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    Yezz Loads Their Smartphone with Flappy Bird

    Yezz doesn’t have much in the way of name recognition in the world of mobile phones, but they’ve got one hell of a head-turner on their hands with their new contest. One lucky winner will win their Andy A5 smartphone. Big deal, right? It’s a cheap Android phone. Well, it is a big deal, because […]

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    HTC One M8 – is it a Winner? We Go Hands-on

    Sometimes, it’s all too easy to forget that the smartphone race has more than two horses. HTC is still trying to hang in there with Samsung and Apple, and to their credit, they’ve released some excellent, critically acclaimed phones that just haven’t quite taken off. Last year’s HTC One was a good example of that […]

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    Could the Moto 360 Smartwatch Best the Galaxy Gear?

    What could very well be the swan song of the short-lived Google-Motorola era is here, and it’s wearable technology done right. The Moto 360 is the newest smartwatch on the market, and it nails the most important aspect of wearable technology – it looks like something you’d actually like to wear. There are actually two […]

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    The Android Smartwatch that Doesn’t Run Android – Confused Yet?

    Smartwatches made for Android phones that don’t actually run Android are nothing new – look no further than the Galaxy Gear line, which runs on the Tizen OS. But, when you actually call your device the Android Smartwatch, that’s when things get a little confusing. OKO ‘s second smartwatch, the Android Smartwatch, should be hitting […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 is a Glam iPhone Killer [Hands on]

    It’s that time of year again – Samsung is officially trotting out this year’s upgrade to their ultra-popular smartphone. The Galaxy S5 is coming April 11, and the changes are – well, they’re significant in some respects, but also pretty minimal in some ways. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it, right? At 5.1”, the […]

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    ZTE Grand Memo II is an Anorexic 6″ Phablet

    At Mobile World Congress, ZTE has announced a brand new 6” phablet with LTE capabilities called the Grand Memo II. The specs aren’t half bad, which is pretty impressive, because as far as 6” devices go, this one is ridiculously thin. The Grand Memo II LTE has a 6” HD display and runs on a […]

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    Take a Look at the Nokia X Running Android [Video]

    A couple weeks ago, we found an analyst calling for Microsoft to ditch the Windows Phone platform for the Android Open Source Platform as a way for Microsoft to finally get more support for apps, while store offering Microsoft services. Turns out, that was half on the mark – Microsoft is by no means ditching […]

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    Lenovo’s S860 Fashion Phone Rocks All-glass Exterior

    Lenovo has been driving pretty hard at getting into the mobile game the past couple of years, and they’re making the same kind of push at this year’s Mobile World Congress. They’re announcing updates to their S line of smartphones – the S860, S850, and S660. The S860 isn’t a flagship phone in the strictest […]

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    Eye Tribe Makes Jedi Mind Control Available for Your Android Device

    Forget gesture and voice control – pretty soon, you’ll be gliding around on your smartphone with just your eyeballs. That’s how The Eye Tribe sees things, anyway, and they’re looking to put it into practice with their new Android SDK. The Eye Tribe has already made their eye tracking technology compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Devices Get KitKat Update

    Samsung has announced that as of today, many of their Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets will be receiving an Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) software update. The update will apply to select carrier variants of the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S 4, Galaxy S 4 mini, Galaxy S 4 Active, Galaxy S 4 zoom, […]

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    Le Pan 9″ Budget Android Tablet Review

    What does a budget tablet get you these days? A pretty capable device actually. Sure, at $120 you have to set your expectations low and come to terms with no frills. That said, the Le Pan Haier (HG-9041) is a 9″ Android tablet that runs Jelly Bean and comes in a variety of colors. The […]

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    Luke, I Am Your Battery Charger

    Just when you though that battery packs were all the same boring old bricks, this comes along. So au contre mon frère – this is no ordinary portable battery charger – instead, the force is with this one. The Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber powers up your mobile devices while scaring the living daylights out […]

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    News Republic App Figures Out What You Want to Read

    News Republic, a popular mobile app for reading news stories, just got smarter. Their latest update brings several new features which are designed to offer a more sophisticated and personalized experience for the user, the likes of which no other mobile news app currently has to offer. That is because the app is able to […]

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    LG G Flex Smartphone Offers Curved OLED Goodness [Video]

    The era of the curved smartphone is upon us. Why? I’m not 100 percent sure, but it looks different! The LG G Flex is making its way to the United States, and besides being a curved smartphone – concave from top to bottom – it’s a flat-out impressive Android (4.2.2) device. It has a 6” […]