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    OnePlus is Giving Away Free Energy Drinks, For Realz

    Usually you don’t jump the gun on April Fool’s Day, but I guess when your prank is actually real and useful, some heads up is due. OnePlus is using April 1 not to fool people, but to remind them that their phones charge really fast! Also, energy drinks. OnePlus uses Dash Charge, which charges up […]

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    Netflix and Grill Delivers Fresh Ready Meals Directly to Your Door

    It’s a shame today’s April 1 — think of the debates we could have had about the virtues of Netflix and Chill versus Netflix and Grill. Actually, we still can, what’s stopping us? We’re on Team Netflix and Grill, because food is awesome and because everyone knows you can’t Netflix and Chill on an empty […]

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    Star Trek White Noise Generator Helps Trekkies Sleep At Night

    Everyone knows what today is, right? I’m sure you do, because April Fools’ Day has pretty much been Christmas-ized. When jokes start leaking out days in advance, you know things have gone awry. Still, there’s one source of April Fools’ Day jokes that we love — ThinkGeek. That’s because half the time, their jokes end […]