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    Someone Turned Everyone in Captain America: Civil War Into Anime Girls

    So, if you need a backgrounder, there’s a whole video game and anime series called The Idolmaster (or THE iDOLM@STER, if you prefer). It’s like with sports games, when you do the career mode and you create your own player, and then they become a super rad Hall of Famer and win tons of championships, except this […]

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    Nintendo is Planning on Making Anime Films

    It’s a very good day for Nintendo fans. Nintendo Co Ltd is in talks with several global production companies about expanding its video content business, into movie production, said Tatsumi Kimishima, president of the Japanese videogame maker. He said this was part of a strategical move to expand the brand’s character business and global gaming population. This […]

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    25 Disney Characters Drawn Anime Style

    Ever wonder what would happen if east met west in the world of Disney? These artists did, drawing some of your favorite Disney characters in anime or manga style. Enjoy the skill on display — we’ll be over here hoping anime adaptations of Disney movies somehow become a thing. Aurora Artist Kurabayashi Matoni gives us […]