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    Hilarious Animals Hitching Rides on Roombas

    We know you bought that Roomba for vacuuming, but it has a whole other purpose for these users! Who knew you could clean your house while at the same time providing your pet with hours of endless enjoyment? These animals take riding in style to a whole new level! For our bonus round, we feature […]

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    GoPet Tread Wheel is a Hamster Wheel for Dogs

    I have seen many unique items for pets in my day, but this might just take the cake. GoPet is a company that sells hamster wheels…or rather, tread wheels for your dogs. Its main goal is to get all that energy out of your pup as he/she runs runs runs in his/her wheel. The Tread […]

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    Rob Thomas Records Live Sidewalk Angels Tour On USB Wristbands

    If you aren’t already aware of this, Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty is a very talented solo artist in his own right and he also loves animals.  So Rob is kicking off his 16-city Sidewalk Angels Tour which will have proceeds going to his foundation. The Sidewalk Angels Foundation was established by Rob Thomas and […]

  • POKEN Pulse Social Networking Gadget Aims to Replace Business Cards

    POKEN is a cute little gadget designed to make sharing your social networking contact details a lot easier. In essence, POKEN is really a modern day version of the business card. Just hold 2 of them together and you’ll be connected through all of the social networks you already use such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn […]

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    Ugobe Pleo Review

    When the Pleo was released back in December of 07′ I was curious to see if this robotic dinosaur lived up to all the hype. Was is it truly intuitive with humans and could it somehow become another member of your family? While originally marketed with kids in mind, Pleo became the pet for adults […]