This new smartphone packs in a 4.7″ AMOLED 720P 316 ppi display, it […]

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    LG G2 is the Ultimate Phone for Selfies [Hands on]

    LG has just unveiled their G2 flagship smartphone. This summer has been packed with lots of smartphone announcements, so what makes the G2 stand out exactly? For starters it’s packing a massive 5.2″ full HD IPS 423 ppi edge-to-edge display, but LG promises that despite its large display, the G2 is comfortable enough to hold […]