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    Apple Gets a Genius Idea to Increase Workers Pay

    Apparently, complaints from Apple Store employees that they couldn’t afford the gadgets they were selling resonated with the head of Apple’s retail chain, John Browett. Following performance reviews that were conducted earlier than usual for the company this year, some Apple Store employees will be receiving pay raises. A lucky few will even receives pay […]

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    Here’s Why There Are No iPad 2’s Left in Stock

    While standing in line waiting for the iPad 2 at the Apple flagship store in Manhattan yesterday,  my colleague and I made a keen observation. Amongst the crowd waiting on the seemingly never ending line that wrapped around to Madison avenue and back, there were a myriad of people who just didn’t seem to fit […]

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    8 Web Sites That Will Help You Survive the Recession

    Indeed – There are so many job classifieds web sites out there, who has the time to sift through all of them daily? Not only does Indeed let you search through popular job posting sites, it also offers free daily alerts based on your keyword and location. So every time a job posting for an […]

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    How to Really Fix Your Overheating Macbook Air

    I was taken with the Macbook Air from the moment Steve brought it out on stage. But after I finally brought it home from the Apple Store my love affair ended really quickly. I was experiencing system hiccups, freezing and overheating. I couldn’t watch a YouTube video or work on a Word document without the […]

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    Monster LRG – Hip Hop Meets iPhone Cases

    When Monster decided to deviate from their more typical products of cables and accessories for the X-box 360, PS3, Ipod, Zune etc, they decided to add a hip dimension to their designer iPhone cases. So where do you go to make cases that stand out for a cool phone even cooler? LRG of course – […]