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    Is the Apple Store About to Get a Major Facelift?

    While iPhone sales have still been high, everything else has been looking down over at Apple. iPad sales and revenue forecasts have slowed, as have retail sales – sales grew 7 percent last year, as opposed to 33, 44, and 47 percent in the years before. But, more than anything, Apple is getting dangerously close […]

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    Satechi F1 is a Monitor Stand That Makes Sense

    So, not all of us have desks and comfortable chairs. Some don’t have the funds for that kind of furniture, some just don’t have the space. So, there’s work to be done, and beds, couches, and coffee tables to do it on. Less than comfortable – the back is bent in ways that backs should […]

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    New Apple TV Launch Imminent

    Apple is promising great things in 2014 (then again, when do they not?), and it looks an awful lot like one of them will be a brand new Apple TV according to the keen eyes at 9to5Mac. Their constant monitoring of Apple’s website has borne fruit – Apple TV, which was normally listed in the […]

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    New JOBS Trailer Makes Us Miss Steve Even More

    It’s getting closer – JOBS is set to be released in theaters on August 16th. With a release date set, that means we also get a new trailer and new photos. The movie smartly markets itself as being “inspired by true events.” And rightly so, since even Woz himself has already stated that certain things […]

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    The Rise and Fall (But Mostly Rise) of Apple Stock

    You might have heard something about Apple’s stock taking a savage beating in the past few months. From a high of $705.07 in September of 2012, Apple has shed about a third of its value – it closed at $430.47 when trading wrapped up on Friday. That’s an incredible fall in just six months – the […]

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    Queen Elizabeth Knights Apple’s Jonathan Ive

    The British Empire was busy conferring honors at the turn of the new year, with one deserving honoree being Jonathan Ive. Ive might be called the silent hero of Apple, acting as the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design. As head of the design team, Ive helped create the great marriage of style and substance […]

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    Apple Retail Store Grand Central, A Photo Tour

    There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the opening of the Apple Store in Grand Central this weekend. After all, it’s not every day that an electronics store takes over a massive area in one of the busiest and most famous train station terminals in the world. Being the fearless Apple fans that we […]

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    Apple to Use Sharp LCDs for Next Apple TV

    You didn’t think Apple would stay on the sidelines while Samsung and Google are making strides in the smart TV market, did you? Hopefully not, because it looks like an Apple TV is going to be hitting markets in the middle of next year. Word is that Sharp has been tabbed to produce the television […]

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    Pulsate like a Mac with the iNecklace

    Taking a break from the technology overload at IFA, lets concentrate on something more important – like jewelry. More specifically the iNecklace. The iNecklace is an aluminum pendant with a subtle pulsating LED that takes its pattern from the Apple “breathing” LED on Macs. Not only does it fit in nicely with any type of […]

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    MacBook Air 11-inch VS. MacBook Air 13-inch – K.O.!

    So you have been eyeing the new MacBook Airs. Maybe you’re considering getting one for school this Fall. But you can’t decide whether or not to go with the 13-inch or the 11-inch model? We feel your pain. Last week we reviewed the 11-inch Core i5 1.6GHz (summer 2011) model and we’re quite taken with […]

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    MacBook Air 11-inch Review (Summer 2011)

    Last year we reviewed the MacBook Air 11-inch (late 2010). Almost 10 months later, Apple has rolled out an update to the Air, the MacBook Air (summer 2011). Apple has left most of what made the last gen MacBook Air intact. The system still sports the same high quality display, lovely unibody design and form-factor […]

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    Associated Press Attempts to Update Steve Jobs’ Obituary

    It’s no secret that if you are famous, you have an obituary waiting to be printed the minute you kick the bucket. Over time it just gets updated to include current relevant data. Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, all had a prepared obit. And we’re sure that the likes of Lady Gaga and even Robert Pattinson […]