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    Adam Reeder Intros Bite-Size Greek God iPod Sculptures

    San Francisco Bay area based sculptor Adam Reeder has come out with two 7 inch bronze statues that every iPod aficionado will appreciate. The two bronzes are actually variations on previously popular sculptures and include “Pan with his iPod” and “Atlas’ giant iPod”.

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    Asus Eee PC 1008P Seashell Karim Rashid Collection Review

    The Karim Rashid Collection ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1008P is not your ordinary Eee PC, it has been revamped by designer Kim Rashid, essentially transforming it into one of the nicest notebooks on the market. Available in hot pink or matte coffee brown, the Karim Rashid Collection ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1008P is covered in […]

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    Josh Chalom’s Falling Apart is Pixel Art on Rubik’s Cubes

    The Rubik’s Cube has taken on many different transformations over the years since it was originally launched as a brain busting toy for kids and adults. However this most recent use may be the most awesome yet. ‘Falling Apart’ is a new piece by Josh Chalom, an artist who specializes in using Rubik’s Cubes as […]

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    Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Series is All About Art

    Microsoft just released a bunch of new mice with artistic personalities.  The Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio Series line features six different graphic patterns that will color coordinate with your outfit, laptop case, skins, etc… These new patterns were inspired by the places that people will use them – at home, perhaps Starbucks, or maybe […]

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    The Rise of the iPhone Artist: Is Canvas Dead?

    We live in a world of too much information, where everything is processed at lightening speeds and what was hot once becomes easily discarded (Sega Dreamcast, HD DVDs, Minidiscs, iPhone 3GS) as something new and shinier comes along. In such a fast paced age it’s no wonder that artists are turning online in an effort […]

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    I Make My Case Now Available for the iPhone 4

    Yes more iPhone 4 cases! Honestly I think next time – instead of trying to get leaks from  people close to Apple about the next wondrous laptop, iPhone or iPod – we should just sneak around those companies that do the accessories for them. Because it sure seems odd that they all can pump out […]

  • mimobot Releases tokidoki Valentine’s Couple USB keys

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, mimobot has some new designer USB flash drives from tokidoki – and this time, it’s a couple. Adios is clad in black, while his girlfriend Ciao Ciao is dressed in the stereotypical pink. Both USB keys start at $24.99 for 2GB, with capacities available as big as 16GB.

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    Bionic Commando XBox 360 Review

    Based on the original Bionic Commando from Nintendo, Capcom decided to bring it back and give it a whirl with updated graphics and game play. Well they should have left it alone. The story starts with Nathan Spencer, the Bionic Commando being brought back into action by the same force that imprisoned him after he […]

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    Lacie’s iamaKey Review

    Last week we posted about Lacie’s new USB keys that actually look like keys and now we’ve finally got to get a hands- on one of them – the iamaKey, that resembles an ordinary key. It’s a wonder that it has taken so long for someone to come up with this concept – after all, […]

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    Pantech C820 Matrix Pro Review

    The new Pantech C820 Matrix Pro is an update to Pantech’s Matrix Duo, a Windows Mobile smartphone that sports both a numeric and QWERTY keypad. For those looking for a Windows Mobile device that packs in just about everything – the Pantech Matrix Pro C820 runs on AT&T’s speedy 3G network, it sports GPS, a […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player Review

    The FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player is a pretty unique product, and in some ways it’s the first of its kind. There are an assortment of multimedia hard drives out there that are designed to carry multimedia content like videos and music from your computer that will play on to your TV. However, with these […]