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    Playmysong Brings the Jukebox Back, No Dimes Required

    If you ever wanted to turn over control of your music playlist to your friends, Playmysong is available now and ready for you to download. Don’t worry, though – you won’t need to suffer someone trying to screw up your morning jog by pumping disco into your earbuds.

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    App Cube is a Rubik’s Cube for iPhone Lovers

    Nerds love Rubiks cubes, and they also love apps, so what could be better than the App Cube that brings those two things together!? Instead of the traditional solid colors that cover the square pieces on a Rubik’s Cube, the App Cube uses app icons. So you’ll need to create one solid app color to […]

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    Google Offers App for Android Gets You Excited For Bargain Hunting

    In December of 2010, Google tried to purchase Groupon for $6 billion. It didn’t work out. That’s when the development of Google Offers was brought to light. If Google can’t have Groupon, they’re going to do their best to push them out of the market. Google Offers, a deal-of-the-day service from the technology giant, is […]

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    Atari Arcade for iPad Review

    By now you may have seen ThinkGeek’s iCade, the cabinet that transforms your iPad into a legitimate arcade. Well, Discovery Bay Games has just produced a new take on the “iPad Arcade”. The Atari Arcade for iPad 1 and iPad 2 is not an entire cabinet, but rather a more practical and affordable arcade board […]

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    Samsung Smart TV Apps Passes 10 Million Download Mark

    People must really love their Samsung Smart TV Apps!  Thanks to those who just can’t live without apps on their phone or on their TV’s , Samsung’s ten millionth app from the Samsung Apps TV service has been downloaded. The app store opened for business in February of last year, and currently enjoys an average […]

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    Scosche RDTX-PRO Transforms the iPhone into a Radiation Detector

    We have seen some crazy iPhone add-on accessories in our time, but this latest isn’t all that crazy. Scosche has just announced the RDTX-PRO is a Radiation Detector for the iPhone and iPod Touch that works in conjunction with a special app called radTEST. It is being launched today in Japan. The radiation detector is […]

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    Time To Talk App from Vonage Review

    Recently, Vonage released its entry into the discount international calling game. The Time to Talk app values simplicity over all else – many have likened it to a pay phone system, and that’s not too far from the truth. Phone calls are offered in 15 minute increments, with the cost depending on the country you […]

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    Garmin Buys Navigon, Attempts to Fight the Smartphone’s Death Grip

    Garmin has announced that they are acquiring Navigon AG. The company is purchasing Navigon in an effort to expand their reach and presence in Europe where Navigon is especially popular. Navigon also happens to sell some of the top-selling GPS navigation apps for the iPhone iOS and Android platforms, so this was a smart move […]

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    Angry Birds Playground Balls Are Ready to Terrorize Dodgeball

    The Angry Bird merchandise madness is still going full steam ahead, and the latest Angry Birds merch comes to us in the form of an eight and a half inch Red Bird and Pig rubber playground ball. Can you imagine playing dodgeball with these guys? Either way,we definitely wouldn’t want to be on the Pigs’ […]

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    Time Warner Cable’s TWCable TV for iPad App Review

    Time Warner’s TWCable TV for iPad, is an app that although released just a few days ago, it has generated a lot of buzz. That is because this app lets Time Warner Cable customers stream live TV channels onto their iPad via WiFi for free, essential transforming your iPad into a portable TV.

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    Stay Safe on the Road with the Anti Sleep Pilot App

    Now, more than ever, driving can be a more dangerous task than it should be. Everyone’s always mobile, on the road, and the one thing no one ever seems to get enough of is sleep. You should keep in mind, though, that 20% of all traffic accidents are related to driver fatigue. Also, here’s a […]

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    Intel AppUp Center Review

    The app. It was one of the buzz words of 2010. It has redefined how we enjoy electronic entertainment. Of course, the app in 2010 was mostly relegated to the smartphone, and those who had one could enjoy brilliant titles like Tap Tap Revenge and the current pig-wrecking juggernaut that is Angry Birds. Apps weren’t […]

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    iGloLEDset Review – Video

    iGloLEDset is a programmable strip of 120 full color LED lights controlled by an iOS or Android device. With the app, you have complete control over all aspects of the light strip including colors, patterns, speeds, and animation. With all the programmable presets, you can have a custom light-show for every and any occasion.

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    iPad App of the Week: Complete Your MOMA Experience with the AB EX NY App

    If you’re looking for a good way to complement the Abstract Expressionist New York exhibit at the MoMA in New York, check out this free educational app. You can check out all the highlights of the exhibit from your iPad, while also learning more information about the pieces and the artists responsible for them. Don’t […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: Starbucks Card Mobile App Lets You Pay with Your Phone

    Starbucks has recently unveiled a brand new way to pay for coffee at their thousands (and thousands and thousands) of stores worldwide: via iPhone. With the new Starbucks Card Mobile App, customers can load their Starbucks Cards to their phones. Payments are made with special in-store scanners that read information right off of your phone. […]

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    iPhone App of the Week: eBay App 2.0 Features RedLaser Barcode Scanning

    Of course, the eBay app has been around for ages, but the recent version 2.0 release gives users a few more tools to use to manage their own personal online marketplace. In addition to keeping tabs on all of your items, whether you are bidding, watching, or selling, you can now list items and receive […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Djay Transforms Your iPad into a Virtual DJ System

    Algoriddim has released one of the best music apps for the iPad to date, with djay. This app turns your iPad into a virtual DJ system, complete with a realistic turntable interface, making excellent use of touch controls. You’ve got all kinds of cool mixing tools to use if you’re a seasoned vet, but if […]