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    BlackBerry is Killing Off the BlackBerry Classic

    We’ll spare you the introduction about how dark things have been for BlackBerry and get right to it — the BlackBerry Classic, the company’s 2014 attempt at reviving the half-physical keyboard, half-display form factor that made them a household name, will no longer be produced. The news was announced by COO Ralph Pini in a blog […]

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    OnePlus 3 Review

    Over the last few years, OnePlus has become something very surprising — a startup that has found success in the premium smartphone market. The OnePlus 1 and OnePlus 2 were both great phones for their low price tags if you were able to get your hands on one. Those first two phones were sold by invite […]

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    Huawei P9 Review

    Huawei’s reputation in the smartphone market has been improving by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years, as they’ve transitioned from budget phones to premium flagships meant to contend with the likes of Samsung, LG, and HTC. Introducing new premium phones alongside cheaper options has propelled Huawei into the number three spot in […]

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    LG G5 Review – A Flagship With Unique Tricks

    Differentiation is tough in the 2016 smartphone market. Just about every flagship Android smartphone looks the same on the inside, forcing smartphone makers to bank on camera upgrades and physical design to get an advantage on the competition. With the G5, LG took a different approach by addressing a very vocal contingent of Android users […]

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    The Meizu Pro 6 Sure Looks a Lot Like the iPhone 6s

    I usually don’t like saying a smartphone is trying to copy the iPhone, because usually someone’s just saying that because a phone is made of aluminum and is a rectangle. But, I’ll make an exception for the Meizu Pro 6, a smartphone that really, truly does look like an iPhone 6, from the back to […]

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    HTC 10 Review

    You can call HTC’s latest flagship phone the HTC 10, because they’ve officially dropped the “One” and “M” monikers. But, besides the name change, their latest phone is not a drastic change in form from its predecessors, but one that offers plenty of refinements. The same unibody metal design that HTC was first out of the […]

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    HTC 10 First Impressions

    Now that the LG G5, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, and Huawei P9 have all been unveiled, there was just one more flagship Android smartphone that needed to make its 2016 debut. Today’s the day for the HTC 10, introducing a simplified naming system along with a very competent smartphone. Of course, everyone’s competent in 2016, […]

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    ZTE Grand X3 (Cricket Wireless) Review

    Time was, a sub-$200 smartphone was impressive as long as it actually turned on and connected to a network of some kind. Those times are over — in the past couple of years, we’ve seen affordable flagships like the Asus ZenFone 2 boast nearly top-tier specs combined with cheaper builds and low price tags. Still, those affordable […]

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    Huawei’s P9 Flagship Phone Uses Leica Optics

    With the Mate S, the Mate 8, and their collaboration with Google on the Nexus 6P, Huawei has spent the last couple of years rebranding themselves as a premium smartphone maker to rival Apple and Samsung — something they’re poised to do now that they’re third in global smartphone market share. While the Mate series […]

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    Disney Magical Dice Lets You Build the Disney Empire of Your Dreams

    An upcoming mobile game is being billed as the Monopoly of the Disney universe — not to be confused with Disney Monopoly, of course. Disney Magical Dice is an upcoming free-to-play board game, and developers Netmarble know what they have. They launched a pre-registration site for their game yesterday, and if you think that’s a […]

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    LG G5 First Impressions

    The LG G5 is one phone in the increasingly large crowd of flagship Android phones vying for attention and trying to knock Samsung off its perch. It’s also the most unique one, thanks to a removable bottom section that lets you swap out the battery, despite the G5 not having a removable back. After its […]

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    Infinite Arms Is the Toys-to-Life Game We’ve Been Waiting For

    Since the 2011 release of Skylanders, the toys-to-life genre has been merging physical toys with virtual gameplay. The success of that game inspired competitors like Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions, and once you start talking about building and rebuilding Lego sets so you can teleport them into a game, you pretty much have us hooked. […]