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    LG Optimus G Pro Review (AT&T)

    Move over Galaxy Note, there’s a new contender for most popular mega-sized phone. The brand new LG Optimus G Pro is quite a device with its 1080P 5.5″ display, quad-core processor, and outstanding battery life. It’s running the latest Android Jelly Bean and is one of the fastest phones on the market right now. It’s […]

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    AT&T 4G LTE Speeds Past Verizon in New Report

    That didn’t take long. Only a few days after Verizon started boasting about its superior 4G LTE speeds in New York City, AT&T has put out its rebuttal – that they have the fastest 4G LTE network on average across all 20 major cities. The 2013 telecom pissing contest is underway, and we’re all about […]

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    AT&T Releases Affordable 4G LTE Beam USB MODEM

    Those who want to use AT&T’s 4G LTE network on their computers can check out AT&T Beam – a USB dongle modem for their 4G LTE service. Some advantages over tethering (which costs an extra $15 to add onto your smartphone) can be found here – namely, that the modem can also act as a […]

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    HTC First Review – A Phone for Facebook Addicts Only

    HTC First might be its official name, but it is really the “Facebook phone” that we all have been waiting for. An exclusive device on AT&T, HTC First is the first smartphone to come preloaded with Facebook Home. Facebook Home overlays Android with a Facebook centric user experience. Gone are the traditional Android home screens […]

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    New HTC One Hands-on and First Impressions

    Nearly a week before MWC 2013, HTC has announced their new flagship smartphone. The New HTC One is a successor to the HTC One X that was announced last year at MWC. Under the hood, the new HTC one is packing some very impressive specs with a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, and a 4.7-inch full […]

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    How to Avoid Catching the Flu from Your Mobile Phone

    As you might already know (or have experienced firsthand), the flu bug is going around something nasty this year. And, unfortunately, smartphones don’t help the situation much. After all, think about how much you use yours, then think about how many other things your hands touch throughout the day. That little brick in your pocket is […]

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    Cookoo SmartWatch Is Analog, Digital, and Cute!

    In a unique take on the smartwatch, this watch through AT&T by Cookoo combines the analog movement we all know and love with a connected digital display for constant connection via Bluetooth 4.0 to Smart Ready devices including iOS. Also surprising is that it does not need to be regularly charged due to its self-replaceable […]

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    AT&T Rolls Out Another Touchscreen Mifi Hotspot – the Unite

    It wasn’t too long ago that AT&T announced their Liberate mifi hotspot, which was the world’s first dedicated mobile hotspot with a color touchscreen. Today they have announced a similar product – the AT&T Unite. The AT&T Unite is also an LTE mobile Hotspot which sports a color touchscreen, specifically a 2.4″ touchscreen. This touchscreen […]

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    LG Optimus G Review (AT&T)

    Marketing and buzz would have you believe that the Galaxy S III is the only Android phone on the market right now, but where’s the recognition for the brand new LG Optimus G? After going hands on with both, we have discovered that the Optimus G is an Android smartphone to content with. The LG […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Note II Review (T-Mobile)

    The original Samsung Galaxy Note made quite the splash because it was caught somewhere between a tablet and a smartphone, and it was the first of its kind. The inclusion of its S Pen for drawing and scribbling notes further made it unique in a market flooded with too many Android phones. Now Samsung has […]

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    AT&T Has the Best Day Ever, Announces Lots of Exclusives

    AT&T certainly is having the best day ever! The company has announced a slew of hot new smartphones, tablets and other devices, many of which are exclusives. Samsung The Samsung Galaxy Camera, which is one of the first connected cameras running on Android, is set to debut on AT&T and will have support for AT&T’s […]

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    AT&T’s Liberate MiFi LTE Hotspot Rocks a 2.8″ Touchscreen

    AT&T has just announced their new MiFi Liberate, which is the the first mobile hotspot ever to sport a touchscreen display. It’s about time a touchscreen showed up on a dedicated mobile hotspot, as it’s likely to make the device so more usable! Developed by Novatel Wireless, the MiFi Liberate packs in a 2.8” color touchscreen […]