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    Apple Watch Hands-on

    After years (and years) worth of rumors, Apple finally announced their first smartwatch today. It’s called the Apple Watch, and it sure is feature-rich, we’ll give it that. There are a lot of features to run down with the Apple Watch, far more than any other wearable device we’ve seen thus far. We’re not convinced […]

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    iTunes Song Previews Get Cut from 90 to 30 Seconds

    Looks like Apple might be getting stingy with the song previews on iTunes. MacRumors has a report about a shocking cut to song preview length, taking away the 90 seconds that were promised for longer songs, and saddling us with the old 30 second limit. Or maybe they aren’t, it’s not really clear what’s going […]

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    Highlights of Apple’s WWDC 2014 Conference – What You Need to Know

    Apple’s yearly tribute to itself went down this morning in San Francisco, and there were plenty of brand new software announcements for everyone in the iClub. WWDC 2014 saw the announcement of OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8, this year’s updates to both of Apple’s operating systems. If there was an overall theme, it […]

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    Apple Really Needs to Hire This Guy

    A lot of us have our own ideas about what we would like to see at Apple’s WWDC conference today, especially when it comes to iOS 8. And then there’s this guy, who has some very, very specific ideas about what he would like to see.

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    Looking For a Way to Tote Around Your Mac Pro?

    Think cases are just for Apple’s mobile devices? Oh, no. They go all the way up. There’s now a backpack case for you to tote your Mac Pro around, along with all your accessories. The Mac Pro fits snugly into the nylon Mac Pro Go Case, which is great, because if you just carried the […]

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    Is the Apple Store About to Get a Major Facelift?

    While iPhone sales have still been high, everything else has been looking down over at Apple. iPad sales and revenue forecasts have slowed, as have retail sales – sales grew 7 percent last year, as opposed to 33, 44, and 47 percent in the years before. But, more than anything, Apple is getting dangerously close […]

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    Satechi F1 is a Monitor Stand That Makes Sense

    So, not all of us have desks and comfortable chairs. Some don’t have the funds for that kind of furniture, some just don’t have the space. So, there’s work to be done, and beds, couches, and coffee tables to do it on. Less than comfortable – the back is bent in ways that backs should […]

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    New Apple TV Launch Imminent

    Apple is promising great things in 2014 (then again, when do they not?), and it looks an awful lot like one of them will be a brand new Apple TV according to the keen eyes at 9to5Mac. Their constant monitoring of Apple’s website has borne fruit – Apple TV, which was normally listed in the […]

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    Despite Breaking Earnings Records, Apple Stock Slumps – WTH?!

    Apple has just released their financial results for Q1 of the 2014 fiscal year (so, the last quarter of 2013), and while they did set some records, not everyone is particularly pleased. Apple took in $57.6 billion in revenue last quarter, which is a new record and easily tops Q1 2013’s intake of $54.5 billion, […]

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    Hands-on with the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina [Video]

    Apple has announced their latest iPads, and pretty much all the rumors turned out to be true… well, everything except the rumor going around that there would be colored iPads a la the iPhone 5c. Oh, and there is no fingerprint sensor either, but no one seems to care that much. But wait, no Kardashian […]

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    New JOBS Trailer Makes Us Miss Steve Even More

    It’s getting closer – JOBS is set to be released in theaters on August 16th. With a release date set, that means we also get a new trailer and new photos. The movie smartly markets itself as being “inspired by true events.” And rightly so, since even Woz himself has already stated that certain things […]

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    The Rise and Fall (But Mostly Rise) of Apple Stock

    You might have heard something about Apple’s stock taking a savage beating in the past few months. From a high of $705.07 in September of 2012, Apple has shed about a third of its value – it closed at $430.47 when trading wrapped up on Friday. That’s an incredible fall in just six months – the […]

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    Queen Elizabeth Knights Apple’s Jonathan Ive

    The British Empire was busy conferring honors at the turn of the new year, with one deserving honoree being Jonathan Ive. Ive might be called the silent hero of Apple, acting as the Senior Vice President of Industrial Design. As head of the design team, Ive helped create the great marriage of style and substance […]

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    Apple Retail Store Grand Central, A Photo Tour

    There has been a lot of excitement surrounding the opening of the Apple Store in Grand Central this weekend. After all, it’s not every day that an electronics store takes over a massive area in one of the busiest and most famous train station terminals in the world. Being the fearless Apple fans that we […]