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    Apple TV Finally Gets a 4K HDR Upgrade

    To their credit, Apple often enough tends to wait to jump on trends until they’ve picked up enough steam. That seems to be the case with 4K HDR — the technology was always convincing, but for a while, there simply wasn’t enough 4K HDR content to make the new hardware worth it to the mainstream consumer. […]

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    iPhone SE, And Everything You Need to Know from Apple’s Press Conference

    We usually hear from Apple three times per year — the iPhone launch in September, the WWDC in June (primarily to introduce operating system updates), and a special event in the spring for whatever else they have in store for the year to come. Today was that ‘whatever else’ press conference — more often than […]

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    In Case You Missed It – Here’s What Happenned at the Apple Event

    Lots of important people from Apple (and one from Microsoft to talk about Office, if you can believe that) took the stage today to talk about new Apple hardware we’ll be seeing very soon. In addition to the clockwork fall release of a new slate of iPhones, we’re also getting new looks for the Apple […]

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    Apple to Use Sharp LCDs for Next Apple TV

    You didn’t think Apple would stay on the sidelines while Samsung and Google are making strides in the smart TV market, did you? Hopefully not, because it looks like an Apple TV is going to be hitting markets in the middle of next year. Word is that Sharp has been tabbed to produce the television […]