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    Here’s How to Get the Best Deal on the iPhone X

    Did you pass on the iPhone 8 so you can cash out on that shiny, bezel-less iPhone X? It’s go time this Friday, and according to some reports, it’s not going to be easy to get one. In other words, if you’re still thinking about where and how to get one on Friday, you’re already […]

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    Here’s How to Best Use the Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones

    The Good: Balanced sound, excellent battery life, secure fit, easy pairing with Apple devices The Bad: Can become uncomfortable after more than an hour, sound quality isn’t good enough to justify $350 on its own Who they’re for: The fashionable, Apple fans looking for premium sound quality, gym-goers who prefer over-ear headphones to in-ears The […]

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    6 Beautiful iPhone X Cases You Can Order Now

    The iPhone X is upon us, and as was heavily rumored, it’s not cheap. But, the phone being $1,000 (at least!) isn’t even the most pressing reason to go get a case for it! Now that Apple is adding wireless charging, they’re using glass on both the front and back of the iPhone. As the […]

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    Apple TV Finally Gets a 4K HDR Upgrade

    To their credit, Apple often enough tends to wait to jump on trends until they’ve picked up enough steam. That seems to be the case with 4K HDR — the technology was always convincing, but for a while, there simply wasn’t enough 4K HDR content to make the new hardware worth it to the mainstream consumer. […]

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    The Apple Watch Series 3 Can Make Calls Without Needing an iPhone

    The big news from Apple’s event yesterday was no doubt the announcement of the high-end iPhone X alongside the iPhone 8, but Apple had a bit to say about the Apple Watch, too. Funny enough, right alongside the most expensive, advanced iPhone ever was a smartwatch that doesn’t need it — the new Apple Watch Series […]

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    The $1,000 iPhone X Ditches Touch ID for Facial Recognition, Adds an Edge-to-Edge OLED Display

    After all the rumors and leaks, Apple has finally revealed their high-end 10th anniversary iPhone — and there weren’t many surprises. The name convention-breaking iPhone X (pronounced iPhone Ten) as promised introduces an edge-to-edge OLED display, ditching the home button and Touch ID in favor of facial recognition. There are plenty of other goodies Apple has […]

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    The New Premium iPhone Will Almost Certainly Start at $1,000

    Apple rarely surprises anymore — after years of smooth sailing, the ship is getting leaky. It’s been like that for years now, but it’s been even more noticeable in the run up to this year’s introduction of a premium model for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Some of the damage has even been self-inflicted — most […]

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    The Next Apple Watch Might Not Need an iPhone to Be Useful

    Smartwatches have been struggling in the market, but by most accounts Apple has managed to have some success with its Apple Watch. They’ve spent time on top of the sales heap in wearables, although sales still aren’t quite as strong as perhaps had been hoped. Well, we’re due for a new version of the Watch […]

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    Coach Has Some Gorgeous New Apple Watch Band Colors for Fall

    Like any good Apple gadget, the Apple Watch has seen a healthy accessory industry spring up around it. The Apple Watch has seen a host of expensive designer bands over the years, including plenty from Coach. This week, they’re unveiling their limited edition collection for the fall season — and yeah, they’re still almost as expensive […]

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    Apple Finally Has Their Own Instagram Account

    If you don’t follow Apple super closely, you’d be forgiven for not thinking much of the news that the company has opened up an Instagram account. Well, OK, it’s not big news regardless, but for the Apple faithful, it is kind of interesting — after all, Apple has had very limited involvement with social media over […]

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    The Life of Steve Jobs is Now an Opera

    It’s an odd-numbered year, and that means we’re due for yet another interpretation of the life of Steve Jobs. This time, it’s coming in the form of an opera courtesy of the experimental platform that is the Santa Fe Opera. The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs debuted over the weekend during the opera house’s summer festival season, making Apple’s famously […]

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    Olloclip and Incase Have Teamed Up for the Ultimate Mobile Video Pack

    Olloclip has been making terrific photography accessories for smartphones for a while now. With tons of external lenses, lighting add-ons, and stabilization tools, the only tricky part has been storing everything for travel! Now they’re fixing even that problem with the help of Incase, releasing a handy accessory kit for the iPhone 7 and iPhone […]

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    PayPal Can Finally Be Used to Pay for iTunes Purchases

    Apple and PayPal have finally decided to cooperate — starting last week, Apple is now rolling out PayPal as a payment option for purchases made through their services, including iTunes and Apple Music. That means PayPal can be used to buy songs, books, movies, and apps from iTunes, as well as pay for the monthly subscription […]

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    The iPhone 8 Might Cost More Than $1,000

    Want the latest and greatest that Apple has to offer? That could be almost twice as difficult this year — rumblings that the 10th anniversary iPhone may start at more than $1,000 are getting louder, and considering the rumored specs, we’re inclined to join the chorus. The iPhone is already one of the most expensive phones […]