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    Back to School Gift Guide 2017

    I’d say it’s back to school time, but with the way marketing departments work now, it’s been back to school time since school got out. We’ve decided to do students a solid and give them a little reprieve, but now it’s August — reality needs to be reckoned with. Not that I feel bad for today’s […]

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    Back to School Gift Guide + Win the TCL Roku 4K TV

    It’s August, and if you’re a student, that means it’s time for us to put a damper on your summertime fun. Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to you — as always, we’ve got a handy guide to the best back to school gadgets and goodies of the year. Midterms and finals and last minute papers […]

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    5 Drool Worthy Intel-Powered Devices for Back to School

    The bad news about back to school shopping is that you have to go back to school. Bummer! The good news is that back to school time is hands down the best time to finagle a new device out of the parents — you can always give your birthday and the holidays a shot, but […]

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    Speck’s First Backpack Knocks it Out of the Park

    In our never-ending search for the perfect backpack, it seems there is no happy medium between the ultra-protective behemoth that makes us look like a hitch-hiker, and the oh-so-fashionable backpack that lacks sufficient pockets. Speck, the popular mobile case maker, must have heard our complaints as its new line of MightyPack backpacks check all our […]

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    Staples is Ready For Back-to-School, Whether You Like it Not

    Staples isn’t big on waiting until August for back-to-school shopping. Not one to let kids forget that summer ends in traipsing back to the halls of learning, Staples is making all of summer back-to-school shopping season, and they kicked it off on Wednesday with their back-to-school rewards programs, including Reward-A-Classroom.

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    Boogie Board Rip Tablet is First Digital Notepad to Save Your Scribbles

    ImproveElectronics has just unveiled their latest LCD Writing Tablet at IFA 2011, the Boogie Board Rip. The concept behind Boogie Board’s writers is to replace paper notepads with environmentally-friendly eWriters. The devices actually use Kent Displays Reflex No Power LCDs. But until now the company’s LCD writing tablets were not able to saving any writings […]

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    Rover Hub Pay-as-you-go 4G Review

    As of late, 4G has become the talk of the town. Chances are you’ve seen some Clear 4G ads around town, or perhaps you’ve noticed a Clear kiosk at your local mall or Best Buy. Clear 4G offers users access to the next generation of highspeed wireless internet access without any restrictions – that means […]