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    The Life of Steve Jobs is Now an Opera

    It’s an odd-numbered year, and that means we’re due for yet another interpretation of the life of Steve Jobs. This time, it’s coming in the form of an opera courtesy of the experimental platform that is the Santa Fe Opera. The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs debuted over the weekend during the opera house’s summer festival season, making Apple’s famously […]

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    PayPal Can Finally Be Used to Pay for iTunes Purchases

    Apple and PayPal have finally decided to cooperate — starting last week, Apple is now rolling out PayPal as a payment option for purchases made through their services, including iTunes and Apple Music. That means PayPal can be used to buy songs, books, movies, and apps from iTunes, as well as pay for the monthly subscription […]

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    The iPhone 8 Might Cost More Than $1,000

    Want the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer? That could be almost twice as difficult this year — rumblings that the 10th anniversary iPhone may start at more than $1,000 are getting louder, and considering the rumored specs, we’re inclined to join the chorus. The iPhone is already one of the most expensive phones […]

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    Beats Goes for the Gold with Trophy Gold Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

    The first wave of post-Apple acquisition Beats headphones included the Powerbeats3, the updated version of Beats’ exercise-focused in-ear headphones. They ended up being almost the same as the Powerbeats2, with the addition of Apple’s new W1 chip and fast charging. That wasn’t a bad thing — they retained the same great, surprisingly balanced sound of the […]

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    That Apple-Disney Acquisition Rumor is Probably Nonsense

    Here we go again. Every once in a while, some analyst gets bored I guess and decides to entertain themselves by tossing an Apple-Disney buyout rumor into the water and seeing how many bites they get. This week saw the latest fishing trip, and considering the numbers involved, it’s almost certainly just as off-base as […]

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    GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork Are Now Free for All Mac and iOS Users

    We’ve got good news for a very particular subset of people today. For the past few years, Apple has been bundling GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork with all of their new hardware, but all three apps still cost money for anyone else using older Apple devices. That’s changed this week, with Apple making the apps free […]

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    Apple Now Has a Permit to Test Self-Driving Cars in California

    With Google (through Waymo), Tesla, and Uber pushing hard into autonomous driving systems and Samsung getting into the game by buying Harman, Apple’s been conspicuously absent from the self-driving car race. That hasn’t stopped rumors from flying about their super secret autonomous driving plans — plans that might be coming into the light soon. It’s been […]

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    It’s Official; Folks Like Microsoft Tablets Better Than iPads

    Apple just lost a talking point for their next press conference. Customer satisfaction gurus J.D. Power just released the results of its look at the tablet market for 2017, and found that Microsoft is now leading the way with its Surface hybrids. Microsoft shouldn’t get too comfortable — out of a possible 1,000 points, Microsoft scored […]

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    Apple is About to Make Their iPhone Chips in-House

    While Apple outsources the manufacturing of all of its hardware, they still design everything (from sensors to processors) for their mobile devices. Well, almost everything — the GPU cores on their A-series chips are still designed by PowerVR, which is part of UK firm Imagination Technologies. However, reports today indicate that Imagination Technologies might have to […]

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    Apple Might Be Planning an iPhone-Powered Laptop

    Is the future of the MacBook the iPhone? That’s what a recently published patent awarded to Apple suggests. The paperwork includes a design for a laptop shell that would possibly be powered by an iPhone, also raising the question of whether or not Apple plans to merge its desktop and mobile operating systems sometime in the […]

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    iTunes Movies Rentals Can FINALLY Be Watched on Multiple Devices

    Usually, Apple is at the forefront of the tech world, but no one’s perfect. The company is finally rectifying one of those imperfections this week by finally allowing its users to watch movie rentals across all their devices. After years of so many companies championing the power of the cloud and letting us access everything […]

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    The iPhone 7 Looks Stunning in New Red Color

    Maybe they were inspired by Beauty and the Beast — today, Apple announced a gorgeous new red color for the iPhone 7. As usual, the bright red colorway comes courtesy of (PRODUCT) RED, an organization that raises money for the Global Fund for AIDS research. The red iPhone has captured our attention, but Apple had some iPad […]

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    BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

    Beats has been killing it lately. Their Powerbeats3 and Solo3 wireless headphones both earned Chip Chick Picks for being top notch wireless headphones in their respective categories. After a delay, their lightweight BeatsX in-ear headphones are finally here, and we consider them to be a superior alternative to Apple’s AirPods. First of all, kudos to […]