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    ZTE ZMAX is a Budget Phablet for T-Mobile

    ZTE is looking to expand its smartphone business into the United States with the ZTE ZMAX, a new phablet coming out in the wake of the iPhone 6 Plus and the Samsung Note 4—no pressure. The 5.7″ ‘nearly-stock’ Android 4.4 phone won’t exactly be competing with either of those figurative and literal giants, though. This […]

  • Moto 360

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    Moto 360 is Here But Do You Want It? – Review

    The Moto 360 has finally arrived, and just in time. This isn’t your typical smartwatch, but a finely crafted timepiece. While Android Wear provides the brains to this beauty, it’s the physical design of the Moto 360 that stands out in the crowded smartwatch marketplace. But, do you want it? Do you even need it? Our Moto […]

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    Asus Zen Watch Hands-on

    The Asus ZenWatch is Asus’ first wearable device, and it’s looking like a nice alternative to a lot of first party wearables that we’ve seen announced recently. Well, technically, the ZenWatch is also a first party wearable, because Asus makes smartphones. But, you know. It’s hard, the smartphone game. The ZenWatch runs Android Wear, and […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Hands-on

    For the past couple of years, it’s consistently been Samsung that’s been willing to experiment with their high-end products, giving us new things to consider. This year was no different, as Samsung announced the Galaxy Note Edge at their Unpacked event this week. The Galaxy Note Edge is almost the same exact phone as the […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Hands-on

    Samsung made their big announcements this week not at IFA, because they’re too cool for IFA. To be fair, though, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event, is awfully cool. Their jumbo-sized 5.7″ phone is back and, yes, better than ever thanks primarily to a brand new Super AMOLED 2560×1440 display. That’s […]

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    Sony Xperia Z3 Packs in PS4 Remote Play, 12800 ISO

    The Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone came out this past April. Clearly, that means a new model is in order. Sony seems to be antsy this year, releasing their Z3 line of mobile devices in the same calendar year they released their Z2 devices. The Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact smartphones will indeed drop within […]

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    Budget Friendly Sony Xperia E3 Offers Dual-SIM

    Coming along for the ride with Sony’s brand new line of Z3 mobile devices is the E3, an entry level smartphone that sports decent specs at what should be a pretty low price. The 4.5″ smartphone takes a huge hit to display quality compared to the flagship line. The display is just 854×480 resolution, so […]

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    6 Dirt Cheap Smartphones that are Actually Quite Good

    Cheap smartphones, no contract. Pick one, right? Unsubsidized, off-contract phones come at a high price—high enough to make the confines of a two-year contract preferable by comparison, which is really saying something. But, that’s only true for the flagship phones that get most of the publicity. The market is awash in low- and mid-tier budget […]

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    HTC Desire Coming to Virgin Mobile

    If you like the HTC One line, but don’t care much for the price, good news. The HTC Desire, a mid-range smartphone that has done well abroad, is finally coming to the United States through Virgin Mobile. HTC plans on bringing both the Desire 610 and Desire 816 stateside, although they’ve only provided pricing and […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 WiFi Tablet Review

    Looking for a great tablet without breaking the bank? Of course! The new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 WiFi tablet pretty much has it all (except for a name that is not confusing). While it falls into the mid-range category, you’ll be quite surprised what this thing’s packing. High resolution ultra-vibrant display? Check. Long battery life? […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S Tablet is Crazy Thin [Hands-on]

    Samsung doesn’t have quite as big of a slice of the United States tablet market as they do in smartphones, but they’re still in second. There’s a huge gap between them and Apple, and although market share is being mostly driven by low-cost tablets recently, it hasn’t helped that Samsung hasn’t really put anything out […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Active


    Galaxy S5 Active is Ready to Break a Sweat, Lands at AT&T

    The Galaxy S series isn’t just made up of one flagship device anymore. Samsung has all kinds of offshoots, perhaps most notably the Active smartphones. Samsung’s Galaxy S Active phones tend to be more rugged than the stock flagship device, usually at the expense of some high-end specs. Looks like that’s changing this time around.