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  • call-japan


    Verizon and AT&T Wireless Both Make Calls Free to Japan

    The two bigs, AT&T and Verizon Wireless, have both announced that in order to help out with the earthquake and tsunami aftermath efforts, their wireless customers can now make free calls to Japan. For Verizon post-paid customers, this offer is good from March 11th through April 10th, and it also includes free text messages to […]

  • atrix

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    Motorola Atrix 4G Review

    Powerful Android smartphones are becoming a dime a dozen, so it takes a lot to stand out amongst the pack nowadays. Regardless, the Motorola Atrix made a splash at CES last month when it was announced. Partly because it’s running on a dual-core 1ghz processor,  but it its not just its powerful specs alone that […]

  • htcinspire

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    HTC Inspire 4G Review

    In a world where new Android phones pop up every 5 minutes, the HTC Inspire 4G is a pretty monumental device because it’s actually AT&T’s first 4G phone. The HTC Inspire 4G comes running with Android 2.2 (Froyo) with the lovely HTC Sense 2.0 UI on top of it.

  • 4g


    AT&T Announces Network Advancements Including 4G

    It looks like that lady in the pink dress teasing AT&T in the T-Mobile commercials, is going to have to pipe down a bit. AT&T has announced massive advancements to their network. AT&T is the only U.S. company committed to delivering 4G using both HSPA+ and LTE technologies – providing a faster and more consistent […]

  • Atrix4G

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    AT&T’s Motorola Atrix 4G Says “I’m Smarter Than You” to iPhone

    Atrix 4G’s claim to fame is that it is the world’s most powerful smartphone with a 1GHz dual-core processor, high-res qHD display and it’s available with breakthrough accessories including an ultra-thin laptop dock. The 4 inch screen sports 24 bit color graphics, due to NVIDIA Tegra, which is the world’s most advanced mobile processor featuring […]

  • speech

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    A Look Into the Future of Speech Recognition from AT&T Labs

    If you thought Google’s Voice Actions, their technology which recognizes your speech and pushes it up to the cloud and back down to your device, is cool, then you should be pretty impressed with what the folks over at AT&T labs are working on in the field of speech recognition. Most of these projects are […]

  • stone2

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    Jabra STONE2 Lets You Update Your Facebook Page by Voice

    Jabra has unveiled their sequel to their popular Jabra STONE headset. The new Jabra STONE2 sports a similar form-factor but improves on the original with an impressive feature set. The STONE2 headset will let you send text messages, emails, make calls, and update your Facebook page – all just by using your voice. Besides “bossing” […]

  • samsungeternityii


    AT&T’s Samsung Eternity II and Flight II Get a Release Date

    The upcoming Samsung Eternity II and Samsung Flight II wanna-be smartphones for AT&T finally have an official release date, with the Eternity II being released on August 15th. It looks like they’ll both be ready to take on the onslaught of back to school competition that will be starting in a few weeks. The Samsung […]

  • _DSC0142

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    LG eXpo Review

    For a complete review of the LG Expo’s Mobile Projector, go here. The LG eXpo is the first phone available in the U.S. with a projector function. We’ve been hearing about projector phones coming to market for a while now, and almost thought that they’d never really materialize. But finally, one projector phone has made […]

  • 226x227_ptv


    Hands on with FLO TV’s Personal Television

    Tonight at the FLO TV launch event in New York, we got to see FLO TV in action and play around with FLO TV’s new Personal Television device. FLO TV is a brand new service that offers high resolution streaming television to compatible cell phones and portable devices. Their flagship hardware is the FLO TV […]

  • matrixpro

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    Pantech C820 Matrix Pro Review

    The new Pantech C820 Matrix Pro is an update to Pantech’s Matrix Duo, a Windows Mobile smartphone that sports both a numeric and QWERTY keypad. For those looking for a Windows Mobile device that packs in just about everything – the Pantech Matrix Pro C820 runs on AT&T’s speedy 3G network, it sports GPS, a […]